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Chapter 132: Really Divorced!

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Jordan and Hailey looked at each other at the same time.

Hailey was still as beautiful as ever, be it when she was angry, smiling, tearing up, or drenched in the rain.

However, Jordan knew that there was no turning back for both of them.

Hailey kept accusing Jordan of holding a grudge against her for her affair with Tyler, but that wasnt actually the case.

Hailey and Tylers affair happened before Jordan revealed his identity.

That incident had indeed hurt Jordan, but it wasnt irreparable.

The real reason that Jordan felt that he couldnt spend the rest of his life with Hailey was the affair between her and Cayden.

When it began, Hailey was already the wife of the president of Ace Corporation, and she would soon become one of the heirs to the Steeles.

Perhaps Hailey and Cayden really didnt have anything going on, but holding hands was still inappropriate even then.

Besides, once Jordan became penniless, Haileys attitude towards him changed drastically.

Jordan would never want a woman like her who couldnt share weal and woe with him and was only after his riches!

“Were getting a divorce!”

Hailey said the same thing at the same time as Jordan.

Seeing how firm and resolute they were, David nodded and said, “Please come with me.”

David brought them to a room and said to a person sitting inside, “Jane, get up for a moment.

Ill process the divorce for this couple personally.”

“Okay.” The female employee named Jane looked at Jordan and Hailey with some surprise.

David personally processed the divorce papers for Jordan and Hailey and issued them a divorce decree.

David said, “Mr.

Steele, Miss Camden, you two are officially divorced and are no longer bound to marriage.

This divorce decree is officially valid, and there will be no more problems like there was last time.”

Jordan knew that the same mistake wouldnt happen since David was the director.

At this moment, he and Hailey were really divorced!

It had been more than three years!

Memories of the past started running through Jordans mind continuously.

There were memories of when they first met, started falling in love with each other, followed by the betrayal, and eventually turned against each other.

It was truly saddening.

Since they left the City Clerk Office, Hailey did not speak a single word to Jordan and simply drove away alone.

Jordan unlocked his cell phone and habitually checked out Haileys Instagram account, only discovering that he could no longer view her Instagram posts.

That just meant that Hailey had already blocked Jordan on Instagram.

Jordan let out a long sigh.

He called an Uber and headed to a cheap hotel nearby, where it cost less than 50 bucks for a nights stay.

This time, he didnt go to a luxury hotel like the West Lake Hotel, which he went to previously.

He could have made Hailey regret divorcing him again by revealing to her that his expulsion from his family was all but an act.

However, Jordan didnt want to do that.

“If I could, I would like Hailey to feel that I am a penniless man for the rest of her life and think that its the right decision to divorce me.”

Jordan muttered to himself when he reached the hotel room.


Someone suddenly knocked on the door.

Jordan asked in bafflement, “Whos there”

“Sir, do you need my service” A strange female voice sounded at the door, and it seemed to have been deliberately nasally.

Jordan frowned.

‘Cheap hotels are just so chaotic.


Jordan exclaimed.

“Open the door and take a look at me.”

The girl outside the door seemed to be reluctant to give up.

Jordan was extremely peeved in the first place.

He stood up immediately and hollered, “Ill call the cops on you if you dont leave!”

At this point, the girl outside the door finally spoke in her normal voice.

“Jordan, its me!”


Only then did Jordan walk over and open the door to see that it was indeed Elle.

“Haha, I was just teasing you.

At the same time, I was also testing my future husbands character.

Indeed, youre a good man who doesnt engage a hooker.

I really like you!”

Elle exclaimed in delight.

Jordan let Elle in, closed the door, and asked, “How do you know that Im staying here Did you follow me here”

Elle chuckled and admitted, “Yes, Ive been following you since you and Hailey came out of the City Clerk Office.”

“Jordan, now that you finally got divorced, can you consider being with me now”

Elle looked at Jordan with affection in her large, watery eyes.

Jordan said, “Elle, we really arent suitable for each other.

Besides, Im just a penniless man now while youre the heiress of a notable family in Orlando.

Im not worthy of you at all, and your grandmother wont agree to it.”

Elle said, “Drop the act.

I know youre still a part of the Steele family.

Quick, become the president of Ace Corporation again and marry me.

I want to be the wife of a company president!”

Jordan knew that Elle wanted to marry him because of his identity.

Jordan said, “I can tell you for sure that I wont be the president of any company again in the future.

Ill only be working an ordinary job in the future and make a few grand a month like the average folk.”

Jordan wasnt lying to Elle.

Those were his true thoughts.

After his marriage to Hailey, he discovered that many women these days are too materialistic.

They liked those who were rich and powerful.

When one holds a high status, they wont tell if a woman really loves them for who they are or for their material possessions.

Hence, Jordan decided not to be the president of a company anymore and just live like an average person pursuing true love.

Only after he finds his true love like an ordinary person will he reveal his identity to her.

Only a woman willing to suffer and go through hard times with him would be worthy of the hundreds of billions in assets belonging to the Steeles.

Women like Hailey and Elle were not worthy at all.

Elle was clearly dejected.

“Whats so good about being an ordinary person Being the president of a company is so much better.

Hailey has hurt you so much.

Dont you want to become an overbearing president again to make her regret”

Jordan shook his head very firmly and said, “I dont want to.”

He had already done that once, and it was enough.

He didnt want to see Hailey getting on her knees to beg for forgiveness or come back to pester him again.

Jordan said, “Elle, you should go back.

Thank you for your help this time.

You were willing to sacrifice your reputation to help me get rid of your cousin.

Ill definitely give you a gift to thank you.”

“However, I dont have money now.

I have to wait until I start working before I can buy you something.”

Elle still didnt quite believe that Jordan really didnt have any money.

She said, “Youre in low spirits because you just got a divorce.

Ill come to see you another day.”

After Elle left, Jordan smoked a cigarette.

He then called Pablo.

Jordan did not wish to make Hailey regret her decision by revealing his identity as a powerful president all over again.

However, revenge must be served.

Tyler Collins and Cayden Huxley, who had both cheated with Hailey, must pay a considerable price for their actions!


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