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Chapter 125: Breaking Jordans Finger!

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“Hubby, how is it Is everything okay”

Hailey stepped forward to ask.

Jordan said, “I dont have to be detained for the time being, and I can go home, but Cayden Huxleys finger is broken, so I have to pay for the medical expenses.

Honey, I dont have any money now.

Im afraid I have to use the Camdens money.”

Hailey seemed a little displeased because her dream was to splurge with her husbands money, but she didnt expect it to be the other way round now.

Victoria looked at Hailey with great contempt.

The Camdens were now considered a first-tier family in Orlando, all thanks to Jordan.

Otherwise, they couldnt have progressed so quickly.

Victoria stepped forth and exclaimed..

“Ill pay for the medical expenses!”

Hailey was instantly displeased, and her best friend, Rachel, interjected, “Miss Clarke, who are you to Jordan Who are you to pay for him”

Victoria humphed coldly before gibing, “Im just afraid that someone cant bear to part with their money.

After all, Cayden Huxley will definitely extort Jordan out of a huge amount of money.”

Hailey was furious, and she hollered, “I dont need you to meddle with the affairs between my husband and me!”

Jordan couldnt use Victorias money either.

Thus, he thanked her but refuted, “Victoria, thank you, but I cant use your money.”

Victoria said, “Jordan, Cayden Huxley has already filed a lawsuit to sue you for intentionally assaulting him and causing grievous hurt to him.

They will definitely harp on your proficiency in martial arts and use it against you.”

“But dont worry, Ive hired the best lawyer in Orlando to help you.

Shall we have dinner with my friends who work at the courts tonight”

In the past few hours, all Hailey did was wait foolishly for Jordans grandfather to intervene so that she could determine if Jordan had really been disowned.

She didnt care about Jordans wellbeing or lawsuit at all.

However, Victoria had already made countless phone calls and hired the best lawyer to help him.

In contrast, Hailey wasnt a qualified wife at all.

Hailey and Victoria were both beautiful, and before this, they were both the deputy presidents of Ace Corporation.

However, Hailey was a spoiled brat who liked being pampered and was extremely dependent on men.

On the other hand, Victoria could completely handle everything independently and was a strong, domineering and independent career woman who would put even men to shame.

Hailey had an inferiority complex when she was around Victoria, so she clearly wasnt in a good mood.

She snapped curtly, “The Camdens are acquainted with lawyers and friends who work at the courts too! We wont need to trouble you, Miss Clarke! Jordan, lets go!”

Hailey glowered at Victoria jealously and walked away.

Jordan nodded at Victoria gratefully and left too.

Jordan had staged this game himself, and he and Hailey were the only main characters.

Thus, he didnt want Victoria to be involved.

In a special needs VIP ward in Orlando Regional Medical Center.

At this moment, Cayden was lying on the hospital bed with his right hand in a fixed cast.

Holding a cigarette in his left hand, his eyes were full of tears, hopelessness, and anger.

He was the only patient in the ward, and he was accompanied by Shane, his brother.

After the altercation, Cayden called Shane, who immediately rushed to Orlando after hearing what happened.

“Shane, dont tell Grandpa about this for the time being.

Keep it from our parents too.”

Cayden said to Shane while smoking.

Shane sighed in dismay, knowing that Cayden didnt want to upset their grandfather.

Cayden had always been conceited because his family was often on the list of the countrys richest families.

Furthermore, he was handsome and academically inclined.

When it comes to relationships, work, or academics, he had never worried his family because he could completely handle it himself.

Now that something like this had happened, he felt humiliated and sorry to have disgraced his family.

Shane said, “Cayden, why did you do such a foolish thing like getting into a fight Were loaded.

We can just hire someone to beat up the person you wanted to deal with.”

Cayden sighed and said, “I let Tyler hit him first, and I realized that he didnt dare to retaliate no matter how hard Tyler had hit him.

Thats why I had the guts to try and stab him with a fork.”

“Who knew he would retaliate as soon as I went over!”

Cayden had indeed sent the audio recording of Tyler sleeping with Hailey.

Still, there was no way Jordan could have been able to find out that Cayden was the sender.

Hailey couldnt have been so foolish as to come clean with Jordan about her secret rendezvouses with Cayden.

The only possibility was that Jordan had long suspected Hailey and had secretly sent someone to shadow her every day.

However, according to Hailey, Jordan trusted her very much and would never do such a thing.

In fact, he didnt even know the password of her mobile phone.

Shane said furiously, “Dont worry, Ive already hired a lawyer.

Once we confirm that he has a background in martial arts, his act of breaking your fingers can be counted as a more severe charge of battery or even attempted murder!”

“When the time comes, we can send him to jail!”

Shane tossed his cigarette onto the ground furiously.

“I dont want him to go to jail! He wont suffer much, and he gets fed too!”

“I want him to pay it back in blood! Since we broke my finger, Ill chop off his finger too!”

The wealthy tend to hate how merciful the law is and prefer to use their power to get revenge.


At this moment, Tyler knocked twice on the door and limped in.

Jordan did not hit Tyler hard, so Tylers injuries werent considered serious.

His body was still functioning correctly, though it would hurt to walk.


Tyler greeted Shane smilingly.

In a fit of anger, Shane slapped Tyler on his face.


“Screw you, if you hadnt come to New York to look for us, Cayden wouldnt have gotten into such a predicament!”

Shane and Cayden had a very close relationship, unlike some brothers who didnt get along because they were out to vie with each other for the familys assets.

It was all thanks to their upbringing and teachings by their grandfather.

Tyler was extremely disgruntled to have suffered a beating too.

Still, now, he had no choice but to suck it up and be deferential to the Huxleys because he needed them to avenge him.

Tyler slapped himself twice.

“Yes, I deserve to die! Its all my fault! However, we cant just let the matter of Jordan Steele breaking Caydens finger slip.

Hes now a penniless man.

Killing him now will be as easy as crushing an ant!”

Shane glared at Tyler and said, “Cayden wants to chop off his fingers.”

Tyler was overjoyed.

He said, “Youre going to pay him back in his own coin.

Thats great! I know a gangster in Orlando called Salvatore, and many of his underlings are top fighters from Southeast Asia.

Theyre very ruthless and brutal.

Besides, once they get the job done, theyll take the money and leave the country.

No one can find them then.”

“Shane, do you want me to arrange for you to meet Salvatore”

Shane gave it some thought.

He was indeed friends with some gangsters, but since they were now in Orlando, he thought it would be better to leave it to someone else from Orlando.

“Great, lets have dinner tonight,” Shane said.

At 11 p.m.

Jordan suddenly received a call from Pablo.

Jordan had saved Pablos number as a random contact name in his cell phone, but he remembered the last four digits to be 4444.

Coincidentally, Hailey had gone to shower at this moment, so Jordan picked up right away.

“Speak,” Jordan said coldly.

Pablo said, “Mr.

Jordan, Shane Huxley is here in Orlando, and he looked for Salvatore.

Hes offering 3 million dollars for your right index and middle fingers to be severed!”


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