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In Jade Villa, New York.


“Hahahahaha… Hahahaha… Jordan Steele has stepped down as the president of Acecorporation! Jordan Steele has resigned! He lost! I defeated him!”


Cayden was laughing hysterically after watching the video of the press conference of Ace Corporation together with Tyler.


In the video, Jordan announced that he was stepping down as president and appointed Victoria as the next president of Ace Corporation with a gloomy expression.


At this moment, Tyler was a thousand times more exhilarated than Cayden!


Tyler leaped onto the couch in the living room with his shoes on.


He exclaimed at Cayden, “Impressive! Cayden, youre really impressive! Youve turned Jordan Steele from a president of a corporation into a commoner!”


Cayden guffawed and said, “That goes without saying.”


They clapped their hands gleefully to rejoice as if they were in a basketball match and Cayden had pulled a killer move or intercepted his opponent.

After celebrating with Cayden, Tyler knelt down on the couch again and raised his head to look at the ceiling.


“Dad, Jordan Steele caused you to go bankrupt.

Mom, Jordan Steele has humiliated you for an entire night, and now, Ive finally taken revenge for you! Did you guys see that”


Cayden slapped him and chided, “My aunt isnt dead yet.

Why are you yelling into the air If you want them to know, call them.”


Of course, Tyler would call his parents, but the Collins were now broke, and even though Tyler had taken revenge on Jordan, they probably wouldnt be that happy.


Tyler said to Cayden, “You should be the one making the call, Cayden.

Arent you going to call that bitch Hailey Camden and brag about this”


Cayden nodded and said, “Youre right.

This promiscuous woman is finally mine! Haha.”


When Cayden was with Hailey, he would call her a goddess and shower her with compliments subserviently like a complete bootlicker.


However, in private, he would call Hailey all sorts of nasty and derogatory names!


Cayden managed to call Hailey, but she refused to pick up.


“How dare you hang up on me” Cayden was a little enraged.


However, in less than ten seconds, Cayden suddenly received a text from Hailey, which read: “Ill call you tonight!”


“Haha, Hailey Camden is probably with Jordan Steele now.

Okay then, Ill have a sweet conversation with you over the phone tonight then!”


Cayden smiled smugly.

He had already popped some champagne to celebrate with Tyler.



In the Ace Corporations office building in Orlando.


After the press conference, Jordan handed over his duties as the president to Victoria and packed up to leave.


“You can take my car home.”


Victoria came to the elevator to see off Jordan and Hailey and handed the key to her Porsche to Jordan.


She knew that the Maybach that Jordan had driven to work this morning had already been taken away by Frank.


Jordan pushed Victorias tender hand away and declined, “Thank you, but its alright, well just take a cab home.”


Hailey was hanging her head low.

Although many of the companys employees had come out to see them off with good intentions, Hailey felt extremely ashamed!


She had made a glorious appearance at the company during her first visit.

Everyone praised her for her beauty and was in awe that she was the presidents wife.


However, she now felt that everyone was mocking her!


“Take care, Mr.

Steele, do visit us when youre free.”


Ashley and the others waved goodbye to Jordan.


During Jordans time at the company, he was very nice to his subordinates.

After he took over as president, he had also given them better welfare and benefits.

Hence, they genuinely liked him as their boss.


Jordan did not say anything much.

He boarded the elevator to the first floor and walked out of the office building.


Hailey griped with some resentment, “How are we supposed to go home The villa is so far from here.

Why didnt you take Victoria Clarkes car key when she offered it to you Its not like youre not going to return the car to her.”


Jordan said, “Dont you like taking a cab I called one.”


Hailey retorted, “Who said so I like riding in Porsches!”


For the first time since they reconciled, Hailey snapped at Jordan with such a rude attitude.


Jordan wasnt sad at all.

Instead, he was overjoyed.


Haileys attitude towards Jordan had really changed drastically since his career sank to the doldrums.


That meant that his plan was working well.

Very soon, Hailey will initiate a divorce!


Jordan continued gently, “Havent you been taking a cab home the past few days”


Feeling a little diffident, Hailey didnt dare to retort much.

Instead, she compromised.

“Fine, lets take a cab then.

I hate the weather today.

Its so sunny.”


Hailey took out a pair of Gentle Monster sunglasses from her bag and put them on to shield her eyes from the sun.


It was a popular brand among many top celebrities.

After putting the shades on, Hailey looked just like a gorgeous celebrity.


Soon, the cab that Jordan called arrived at the entrance of the office building.


It was a car that was of a make that Hailey didnt even recognize.


Being born to a wealthy family, Hailey was undoubtedly familiar with luxury car brands.

Still, she didnt know much about cars of cheaper make.


She took a glance at the car and said, “You called for a normal car Oh gosh! Ill never travel in such a car.”


When Hailey called an Uber, she would make sure to select a premium, luxury car.


Feigning ignorance, Jordan asked, “You mean you get to choose the make I didnt know.”


Jordan had deliberately called a cheaper car because it was exactly what a cheap and shameless woman like Hailey deserved!




Jordan and Hailey still hadnt gotten inside the car after a long time, so the driver started honking and even rolled down the window to holler at them.

“Are you going to get in or not”


Hailey said to the driver, “Just leave.

We wont sit in such a car.”


Hailey then called another cab with her phone and opted for a luxury car model.


‘Hmph, what a materialistic woman! You cant even make do with an ordinary car.

How can I expect you to suffer hardship with me!


Jordan was done testing Hailey, and he had now confirmed that she was a mercenary woman who would love a man only if he was wealthy.


Jordan had been worried for the past two days that Hailey might refuse to part with him and decide to suffer with him after he gets kicked out of the family.


He was worried that he might cave in and forgive her again because of how much he loved her.


However, it seemed that he didnt have to worry about that issue anymore because she would never stand by him in weal and woe!


They arrived back at Rose Garden Villa in the Uber.

As soon as they entered, Sylvie walked towards Jordan with a cup of lemon verbena tea.


“Jordan, youre home.

Why are you back so early today Hailey called me just now to inform me that you guys were coming home, so I specially made you a cup of tea.”


“This is lemon verbena tea.

Hailey said that youve been feeling nauseous for the past two days, so much that you even feel like throwing up when she kisses you.

So I asked my friends for some home remedies, and they said that lemon verbena tea helps with getting rid of queasiness.

Quick, give it a try.”




Jordan took the teacup while thinking to himself,Your daughter is the reason for my nausea, and this is not something that can be remedied with tea!


Benedict, who was at Jordans side, interrupted when he saw him about to take a sip of tea.

“Wait a minute, Jordan, let me ask you something.”


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