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Victorias teardrop landed on the Chanel handbag that Jordan had given her.


The man walking beside her took out a piece of tissue and handed it to Victoria.

“Do you fancy him”


Victoria took the tissue and wiped her tears with it.

“Ive done something to let him down.”


“However, not only did he not blame me, but he also forgave me and allowed me to be his deputy president.

Hes really nice to me too, and even when he stepped down as president at the end, he recommended me to take over as president.”


“I couldnt help him when the Camdens ganged up against him previously, and now that the Collins and Huxleys are bullying him, I cant do anything to help either.”


“If it wasnt for his magnanimity, I would have long lost my role as president.

Hes the one who gave me everything I have now.

No, I have to go and help him!”

As Victoria went on, she got even more agitated as she felt that Jordan was the best man she had ever met.


Previously, the Camdens asked their guests to boycott Jordan, and those who took part in it, such as Zack, Tyler, Ryan, and others, had all gone bankrupt!


Victoria was the only one who remained unharmed and was even promoted to the president!


Jordan may not be aware that she carried a torch for him, and even if he didnt get into a relationship with her, he could have slept with her like other men tried to.


However, Jordan didnt do that!


He had been treating Victoria with nothing but respect.

He didnt take liberties with her or take advantage of her by abusing his authority as her superior!


In Victorias opinion, a man like him was scarce because she had met too many disgusting men who wanted to sleep with her.


Victoria was about to press the elevator button with her slender hand to get out, but the man beside her grabbed her wrist to stop her.


“Victoria, dont be impulsive.

It wasnt easy for you to get to where you are today.

Just think about how much hardship youve gone through in the past.

Dont give up everything you have for the sake of a man!”


The man succeeded in stopping Victoria, but it made Victoria feel even guiltier.



In Floral Valley restaurant.


“Who exactly is this man A mere word from him was enough to make that beautiful president leave.”


“He seems to command enough power to attack another company in the business circle.

Hes probably a rich second-generation heir!”


“He must be a rich second-generation heir.

Otherwise, how could he have been so haughty and harsh with his words I think hes worth at least ten million dollars!”


“Thats too little, Im guessing a hundred million!”


“A hundred million Damn, that would last me longer than a lifetime!”


The other patrons in the restaurant were discussing incessantly.


Most of them were ordinary people who earned a monthly income of a couple of thousands of dollars and knew very little about the world of the rich.


In their opinion, 10 million dollars was already a staggering amount.


They didnt even dare to imagine having so much money because it seemed a little surreal to them.


However, for families like the Steeles and Huxleys, 10 million dollars was a meager amount that they could easily fork out.


After Victoria left, Cayden walked towards Jordan smugly and said, “Jordan Steele, do you know who I am”


Of course, Jordan knew who this beast was!


He was the bastard who had harassed his wife, Hailey!


Jordan recalled the photo that Elle showed him the other day, in which Cayden was holding Hailey very intimately.


Hailey was wearing a short skirt that day, so Cayden had already taken liberties with her by touching her thighs!


At this moment, Jordan really wanted to cripple Caydens right hand!


However, Jordan knew he couldnt do that.


Impulsiveness is a devil.

Landing oneself in prison because of a moment of anger was not a wise choice that a rational man would make.


Before Jordan could say anything, Tyler walked towards him conceitedly.


“Jordan Steele, keep your eyes wide open and take a clear look for yourself.

This is my cousin, son of a Huxley.

Youve been the president of Ace Corporation for a while, so you should know how impressive our family is, huh”


Cayden said, “Jordan Steele, I didnt know who you were at first, and there wasnt a need for me to bully you into becoming bankrupt.”


“Yet, you actually said that you like toying with the women of the Huxley family.

Dont you think I should hit you!!”


Jordan glared at Tyler and then said, “I never said that.”


It seemed that Tyler had added fuel to the fire and badmouthed Jordan by including some false details just to get back at him upon arriving in New York.


He did that for the sake of angering the Huxleys to get them to intervene.


With a guilty conscience.

Tyler pointed at Jordan and barked, “You clearly said that! I heard it with my very own ears! Jordan Steele, you coward.

You had the guts to say such a thing, but you dont dare to admit to it!”


“Hah, are you too scared to admit that because youre no longer the president of a company and have been disowned by your family, you know that youre no longer a match for Cayden Youre a wimp because you dont dare to provoke the Huxleys.

Call yourself a man!”


Jordan glowered at Tyler furiously and barked, “Regardless of whether Im the president of a company or a penniless man, I will never deny the things that Ive said before!”


Cayden was not a fool either, and he knew that Tyler had probably made that up.


However, now that Tyler was on his side, he naturally wouldnt blame Tyler for it.


Cayden said, “Okay, even if you didnt say that my aunt, Rosie Huxley, has indeed spent a night in your villa and slept with you, hasnt she!!”


“Youre just a young punk in your twenties, and you dared to do such a disrespectful thing as sleeping with my aunt! Dont you think you deserve to die!!”


Jordan said coldly, “Your aunt did stay at my place for a night, but I didnt sleep with her, and I wasnt the one who made her stay either.

She was the one who took the initiative to stay at my place for a night.”


With so many pairs of listening ears around, Tyler felt extremely humiliated!


“You… youre spouting nonsense! You slept with my mother, yet you have the cheek to say that she initiated it! Im going to kill you!”


In a fit of anger, Tyler punched Jordan!


How could an ordinary mans fist hit Jordan


Jordan easily dodged Tylers attack by turning to the side.


Feeling indignant, Tyler continued to swing his fist at Jordan in a bid to punch him.


However, even after throwing more than ten punches, he still hadnt managed to land a single one on Jordan.


“Mommy, why is this man punching the air Is he swatting a mosquito”




Inside the restaurant, the words of a little girl about four or five years old immediately made many of the patrons mock and laugh at Tyler.


Feeling extremely embarrassed, Tyler stopped hitting Jordan and picked up a chair to throw it at Jordan.


The chairs in the restaurant were wooden chairs that came with a backrest and were large and thick.


Jordan could naturally dodge it easily, but plenty of people were in the restaurant now, many of whom were children.


There was a family of three, consisting of a five-year-old girl, seated behind Jordan.


If Jordan were to dodge, the chair would hit the little girl.


Given the large size and weight of the chair and Tylers strength, the impact that the little girl would suffer would definitely be great.


Hence, Jordan didnt dodge this time and instead blocked it with his arm.




The chair was smashed against Jordans body.




At this moment, the patrons watching the show quickly got up from their seats and dashed out of the restaurant.


Amidst the chaos, Tyler took the opportunity to pick up the second chair and smashed it at Jordan!




Jordan continued to block with his body.


“Hah, this punk doesnt dare to retaliate.”


Cayden chuckled and casually picked up a fork from the dining table and hid it in his hand.


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