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Chapter 126: Haileys Rendezvous With The Love Rival!

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The index and middle fingers of his right hand!

Those were the fingers on Caydens right hand that Jordan had broken!

The direct cause of the crippling of Caydens fingers was his affair with Jordans wife.

It seemed that Cayden intended to pay it back in his own coin.

Jordan liked that tactic!

Jordan smiled indifferently and asked, “What did Salvatore say”

Pablo said, “Salvatore agreed to it because he was afraid that Shane Huxley would hire someone else to do it if he didnt.”


Jordan, I didnt give Salvatore any instructions because you instructed us not to do anything to the Huxleys and Collins for the time being.”



Jordan assented.

Indeed, he didnt plan to kill them just yet because he was saving that after his divorce.

Jordan hung up without saying anything else.

To his surprise, Victoria called as soon as he hung up.

Jordan was a little surprised.

Ever since he reconciled with Hailey, Victoria rarely called him at such a late hour because she was a sensible woman who knew her boundaries.

“Hello.” Jordan answered the phone.

Victoria spoke in an urgent tone, and she seemed to be extremely flustered.

“Jordan, bad news! I heard that the Huxleys have hired a killer and are offering six million dollars to have three of your fingers chopped off!”

“Dont go out for the next two days!”

He didnt expect Victoria to be so well-informed.

As expected of someone who had been carving a career in Orlando for numerous years, she had a vast network of connections to businessmen as well as gangsters.

Although the information Victoria obtained wasnt accurate enough, it was understandable.

At this moment, Hailey had just come out of the shower, clad in a bathrobe and her home slippers.

Being only in the early stages of her pregnancy, her baby bump was barely noticeable, and her figure was alluring…

“Who are you speaking to over the phone”

Hailey asked while wiping her wet hair with a towel.

“Its Victoria,” Jordan answered Hailey.

Hailey flew into a rage and snapped, “Why are you talking to her at such a late hour!! Hang up now!”

Jordan was displeased.

‘So you can talk to Cayden Huxley on the phone late at night, but I cant do the same with Victoria

‘Besides, Im talking to Victoria about serious matters, and weve never flirted with each other.

‘What did you and Cayden Huxley talk about during your phone calls!!

Jordan didnt want to argue with her, so he said to Victoria softly, “Got it, Victoria, thank you.”

Jordan then hung up, feeling even more grateful to Victoria.

Victoria seemed genuinely fond of Jordan because she was so nice to him even though he was now penniless.

In the day, she had taught Tyler a lesson on Jordans behalf, and later on, when she found out that Jordan had gotten into trouble with the law, she helped him out by using her personal connections.

Upon finding out that someone would harm Jordan, she called him immediately to give him a reminder.

At this moment, Jordan felt loved and cared for, which Hailey had never made him feel.

Perhaps, once Jordan divorced Hailey, he could choose to date Victoria.

At least, a woman like her is worthy of being entitled to a share of the Steeles inheritance.

Hailey felt a little jealous, and she once again questioned, “What were you guys chatting about just now How long have you been on the phone with her That brazen hussy Victoria Clarke knows that youre married, but she still keeps flirting with you.

What a cheap and shameless woman!”

Jordan explained, “Victoria called me to tell me that she heard Cayden Huxley had hired a killer to chop off my fingers for six million dollars.”

Hailey dropped the towel that she was holding in shock.

“What He wants to have your fingers chopped off No way!”

Hailey panicked too.

In her opinion, Cayden was a charming guy who didnt seem to be someone who would do such a cruel thing.

Hailey did not pick up the towel and instead walked towards Jordan.

She grabbed his arm and said, “Hubby, why dont you just go and apologize to Cayden and admit your mistake Maybe things wont blow out of proportion if we talk things out with him.”

She wanted Jordan to apologize to his love rival

Over his dead body!

Jordan said firmly, “I would rather go to jail than apologize to him! Besides, I didnt do anything wrong at all.”

“You…” Hailey seemed to be rather displeased.

“Ill go if you wont! Ill go to the hospital early tomorrow morning and apologize to him while asking for his forgiveness.”

Jordan humphed coldly.

‘Hmph, given the relationship between you two, is there still a need for an apology

“You dont need to beg him.

Ill just stay at home and not go out.

Its no big deal.”

Although Jordan no longer considered Hailey as his wife, he still didnt want her to meet that person.

However, Hailey was insistent on it.

“You can choose not to go out for a day, but you cant hide forever.

Stay out of this.

Since Im your wife, I should do something for you, or else that woman Victoria Clarke will speak ill of me again.”

“Ill go to the hospital to see him together with you tomorrow morning.

Its settled then.”

Hailey was firm and adamant, not giving Jordan any chance for refusal.

Afterward, Hailey proceeded to dry her hair with the hairdryer, and they laid on the same bed quietly without talking to each other for the rest of the night.

Hailey woke up bright early in the morning and made herself some honey water.

She even picked out several outfits in the room.

One after another, Hailey kept trying on the outfits she had picked and checked herself out in the mirror.

Each outfit she had chosen was beautiful, and they were all clothes that she would wear only to important events.

When Jordan woke up, he looked at Hailey, who was dolling herself up in front of the mirror, and asked, “Honey, why are you all dressed up when were just going to visit a patient Besides, you dont need to wear a dress, do you”

Peeved by his words, Hailey retorted, “Youre such a male chauvinist.

Why are you trying to decide what I should wear and telling me if I should wear a dress or not The weather is so hot today, do you expect me to wear a pair of jeans instead!!”

“Who am I dressing up for Its for you, isnt it Im going to beg him for your sake, okay”

“Can you please have a conscience Youve hurt someone, but you dont have enough money to compensate the person you injured.

Now that your wife is helping you settle the issue, youre still poking your nose into this and that!”

Jordan smiled contemptuously.

He really wanted to expose Hailey on the spot and let her know that he had long found out about her relationship with Cayden!

However, Hailey would know that he was pretending to be kicked out of his family if he were to do that.

Jordan didnt say anything else and instead went back to sleep.

On the other hand, Hailey dolled herself up and drove to the hospital.

In the VIP ward of the hospital.

Cayden held his cell phone with his left hand and stared at the screen in boredom when he suddenly heard someone knocking on the door twice.

“Come in.”

The ward door was pushed open slowly, and before Hailey even entered, a fragrant scent wafted up to Caydens nose.

The perfume Hailey was wearing today was the Chanel Chance Eau de parfum that Cayden had gifted to her previously.

“Wow, my goddess is here!”

Caydens mood was lifted as soon as he saw Hailey, and he immediately sat up straight.

Hailey closed the door after entering the ward.

She was dressed in a red vintage Chanel Audrey-Hepburn-style minidress that channeled the elegant beauty of women in the 50s and 60s.

Cayden was salivating at the mere sight of her back.

He said to Hailey, “Darling, lock the door!”


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