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Chapter 130: Divorce!!

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Jordan said, “Elle, Ive known you since you were 17 years old.

I know youre not a loose girl.”

“Your parents were very strict with you, and theyve never let you date any boys.”

“So, wed better just stage an act to deceive Hailey and stop once she falls for it, okay”

Elle was slightly disappointed, but she was also rather touched.

“Jordan, youre such a good man.

Men like you are rare in this world.

Its Haileys loss for being unable to cherish you.

She really deserves it.

Ill listen to you and do your bidding.”

“Okay,” Jordan said, caressing Elles face smilingly.


Afterward, Jordan cleaned up the broken glass pieces on the ground.

He then waited quietly for Hailey to arrive.

Jordan wanted to pay Hailey back in her own coin and do unto her what she had done to him!

At half-past three in the afternoon, Hailey unlocked the door with her fingerprint ID and returned home.

Hailey was holding a large bag of fresh vegetables in her hand.

She headed to the supermarket straight after leaving the hospital.

As soon as she returned home, Hailey lamented, “Seriously, I have to go get the groceries now that you cant go out.

Jordan, take these vegetables and cook me dinner tonight.”

Hailey thought that Jordan was in the living room.

Still, after failing to respond, she finally discovered that Jordan wasnt in the living room.

“Its broad daylight.

Surely he isnt sleeping, is he”

Hailey wanted to go to the bedroom to take a look, but as soon as she walked towards the couch outside the bedroom, she suddenly saw a black dress on it.

“Huh When did I leave my dress outside”

Hailey thought it was her dress.

After all, she had a large heap of clothes and long-forgotten what pieces she had.

Hailey picked it up, but when she held it, she suddenly felt that something was amiss.

She lowered her head to sniff the dress, only to find it strange.

“Lemon-scented perfume No, this is not my dress!”

Hailey had too many clothes, and she couldnt remember if she had a dress like this one.

However, each individuals preference in scents varies, and she had stopped using lemon-scented perfume two years ago.

“Theres another woman here!”

Hailey immediately thought of this possibility!

“Damn it, Jordan Steele! How dare you cheat on me!!”

“Who is it!! Who exactly is it!!”

Hailey was furious, and she sprinted into the bedroom and pushed the door to enter.


When Hailey saw Elle inside, she was dumbfounded and froze in shock.

She looked even more shocked than Jordan was when he saw her and Tyler in the Roxy Hotel previously.

“Ah, why are you back so early!!”

Elle pretended to be surprised and hurriedly came out with the duvet wrapped around her body.

She then changed into her dress and ran away.

If it was another woman, Hailey could not have let her leave her home so quickly.

She would have grabbed her by her hair and beat her up into a pulp.

However, Elle had always been the apple of her grandmothers eye, and she had never actually hit Elle even when they bickered.

Hence, Hailey could only take her anger out on Jordan!

Hailey walked towards Jordan furiously and raised her hand to give him a tight slap.


Hailey cursed furiously, “Jordan Steele! Youre so shameless! You really disgust me! I went to beg for you and bought the groceries.

Yet, youre fooling around with another woman at home! Youre cheating on me with my cousin! How can you be such a scumbag!!”

While cursing, she raised her arm again in a bid to slap Jordan once more.

However, this time, Jordan grabbed Haileys wrist and didnt let her get her way.

He pushed her and lashed out at her too.

“Im shameless Im disgusting Im a scumbag Hailey Camden, what about you Have you ever cared about shame”

“Now you know to be angry, huh When you checked into a room with Tyler, did you consider my feelings!!”

Jordan had long wanted to have a tiff with Hailey!

Hailey sneered, “Fine, youre raking up the past now, huh Rachel is right.

Youre a petty man.

Youre definitely still bearing grudges about that matter! Whenever we have an argument, you bring up that matter again.

What kind of a man are you!!”

“Lets get a divorce!”

Hailey finally said the words that Jordan had been waiting to hear!

She finally initiated a divorce!

However, at this moment, Jordan was so enraged that he turned her down!

“No! Im not getting a divorce! Why should I get a divorce I forgave you for what happened between you and Tyler back then and chose not to get a divorce with you.”

“Consider us even this time.

Why cant you forgive me when I have already forgiven you”

“Most of the time, a celebrity couple will cheat on each other too, but in most cases, the woman will forgive the man while the man will resolutely choose to divorce the cheating wife!”

“Why is it the other way around when it comes to us Are we in a different society than them!!”

Jordan couldnt stomach it at all.

As a man, he felt highly aggrieved.

Hailey sneered, “You actually have the cheek to compare us to celebrities Do you know how much money those male celebrities who cheated on their wives make If youre still an heir of the Steele family now, I can forgive you!”

“But youre nothing now! Youre not fit to cheat!”

Jordan was helpless, disappointed, and heartbroken!

“Haha, at the end of the day, its still because of money! It turns out that rich men who cheat are the ones who deserve to be forgiven.”

Jordan looked at Hailey in disdain.

He utterly despised her!

Jordan said, “Okay, I agree to get a divorce.

Im not a penniless man who isnt worthy of the high and mighty Camden family!”

“I wont hold you back from finding another rich and powerful man, but now that you are pregnant, I hope you can give birth to the baby and let me have custody.

You can then get married again.”

To his surprise, Hailey said coldly, “Ive already had an abortion.”

“What did you say” Jordan glared at Hailey with her eyes wide open.

Hailey shouted, “I said I got rid of the baby! You dont even have a decent job now.

Do you want the baby to suffer with you after he or she is born”

Jordans right hand trembled continuously as he couldnt tolerate it any longer.

He raised it and slapped Hailey on her face!


Of course, Jordan controlled his strength, but Hailey still got slapped and fell to the ground.

When Hailey said that Jordan was disgusting just now, he had long wanted to hit her!

‘Which one of us is disgusting!!

‘You not only cheated on me with Tyler Collins, but you also cheated with Cayden Huxley too.

Besides, Elle and I didnt do anything at all! We were just acting!

‘Youre the disgusting woman!

‘You have no right to badmouth me!

Previously, Jordan didnt hit her because Hailey was pregnant.

However, now that he knew that she had gotten an abortion, he couldnt stand it any longer.

“The baby belongs to both of us.

What right do you have to abort it without my permission!!”

Jordan questioned Hailey loudly!


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