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Chapter 133: Retaliate!

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If Tyler and Cayden had stayed in New York, Jordan would have found it difficult to deal with them.

After all, the Huxleys power in New York was still very significant.

On the other hand, Pablo and Salvatore may not dare to act as brazenly in New York as they do in Orlando.

However, Tyler and Cayden insisted on digging their own graves by coming to Orlando to create trouble for Jordan.

It wouldnt be Jordans fault that they couldnt return in one piece then.

Jordan dialed Pablos number and said briefly, “Do it.”

Pablo answered, “Mr.

Jordan, what do you need me to do Get rid of Tyler Collins”

The Collins were now on the verge of bankruptcy, and Tyler deserved to die for having slept with Hailey, so killing him wouldnt take much trouble.

Jordan didnt want to be that ruthless on the account that Tylers mother had once pleaded with him.

“Just make sure he can never get intimate with a woman again.

Castrate him.”

“Yes! What about Cayden Huxley Should we do the same to him”

After all, Cayden was the grandson of Arthur Huxley, a famous and prestigious tycoon in the country.

If they were to castrate Cayden, Arthur would definitely find the culprit at all costs.

Salvatore and the others would definitely be discovered when the time comes, and it would then be difficult for them to survive in the country.

Thus, Jordan wanted to use a more covert approach.

“I have a bottle of medicine here that I brought back from the battlefield.

Send someone over to pick it up from me and then get a nurse at the hospital to inject it into Caydens body.

After hearing this, Pablo hurriedly thanked, “Ill thank you on behalf of Salvatore, Mr.


“Yes, Im at Luca Motel near the City Clerk Office.

My room number is 706.

Send someone here now.”

After saying that, Jordan hung up the phone, then opened the rooms door a little.


“Come in.

The door is not closed.”

The person who pushed the door and entered was Pablo.

“Oh You didnt leave”

Jordan thought that Pablo had left Orlando with Frank.

Pablo said, “I returned after I sent Mr.

Reyes to England.

You said Im not qualified to see your grandfather yet.”

Jordan smiled and said, “Get the task done well, and Ill recommend you for more things in the future.”

“Thank you, Mr.

Jordan!” Pablo was overjoyed.

Although it was said that he was already very powerful in the underworld societies, he might get arrested at any time.

Hence, he had always wanted to defect to Jordans grandfather, far away in England.

Jordan took out a small black bottle and handed it to Pablo.

After taking it with both hands, Pablo asked, “Mr.

Jordan, what will happen after this is injected”

Jordan said, “Headache and fever, difficulty in breathing.”

Pablo was a little puzzled, “These symptoms seem very ordinary.

Cant they be cured”

Jordan said, “With the current medical standards in Orlando, the effects should wear out in a few hours after treatment.”

“Thats really too great of an advantage for Cayden Huxley! Mr.

Jordan, we know the Huxleys are very powerful and not to be trifled with.

Still, since he dared to violate your ex-wife, he deserves to die! Im willing to get rid of him for you even if it means that I cant make a living in the country anymore!”

Pablo expressed his loyalty.

Jordan smiled and said, “Were not related to each other by blood.

You dont need to sacrifice your hard-earned power for me.”

“Dont worry, Im just going to make him have a splitting headache for a few hours, thats all.

This disease may look ordinary, but in fact, there will be severe after-effects after it is cured.”

“The worst is that it will cause infertility in men.”

Pablo was instantly curious.

“There are such things on the battlefield too Haha, this ones great.

Itll make Cayden Huxley infertile forever, and even if he has children in the future, hell just be raising another mans children.


Jordan didnt intend to be that cruel either, but Cayden had sent orders for Jordans fingers to be hacked off, so he couldnt blame Jordan for doing so.

It was nine in the evening.

Gold Mine Nightclub.

“Come on, Salvatore, let me toast to you!”

In the private room, Tyler was drinking and eating some watermelon with Salvatore.

At the same time, he was also sandwiched between two beautiful women dressed in suits and held in his arms.

Salvatore smiled, clinked glasses with Tyler, and said, “Mr.

Collins, you seem to be in high spirits today.”

Tyler had already drunk six beers, and he seemed to be tipsy.

“Thats for sure! That punk Jordan Steele has already divorced Hailey.

Just like me, he got dumped, hahaha.”

“After the divorce this time, he didnt stay in any high-class hotel but checked into a cheap motel that costs less than 50 bucks a night.

“In a while, his fingers are going to be cut off by your men too.”

“He caused my family to go bankrupt.

Ive finally taken revenge!”

Salvatore smiled and raised his glass again.

“Congratulations, Mr.


Tyler clinked his glass and said, “Salvatore, when are you going to do it When you do it, can you cut one more finger Two for my cousin and one for me.”

Salvatore thought,You fool, you dont even know that youre on the brink of death.”

Salvatore said, “Okay, two million.


Collins, give me two more million, and Ill cut one more finger off.”

Tyler said awkwardly with a chuckle, “You know I dont have money now.

Ah, forget it, count that punk Jordan lucky, let him keep one finger!”

“By the way, Salvatore, I heard that the latest attraction here is a Thai lady-boy show.

Can you introduce one of them to me to let me have an eyeopener”

Salvatore snapped his fingers and said to the underling at the door, “Get a lady-boy to come in.”

Soon, a curvaceous beauty entered.

Tyler instantly lost interest in the two babes beside him and said, “Hahaha, very unique, indeed.

I like her!”

Salvatore shook his head and said, “You have a unique taste.

Go ahead and enjoy.

Ill get going now.”

Tyler hurriedly got up and said, “Thank you, Salvatore, take care!”

After Salvatore left the private room, he didnt walk away but instead stayed outside the door.

After less than five minutes, Tyler shrieked in misery.

“Ah!!! No!!!”

Salvatore threw away his cigarette and sent a text message to Pablo.

“Done dealing with Tyler Collins.”

Meanwhile, in the VIP ward of the affiliated hospital.

“Miss, are you new Youre quite pretty.”

Cayden remarked when he saw a nurse, who looked different from the previous one, enter.

The beautiful nurse smiled faintly without saying anything.

Seeing that the nurse was going to put him on an IV drip, Cayden asked, “Arent all the injections for today done”

The nurse said, “This is the doctors instructions.

He said that a bottle of this at night will help with recovery.”

Coincidentally, Hailey happened to call Cayden at this moment, so he didnt really suspect anything.

“Honey, did you miss me Im so bored without you here to accompany me tonight.”

Cayden said with a gleeful smile, knowing that Hailey and Jordan had gotten divorced.

“I heard that Jordan checked into a motel.”

“Dont worry, I didnt hire someone to chop his fingers off, but he definitely has many enemies since he caused so many companies to fold previously..

If he really gets slashed or something, you cant suspect me, baby.”


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