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Indeed, everyone kicks a man who is down.


Tyler had experienced that feeling before.

Now that his family was on the verge of bankruptcy, all those underlings of his had utterly cut him off.


Hence, he believed what Salvatore said.


Salvatore asked, “Tyler, Ive heard about what happened between Jordan Steele and your mother.

Do you plan to take revenge on Jordan Steele Go ahead and do so bravely.

I wont stop you.

If you are short of manpower, you can borrow some of my underlings who are absolutely elite fighters.

But, they come at a high price, hehe.”


Tyler said, “Thank you, Salvatore.

Ill definitely look for you if I ever need help! Ill buy you a drink when I get to Orlando!”

After hanging up, Tyler quickly got into the car and drove away from the rest area.


“Jordan Steele, Im going to beat the living daylights out of you today!”



At noon, in a restaurant named Floral Valley in Joy City mall in Orlando.


Jordan, Hailey, and Rachel were seated together for a meal.


Although it wasnt a top-upscale mall where celebrities frequented, there were lots of designer stores here such as Dior, Calvin Klein, Swarovski, and so on.


Besides, the environment was rather pleasant, with real flowers on display at the entrance, which attracted many young customers.


All the tables in the restaurant were full.


Jordan was enjoying a pancake when he suddenly saw a familiar-looking person in front of him.


It was his rival in love whom he hadnt seen in a long time.


It was Tyler!


“Hahaha, Mr.

Steele, its been a long time since we last met!”


Tyler walked towards them.


Jordan knew it wouldnt be such a coincidence that Tyler would show up here too.

He knew that Hailey and Rachel had deliberately informed Tyler of where they were.


They wanted to let Jordan and Tyler meet each other to see if Jordan would take revenge on the latter.


Thus, they would be able to use this as a test to prove whether or not Jordan had really been kicked out of his family.


Jordan glared daggers at Tyler as he was reminded of the audio file sent to him anonymously.


Thinking about the things that Tyler had possibly done to Hailey, Jordan felt a strong desire to beat him to death now!


However, Jordan knew he couldnt do that.


Even if he was livid, he couldnt kill someone in public at a restaurant in a mall.


Most importantly, he had to get rid of Hailey this time!


Hence, he forced himself to repress his anger and ignored Tyler while continuing to eat.


However, Tyler walked straight towards Jordan and knocked the pancake in his mouth onto the ground!


“Stop eating! Im talking to you, cant you hear me!!”


Tyler hollered, causing the patrons at the other tables to look over.


Jordan was bewildered.

Tyler was just a playboy who wouldnt be a match for Jordan in a one-on-one fight at all.


Yet he didnt bring anyone with him today, not even Cayden.

What was he so arrogant for


Hailey hated uncultured and boorish people.

She snapped at Tyler, “Were in a restaurant in a mall.

Tyler Collins, can you please have some manners and not hurl any vulgarities”


Tyler looked at Hailey and chuckled.

“Haha, its been a long time since I met you too, my dear ex-wife.

Youre still as pretty as ever.

I havent seen anyone prettier than you during my long stay in New York.”


“But shouldnt you have known long ago that Im uncouth and uncultured We did lots of dirty talking in the Roxy Hotel the other day, and I remember you liked it very much.”


Hailey immediately seemed embarrassed.

“You… youre shameless!”


Rachel tugged Haileys shirt under the table, hinting for her to simmer down.


Their main goal today was to observe Jordans reaction.


Seeing that Hailey had stopped talking, Tyler looked at Jordan again and continued clamoring.


“Jordan Steele, why arent you arrogant and haughty anymore I remember you were quite impressive when you crashed my wedding back then.

You revealed yourself to be the richest man in the country and a mafia boss.

What happened now”


“Hmph, your wife is just a loose woman that I used to toy with, but you cherish her like a gem.

Do you need me to teach you a few ways to make Hailey Camden happy”




Jordan could not tolerate it any longer.

He slapped the table furiously and grabbed Tyler with one hand while clenching the other into a fist, ready to punch him at any time!


“Go ahead! Come hit me if you dare! Youll have to compensate $15,000 for each punch you throw at me! Lets see if you can afford it! If you cripple me, you can stay in jail for the rest of your life!”


Tyler seemed to be ready to take a beating.

In fact, he even wanted Jordan to hit him.


If Jordan were to do that, he would be able to throw Jordan behind bars.


Logically speaking, as Jordans wife, Hailey should come up at this moment to stop the fight and persuade Jordan not to be impulsive.


After all, its a lawful society that theyre living in.

If Jordan were to hit Tyler in public, he would be detained by the police for at least seven days.


Besides, Jordan was a martial arts practitioner, so Tyler would definitely be severely injured if he got hit by Jordan.

If Jordan ended up crippling him, he would have to do time for at least ten years or so.


Hailey was now pregnant with Jordans wife, too, and any mother in the right mind wouldnt want their baby to be away from his or her father from birth.


Of course, Hailey had instinctively stood up to dissuade Jordan.


However, Rachel, who was beside her, held Hailey down.


Jordans right hand was shaking and raised high in the air as he hesitated to swing it onto Tylers face.


At this moment, the guests at the other tables next to him couldnt tolerate it any longer.


“There must be something wrong with this man.

He came over to say such disgusting things while others were enjoying a meal.”


“Why arent those two women trying to stop the fight One of them seems to be the wife of that hunk who was eating, right Does she want her husband to go to jail”


Tyler ignored the comments of others and continued hollering at Jordan unabashedly.


“Come on! Hit me if you have the guts to! Once youre behind bars, youll spend at least a decade there.

When I recover from my injuries, Ill sleep with your wife again, hahahaha!”


It was simply intolerable!


As a man, Jordan couldnt tolerate it anymore no matter what!


However, just when Jordan was about to strike…




A harsh slap was thrown violently onto Tylers face.


The slap was so hard that Tyler was knocked onto the ground.


Jordan turned his head to see that the person who slapped Tyler wasnt a tall and burly man but Victoria!




Jordan was surprised.

What a timely rescue.


“Whos that!! Who the hell hit me!!”


Tyler hurriedly got up from the ground.


Victoria slapped him again!




Victoria rebuked, “Tyler Collins, these two slaps from me are a lesson that Im teaching you on behalf of your parents! Youve lived for more than two decades, but you dont have any manners or shame at all.

Jordan was kind and magnanimous enough to have let you off previously.

Still, now, youre kicking him when hes already down, and you even said such disgusting things.

Dont you feel ashamed at all”


Tyler never thought that Victoria, the beautiful female boss, would hit him with such strength.


He had always thought that Victoria was a weak and vulnerable woman who couldnt put up a fight.


Tyler covered his face with his hand and felt an urge to slap Victoria back, but he didnt dare to do so.


It would be embarrassing if he lost a fight to her!


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