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Chapter 127: Hailey Chooses Cayden!

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Hailey was surprised to hear that.

“Huh Lock the door What if the nurse comes in later”

Cayden said with a sinister smile, “Thats precisely why we have to lock the door to keep the nurse out.

Lets have some pillow talk for a while.”

At the same time, Cayden had already gotten out of bed and gone to the window to draw the curtains.

The room, initially filled with sunlight, immediately turned dull.

It was also full of an ambiguous and flirtatious ambiance.

Hailey knew what Cayden intended to do when he asked her to lock the door.

Her delicate face turned slightly red, and she was a little hesitant.

However, she nevertheless locked the door from inside.


Hailey then walked towards the bed and said, “Cayden, Im sorry my husband hurt you so badly.

Do your fingers still hurt”

Cayden lowered his head to look at his right finger helplessly and exclaimed, “It doesnt matter if it hurts or not.

Its a shame that I cant use them ever again.

Jordan is so f***ing ruthless!”

Hailey said with a guilty expression, “Cayden, I know Jordan is at fault for this, but I heard that youre going to pay someone to chop off Jordans fingers.”

“Jordan is my husband, after all.

Weve been married for three years, and he has always been very good to me.

I really hope you wont hurt him, please, dont do that, okay”

Hailey may have had let Jordan down by cheating on him, and her attitude had also changed for the worse after Jordan was kicked out of the Steele family.

However, having been married to Jordan for three years, Hailey still had some feelings for him.

Thus, she didnt want anything untoward to happen to him.

Moreover, she knew how good Jordan was at playing the piano, and it would really be a huge pity if he lost his fingers.

Cayden had always pretended to be a refined gentleman in front of Hailey.

Putting up a pretense and fooling others were his forte.

Cayden said, “My dear goddess, dont you know me well enough How can I possibly do such a cruel thing to your husband”

“Does that mean… that the rumors are false”

Hailey thought that Cayden was a jovial and handsome scion of a wealthy family who probably wouldnt be that ruthless.

Cayden smiled and said, “Of course theyre untrue.

I deliberately asked my brother to spread those rumors only because Im trying to scare your husband into being too scared to leave his home.

In fact, I didnt send anyone to deal with him at all.”

Hailey was baffled.

“Youre trying to scare my husband Why Why dont you want him to leave the house”

Cayden held onto Haileys fair and tender hand with a sinister smile.

“What else do you think the reason can be Of course, its because I dont want him to disturb you and me.

If he keeps staying at home, well get to meet each other outside every day, wont we”

Hailey took him for his word.

She knew that Cayden adored her, and since she was married, they used to have to meet each other either bright early in the morning or late at night.

‘Perhaps, Cayden really doesnt plan to harm Jordan.

Looking at Haileys exquisite and delicate face, Cayden couldnt help but kiss her.

However, Hailey pushed him away instinctively.

“No… We cant.”

Cayden was furious, but he didnt vent his anger and instead remained patient.

“Hailey, I love you so much that Im willing to forgo my fingers for your sake! Cant you feel my love for you”

Cayden had hit Jordan in the restaurant yesterday to take revenge on him for his aunt, Rosie.

Yet, he now claimed that he had done so for Hailey.

Hailey said, “I know you love me, but your family might not accept me.”

Obtaining the recognition and entitlement to a portion of the inheritance of a multi-billion-dollar family was still the most important thing to Hailey.

If Cayden purely wanted to be with her without the approval of his family, Hailey wouldnt choose to get together with him either.

Cayden said, “Ive already told my family about you.

My grandfather said that hell let you marry me as long as youre willing to have an abortion.”

“He wants me to have an abortion” Hailey raised her head with a heavy heart.

Cayden nodded and said, “Yes, it doesnt matter to me whether or not you abort the baby.

My parents will go along with my decisions too.

Still, my grandfather is very conservative and has an old-fashioned mindset.

He doesnt want you to marry me while carrying another mans child.”

In fact, Hailey wasnt surprised by the Huxleys request even though it made her uncomfortable.

Her “adviser” Rachel had told her a long time ago that even a normal family wouldnt be able to accept a daughter-in-law whos pregnant with another mans child, let alone a wealthy and notable family like the Huxleys.

If Hailey wanted to marry Cayden, she would have to abort Jordans baby.

Ever since Jordan had been disowned by the Steeles, Hailey had already begun considering getting an abortion.

Even if she didnt have Cayden as her backup plan, she would still plan to have the fetus aborted!

Reason being, a child would get in the way of her getting remarried unless she could find a man who was divorced and had a child too.

However, Hailey wouldnt fancy such a man.

She only liked young bachelors from wealthy families.

Cayden continued, “My brother, Shane, and I are the only third-generation heirs of the Huxleys.

Shane and I are very close to each other, and weve never fought over the inheritance.”

“The Huxleys assets will be split equally between Shane and me in the future.”

“Hailey, if you are with me, I guarantee that youll become the happiest woman in this world!”

Cayden revealed a lot to Hailey.

He was smart enough to tempt her with his assets and other material possessions.

Touched to hear his words, Hailey looked at Cayden intently and affectionately.

“Cayden, youre so good to me.”

At this moment, she had completely forgotten that she was still wearing the wedding ring that Jordan had bought for her on her ring finger.

Cayden was overjoyed, and he kissed Hailey again, knowing that she had taken the bait.

This time, Hailey didnt push Cayden away again and instead accepted his kiss…

New City residential estate.

Ever since Hailey left, Jordan had been fidgety and ill at ease.

How could he have possibly gone back to sleep in peace

He knew that Hailey and Cayden had already hooked up with each other previously.

He was also confident that she would take this opportunity to have a rendezvous with Cayden again, this time under the pretext of apologizing to Cayden on his behalf.

Hence, he called Pablo and asked the latter to send someone to shadow Hailey while keeping close tabs on Caydens situation in the hospital ward.

Jordan had also long planted his snitches in the hospital, among the doctors, nurses, and patients.

There was also someone in the building opposite Caydens VIP ward, who was staring at him with a pair of binoculars.

Hailey arrived at Caydens ward at 10 am, and Jordan received a call at 12 noon.


Jordan, your wife, is still in Cayden Huxleys ward, and the curtains are still closed.

A nurse tried to knock on the door just now, but she left after knocking a few times.”

Jordan was smoking a cigarette while feeling frustrated and vexed.

Hailey had stayed in Caydens room for two whole hours, with the doors locked and the curtains shut tightly.

What exactly had they been doing!!


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