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Hailey was lying on the ground with a hand on her face and another on her stomach as she instantly burst into tears.


“You hit me How dare you hit me During the past three years of our marriage, youve never hit me before, and even when you caught Tyler and me together, you werent that angry.

Yet, you actually hit me now”


“Jordan, youre not a man.

Youre a scumbag! Scoundrel! Beast!”


It was true that Jordan had never hit Hailey before!


He loved her.


When Jordan watched Victoria slap Hailey previously, he felt heartbroken.

He told Victoria not to hit her again in the future.


When Jordan saw Hailey putting a hand on her stomach to shield it, Jordan suddenly realized that Hailey had not aborted the fetus and that she was just trying to spite him just now.


Jordan hurriedly leaned down, picked Hailey up, and asked, “You… you didnt get an abortion”


Hailey pushed Jordan away and shouted, “Even if I dont get an abortion now, I will after we get a divorce!”


“Im not afraid to tell you, I have a boyfriend too! Hell marry me as soon as I abort your child.”


“Do you think I want to abort the baby Do you know how harmful abortions are to women”


“I might never be able to conceive again.

Suppose I do get pregnant again in the future.

In that case, the chances of suffering a miscarriage and premature birth will be very high!”


“Besides, he or she is a living being and the product of our love.

Weve been in love with each other for three years, after all.

Do you think I can bear to abort it”


Hailey began bawling as she spoke.


Jordan gritted his teeth furiously and exclaimed, “It turns out that that bastard Cayden Huxley wants to kill my unborn child!”


Regardless of the relationship between Jordan and Hailey, the baby was innocent after all.


Jordans grandfather had also instructed him to keep the baby as long as it was his biological child.


No one knows what will happen in the future.


Jordan pulled out a few pieces of tissue paper from the beds headboard and handed them to Hailey.


“Hailey Camden, dont be so naive! Its not that easy to get your hands on the assets of a prestigious family! Dont think that you can get what you want just because you abort the baby!”


“If you can get close to someone like the CEO of Facebook, you may still have the chance to become a billionaire.”


“But prestigious families treat women as nothing more than baby-making machines unless theyre from an equally powerful background!”


“Dont think that you can have a high status in the family or take up an important role in the company just because youre pregnant.”


“Even if you bear a child for them, they will take full custody of the child and raise him or her from the moment theyre born.

Even when they grow up, they wont be very close to you.”


“Dont keep thinking that you can exchange your beauty for wealth!”


Hailey threw the tissue paper at Jordan.


“Stop trying to educate me! You scumbag! Youre shameless for cheating on your pregnant wife!”


“Get out of my house! Im going to divorce you now, and I dont want to see you again!”


Jordan was saying those words out of spite, but he was also giving her a warning.


Since Hailey refused to listen and was still obsessed with the idea that Cayden would really marry her and give her billions of dollars worth of assets.


When the time comes, Hailey wouldnt be able to blame anyone for it because she had brought it upon herself.


Jordan said, “Sure, I promised Grandaunt Lily that I wont divorce you unless you initiate it.”


“I didnt break my promise today!”


‘This mistake of a marriage is finally coming to an end!


They took out their IDs and identification documents before coming downstairs.

Jordan drove quickly to the City Clerk Office.


After entering, Hailey was still crying aggrievedly.


It seemed to be an auspicious day today, and many couples were getting a divorce at the City Clerk Office.


He saw the miserable state that Hailey was in, with tears in her eyes.


A middle-aged woman who was about forty years old walked over and asked, “Why are you getting divorced Did your husband cheat on you too”


Hailey nodded while wiping her tears with a piece of tissue paper.


The middle-aged flew into a rage and hollered furiously, “As the saying goes, there are no good men in this world!”


“I have the same fate as you.

That damned husband of mine cheated, and I caught him red-handed.

Youve done the right thing.

You should get a divorce in such a situation!”


“Why should we men be forgiven for cheating But I really feel sorry for you.

My husband cheated on me with a college student, and I can understand why.

After all, Im old, and I cant compare to those young girls.”


“But youre so pretty.

Why would your husband cheat on you Is he blind”


Hailey glared at Jordan and said, “Men are all the same.

They just want a sense of novelty!”


“Hailey Camden, thats enough! Which one of us cheated first!!”


Jordan couldnt stand it any longer.

He initially wanted to quietly complete the divorce proceedings.

After all, they had been married for three years and were now parents.


Even if they couldnt be a married couple, they could still be friends.


Hailey had clearly admitted to her mistakes first, yet she was now pretending to be the only victim.


Even if Jordan and Elle were not putting on an act, she didnt have the right to lash out at Jordan!


Hailey exclaimed, “I dare swear that Ive never cheated on you after we reconciled! You must be deliberately taking revenge on me for what happened before we reconciled! Since youre so bothered by it, you shouldnt have reconciled with me then!”


“You even slept with my cousin.

How shameless!”


Hailey spoke very loudly, and she seemed to be trying to make everyone present hear about Jordans misdeeds.


After hearing her words, the middle-aged woman frantically went forth to yell at Jordan.

“What are you shouting at her for!! Its her freedom to do whatever she wants before marriage.

She didnt cheat on you after you got married!”


“You actually slept with her cousin.

Scum like you should be castrated!”


“Yes, yes, yes, this man is such a scum!”


This middle-aged woman wasnt the only one.

Other women who were getting a divorce had also come over and stood beside Hailey to comfort her.


Jordan didnt want to argue with them, nor could he outargue them.


‘They can say what they want.

If I have to be labeled as a scumbag to get away from you forever, Ill accept it!


Jordan picked up his cell phone and called the chief of the City Clerk Office, David Jay.


David Jay had once called Jordan, so he had saved Jordans number.


“Hello, Mr.

Jay, are you at the City Clerk Office My wife and I are getting a divorce, and weve already reached the City Clerk Office.”


In less than a minute, a short-haired middle-aged man wearing a floral shirt walked over.


“Hello, Mr.

Steele, Miss Camden.

Im David Jay.”


David introduced himself and apologized to them.


“Im really sorry for what happened previously.

Ive already fired that employee who forged the divorce certificate.

Im sorry for delaying the divorce.”


“However, I thought you reconciled because you havent returned for a long time.”


“If thats really the case, Im very happy for you.

After all, couples sometimes get a divorce impulsively.”


“Dont blame me for asking this but are you very, very sure that you want to get a divorce”


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