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Hailey had never had genuine feelings for Tyler, and she got together with him back then, purely because Tyler was richer than Jordan.


However, what Tyler said was right.


It would be a huge misfortune for any man to be married to Hailey.


While Hailey was married to Jordan, she made him a cuckold.


After she married Tyler later, the Collins family, which had initially been a top-tier one, ended up on the verge of bankruptcy.


She then reconciled with Jordan, but he turned from the president of a corporation after she did into a penniless man.


It wouldnt be too much to say that she was a jinx.


Tyler said viciously, “Hailey, let me ask you, has Jordan really been kicked out of his family Hes not playing any tricks, is he Your husband is an expert at pretending to be poor!”

Hailey knew that Tyler was eager to take revenge on Jordan.


She said, “Its true this time, and were denied entry to the UK.

I called you this time to tell you that you can come back to Orlando.”


“I know you escaped to New York and havent dared to return since then because of what happened in the Roxy Hotel previously.”


“Your parents have been in Orlando all this while.

They must miss you very much after not seeing you for such a long time.”


Hailey knew that Tyler hadnt dared to return to Orlando for a long time because he was afraid that Jordans underground forces would deal with him.


Hailey reminded, “If you dont dare to come, you can ask around and find out from those friends of yours who are gangsters, like Pablo or Salvatore, if theyre still working for Jordan.”


Hailey did not have any friends who were gangsters or of sordid backgrounds.

At the very least, she was known to be a good girl.


Hence, she wanted to use Tyler to investigate the background of the underground forces in Orlando and find out if Pablo and Salvatore were still Jordans underlings.


If they were, it would prove that Jordans expulsion from his family was all an act!


Of course, Hailey had seen the drastic difference in Pablos attitude when he came to Ace Corporation previously.


Tyler humphed coldly and said, “Im not a fool.

I dont need your reminder.

Ill definitely ask around clearly before going over.

If your husband really doesnt have any backers anymore, you can wait to collect his corpse!”


“Hey, dont get up to any nonsense! Hey…”


Hailey said anxiously, but Tyler had already hung up the phone.


Standing outside the door, Jordan frowned and immediately sent Pablo a text— “Dont do anything to Tyler Collins and Cayden Huxley just yet.”


Pablo replied almost immediately, “Yes, Mr.



Of course, Frank and Pablo were still working for Jordan, and the way they behaved in Ace Corporation previously was just an act!




With a soft sound, Hailey switched off the desk lamp and went to sleep.


Jordan also quietly returned to the bar top counter and continued to lie down.


At 7 am the following morning, Jordan was half-sober when he felt someone patting his face.


“Hubby, Hubby.”


Jordan was really asleep.

When he opened his eyes, he was greeted with her beautiful face.


After Jordan woke up, he looked around the bar top counter and asked, “How did I fall asleep here”


Hailey shook her head and asked, “Youve probably had too much to drink, havent you You dont even remember where you fell asleep.

I couldnt move you or wake you up last night no matter how hard I tried.

You didnt catch a cold, did you”


Jordan shook his head and said, “Im a martial arts practitioner.

I wont fall sick easily.”


Seeing that Hailey was already up, Jordan instinctively got off the barstool and said, “Ill go make you a cup of honey water.”


“You dont need to, Ive already had some.”


Hailey reached out and pulled Jordan back.


“Youve already had some Did you make it yourself” Jordan asked, looking at Hailey.


Hailey nodded and said, “Yes, I know how sad you are, and youve drunk so much alcohol too, so I made a cup for myself.

You dont have to make me honey water any more from now onwards.

I get up early so I can make it myself.”


At this moment, Jordan froze in place.


Hailey would insist that Jordan made her honey water in the morning even when he was ill in the past three years.


It wasnt because she didnt have a conscience and wasnt considerate towards him.


Instead, she said that it was an inexplicable bliss to be able to drink the honey water that her husband had made for her personally.


Besides, making honey water itself was quite an easy task that could be done in ten seconds or so.


Most importantly, it was a symbolization of love.


However, today, Hailey told him to stop doing it from now on.


Jordan could guess the reason for her decision.


Hailey wanted to slowly get used to life without Jordan because she was already preparing herself for a divorce.


Although Jordan ought to be glad that Hailey had the intention to divorce him, he felt extremely upset and heartbroken.


He suddenly asked, “Honey, now that Ive been expelled from the family, itll be difficult for me to find a job here because I dont even have a diploma.

Will you leave me one day”


Hailey was really upset to hear that, and she looked down on Jordan very much.


He was actually lowering himself and saying those humble words to her in a servile manner.


However, Hailey said, “No, Hubby, dont dwell on it.

Rachel asked us out for lunch at noon.

Go take a nap now, and we can set off at ten.

How does that sound”




Jordan returned to the room for a short nap.


At this moment, Tyler had already driven to the nearest rest area on the expressway.


Tyler did not dare to continue driving and instead called Salvatore.


“Good morning, Salvatore.

Im not disturbing your rest, am I”


Tyler greeted respectfully.


“Whos this”


Salvatore was having some donuts and coffee.


“Im Tyler!” Tyler said subserviently.


Salvatore snapped impatiently, “How the f**k would I know which Tyler you are Whats your full name!!”


“Tyler Collins! Im Tyler Collins! My dads Leonard Collins, and weve met previously!” Tyler frantically said.


Salvatore quickly wiped the coffee on his lips.

Tyler had sent himself to Salvatore.


Jordan had previously instructed them to castrate Tyler, but he was nowhere to be found even after they searched high and low in Orlando during this period of time.


He didnt expect Tyler to take the initiative to call him today!


However, Pablo also told him not to harm Tyler and Cayden for the time being yesterday.


Hence, Salvatore treated Tyler with a good attitude.

“Its you, Mr.

Collins! Its been a long time since Ive seen you.

Where are you making big bucks now Give me some work when you have the chance to.

Were waiting to make a living.”


Hearing that Salvatores attitude was still relatively cordial, Tyler felt that he had a chance.

“Salvatore, Id like to ask you if youre still working for Mr.

Jordan Steele.”


Salvatore asked, “Jordan Steele Have you not seen the news Jordan has long since become a penniless man! I stopped working for him a long time ago!”


“Is that true” Tyler was skeptical.


Salvatore explained, “What would I stand from lying to you Ive always been following Mr.

Dalton, and I dont have any personal ties with Jordan Steele.


Dalton works for Mr.

Reyes, and now Mr.

Reyes doesnt acknowledge Jordan Steele as his boss anymore.

He has already left for England.”



Dalton has left too, so I call the shots in Orlando now, haha!”


Tyler, who was standing in the rest area, smiled.


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