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Tyler pointed his finger at Victoria furiously.

“Victoria Clarke! Youre teaching me a lesson Who are you to do that!! Who do you think you are!!”


In addition to the previous time in Victorias office, Victoria had already slapped Tyler thrice.


He was genuinely afraid of Victoria.


With an overbearing aura, Victoria glared at him condescendingly and hollered, “Your father and I are on equal footing, and youre considered a generation junior to me.

Why cant I educate you!!”


“Also, do you know that your father is as servile to me as a dog is to its master How dare you ask me who do I think I am”


Hearing Victorias domineering words, all the guests at the other tables started laughing at Tyler with contempt.


Victoria was indeed right.

She was the most beautiful president in the business circle of Orlando, to whom many bosses of large corporations were excessively subservient.


Before the Collins went bankrupt, Leonard was already extremely deferential towards Victoria..


He would butter her up in all ways, give her gifts, and ask her out for meals, all of which Tyler had witnessed.


It was precisely because Tyler knew that Victoria was stating facts that he didnt dare to retort now.

He was wholly rendered speechless by Victorias words.


Jordan glanced at Victoria and smiled at her with a nod to express his gratitude.


“Why are you here” Jordan asked.


Victoria looked at Jordan with a faint smile.


At this moment, Jordan was no longer Victorias boss.


On the contrary, Victoria was the president of a listed company while Jordan was nothing.


However, Victoria was still gazing at Jordan with admiration, awe, and adoration in her eyes, just like before.


At this juncture, Jordan finally realized how beautiful Victorias eyes were.


They were gorgeous when she was looking at him…


Victoria said calmly, “Im here to accompany a client.

He likes the food here.”


At this point, Rachel and Hailey looked at each other in disappointment.


“Damn it, what is Victoria Clarke doing here!!”


Rachel gripped softly.


Victoria could clearly suppress the arrogant Tyler on her own.


If Tyler no longer dared to provoke Jordan, they wouldnt be able to test if Jordan was lying or not.


Victoria was very grateful to Jordan, so she would definitely help him to the very end today.


Victoria once again looked at Tyler and said, “Go home, quit making a fool of yourself here.

Jordan is under my protection, and Im now the president of the Ace Corporation.

You can try going against me if you think that the Collins have what it takes to do so.”


“Damn it, this beautiful chick is the president of a corporation”


“She has become the president of a listed company at such a young age.

She seems to be only 27 or 28 years old, right Or is she actually already in her late thirties or forties and is just good at maintaining a youthful appearance”


“I have to go apply for a job as a security guard in Ace Corporation tomorrow!”


A beautiful woman like Victoria would definitely turn heads when she walks around in the mall.


Now that she revealed her identity as the president of Ace Corporation, she earned the admiration of men and the envy of the women around her.


However, just when everyone thought that Victoria, the beautiful president, had solved the issue…


A tall and burly man suddenly walked over.


“Whos the president of Ace Corporation”


Jordan, Hailey, and Rachel all turned to look in the direction that the voice came from.


There were changes in Haileys and Rachels gazes.


The man was none other than Cayden!


A smile graced Tylers awkward face.


Although Tyler and Cayden arrived in Orlando at different times, they both showed up at Joy City Mall.


Cayden didnt appear yet just now because he wanted Tyler to confront them first.


Seeing that the coward Jordan didnt dare to hit Tyler and relied on a beautiful woman to help him resolve the issue, Cayden walked out fearlessly.


Cayden walked up to Victoria, sized her up, and asked with some surprise in his eyes, “Youre Victoria Clarke, the newly appointed president of Ace Corporation”


Victoria found Cayden to be vaguely familiar, but she couldnt recall where she had seen him before.


“Who are you”


Cayden laughed and said, “Im Cayden Huxley, the person who has been attacking Ace Corporation recently.”




Hearing this, Victoria obviously got a little intimidated.


During this period, Cayden had thrown Ace Corporation into jeopardy.


In fact, Jordan had even been reprimanded by his family and stripped of his position as the corporations president.


Cayden couldnt stop gawking at Victorias face and figure.

He said in amazement, “There are actually so many gorgeous women in this city.

Thats rare…”


Haileys face turned a little sullen, and she took a sip of floral tea.


Of course, she knew that she was one of the gorgeous women Cayden was referring to.


In private, Hailey could behave intimately with Cayden.


However, now that her husband Jordan was present, she had no choice but to pretend not to know Cayden.


Cayden thought to himself.

‘This scoundrel Jordan Steele is quite popular with women, eh His wife is a rare beauty, and he used to have such a gorgeous subordinate at work like Victoria Clarke.”


Cayden looked at Victoria and said, “Miss Clarke, youre very arrogant, huh You tried to suppress my cousin with your identity as the president of Ace Corporation.

You even taunted the Collins to deal with you.”


“Hah, the Collins may not dare to deal with you, but the Huxleys arent afraid!”


“I planned to stop attacking your company after Jordan Steele stepped down as president, but since youre so nosy today, dont blame me for attacking Ace Corporation again and forcing it into bankruptcy.”


“Lets see how you can continue being a president of a company when the time comes!”


Caydens words were like thorns that pricked Victorias flesh.


She, who had always been domineering, did not dare to speak at this point.


She knew that Cayden definitely had the power to cause her to end up with nothing and destroy the Ace Corporation!


Cayden laughed and said, “Miss Clarke, as long as you leave now and stay out of this matter, I can spare the Ace Corporation, and you can continue being the president.

How does that sound”


Victoria bit her lip.

She hated being threatened into doing something that isnt righteous!


However, Ace Corporation did not belong to her alone.


If the company collapses because of her, all the shareholders of the company will blame her!


Jordan knew that Victoria was being put in a difficult spot, so he stepped forward, took Victorias hand, and pulled her to the door.


He said, “Victoria, Im thrilled to meet you today, but you should go.

Dont get involved in this matter.”


Victoria was naturally unwilling to go.

How can I leave You were the one who made me the president of the company, and now that youre in trouble, I cant leave you in the lurch.

At most, I wont be the president anymore!”


Feeling touched, Jordan looked at Victoria and said, “Victoria, I know youve worked hard for years and put in a lot of effort to get to where you are today.

Its not worth losing everything for my sake.”


“Besides, now that youre the president of the company, you have to consider the interests of other shareholders.

Listen to me and leave.

Ill be fine.”


Jordan gave Victoria a gentle push and pushed her out of the restaurant.


Gritting her teeth, Victoria walked towards the elevator on this floor and entered.

After pressing the button on the floor that she wanted to go to, the doors closed, and Victoria immediately teared up.


“Im sorry, Jordan.”


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