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Elle was aware of Haileys affair, and she had also shown Jordan the photos of Haileys rendezvous with Cayden.


Any man in Jordans shoes wouldnt be able to act as if nothing had happened.


It just so happens that Jordan was kicked out of the Steele family at this moment.


Elle guessed that Jordans expulsion was, more likely than not, a sham to trick Hailey into divorcing him!


In order to win Jordans heart, Elle deliberately criticized him for being a penniless man so as to trigger Haileys materialistic mindset and make her feel terrible.


She also hoped that Hailey and Jordan would get divorced sooner so that she could marry him.


Diana smacked the table furiously and hollered, “Have you guys had enough!! Why are you still arguing about trivial things like whether Elles clothes are dirty and whether she has a boyfriend or not, at such a juncture!!”


Whether Jordan could inherit the tens of billions of dollars worth of assets belonging to the Steeles was the most crucial issue at the moment!


Diana pondered over it carefully for a long time before suddenly asking Jordan, “Jordan, how is your relationship with both your brothers”


Jordan answered truthfully, “We used to be rather close when we were kids, but after we grew up, my grandfather arranged for me to go to different places for my various trials..

Ive barely contacted them in the past few years, and its been five or six years since we last met.”


Diana nodded and said, “Yes, the dispute over assets and property has always been very intense in wealthy families like yours.

The sudden appearance of your DNA paternity test report that was done more than ten years ago is very likely to be the doing of your brothers who are trying to smear you!”


After hearing her words, Sylvie frantically said, “Yes, Jordans brothers must have slandered Jordan because they want those dozens of billions of dollars worth of assets, all to themselves.”


Benedict agreed with that viewpoint.


Jordan didnt expect them to think from that perspective, and all of a sudden, he was at a loss for words for an explanation.


Diana continued, “Also, the DNA paternity test that Butler Frank had done with your hair sample may not necessarily be accurate.

I heard that only hairs plucked from the root would give accurate results.”


“Jordan, I think you should go to England to meet your grandfather and do another DNA paternity test in his presence.

Even if you turn out to not be related to the Steeles by blood, youve spent decades living with them after all, and they will treat you as their own on account of the feelings youve nurtured with them.”


Sylvie hurriedly agreed, “Yes, yes, Jordan, you have to go to England.

Take Hailey with you and see your grandfather.

When he sees you, hell simmer down.”


“Being parents ourselves, we know how hard it is to raise a child, and the ties that youve had with them over the past two decades or so cant be broken that easily.”


Jordan had expected that the Camdens would want to go to England, so he was prepared for that.


Jordan shook his head and said, “I was planning to go to England too, but Butler Frank said very clearly that Grandpa doesnt want to see me.”


“Besides, Ive just received a call from the UK Visas & Immigration that Im not permitted entry to the UK.”


Everyone was shocked to hear that.


Sylvie asked in astonishment, “Why But we dont need visas to travel to the UK, do we”


Elle, who was sitting on the couch with one leg over the other, said with disdain, “Dont be silly, isnt it normal for the authorities to intervene and decide who is permitted to enter When I went abroad last year, a man in front of me was pulled out of the queue at the airport while waiting to undergo the security checks.”


“The airport staff told him that they received a message from immigration saying that he was not allowed into the country and wouldnt let him register even though he had a valid visa at the time!”


At this moment, Hailey interjected, “I got a call too.

Just like Jordan, Im refused entry.”




The Camdens were surprised.


Diana said, “The Steeles are indeed very powerful.

They can even make someone be denied entry to England.

Jordan, it seems that your grandfather is determined not to see you.”


Jordan said with a look of misery, “Why is Grandpa being so heartless!!”


Seeing how upset Jordan was, Diana thought that it would be inappropriate to question him further.


She said, “Jordan, Ill ask my friend in England to find your grandfather and see if we can arrange for you to meet him to talk things over.

In the meantime, try to have a talk with Butler Frank and see if theres a chance to turn things around.”


“Thank you, Grandma.”


Jordan knew clearly that although Diana had many friends in England, none of them were on the same level as his grandfather.


As the patriarch of the most secretive wealthy family in the world, Jordans grandfather would only meet those who had made prior arrangements.

Even someone of Mr.

Waltons status wouldnt get to see him without Jordans arrangement, let alone others.


Afterward, the Camdens had a meal together, and Jordan returned to the New City residential estate with Hailey.


Upon returning to his home for the past three years, Jordan did not rest immediately and instead opened a bottle of red wine to pour himself a glass of it.


He had been expelled from the family and had even lost his position as the president of Ace Corporation.

Thus, he had to act like he was sorrowful and miserable.


“Why Why does fate have to do this to me!!”


Jordan muttered to himself while drinking wine.


On the other hand, Hailey stood at the side and stared at Jordans dispirited expression.

She felt that Jordan didnt seem to be faking it.


It wasnt that Jordan had great acting chops, but he was indeed very crestfallen now, and he also felt that fate was playing a trick on him.


However, Jordan wasnt sad because of his expulsion but because of Haileys affair.


Jordan was venting all of his pent-up misery that stemmed from Haileys betrayal, which made Hailey mistakenly believe that it was because of what happened to him today.


Soon, Jordan had chugged two bottles of red wine all by himself.


He then collapsed on the countertop in a drunken stupor.


“Hubby, Hubby.”


Hailey called out to Jordan twice, but he didnt respond.

She then patted his face with her slender fingers before calling his name again.


“Jordan, wake up, dont sleep here.

Youll catch a cold.

Go back inside.”


However, Jordan still didnt respond after she called him several times.


You can never wake up a person who is pretending to sleep.

Likewise, Jordan wasnt drunk but merely pretending to be drunk.




Hailey sighed.

She was a weak woman who didnt have the strength to carry a burly man like Jordan.


Besides, she was now pregnant, and it would be dangerous for her to do so as she might fall.


Hailey looked at the drunken Jordan and the two empty bottles of red wine.


Given Haileys liquor level, she would pass out after drinking one and a half bottles of wine.


In her opinion, Jordan was very likely to get drunk since he had downed two bottles of wine while drowning his sorrows.


After drinking two bottles, he was definitely drunk.


Hence, Hailey stopped pretending to be a virtuous and nice woman.


She hollered callously, “Good-for-nothing! Whats the point of hiding at home and drowning your sorrows in wine If you have what it takes, go to England to see your grandfather and ask for your assets back! Hmph!”


Jordan was professionally trained so he could control his liquor level at will.

There was no way he could have gotten drunk from two bottles of wine.


Jordan, who was pretending to be drunk, was heartbroken to hear Haileys words.


‘So this is the woman I love so deeply, huh


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