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Today, Cayden was in high spirits because he thought that he had finally stripped Jordan off his position as president of Ace Corporation and turned him into a penniless man.


He had also made Jordan divorce Hailey, whom he fancied, thus snatching her from him.


The current result was the expected outcome of Caydens doings.


Over the years, he had never lost to his rivals in love before.


Unfortunately, Caydens fingers had been crippled by Jordan.


However, it wouldnt affect Caydens life much.


It didnt hinder him from eating and drinking either because he had trained himself to use both his hands to carry out various tasks.


Likewise, it didnt affect his ability to play mobile games either.


Cayden and Hailey chatted on the phone for a while.

After he was done with the drip, he invited Hailey to play PUBG together with him.


Cayden couldnt move his right hands index and middle fingers, but fortunately, he only had to move his thumb when playing this game.


Cayden chose Victor, while Hailey chose Sara.


Cayden was in charge of luring the enemies over for her while Hailey hid at the back to kill them.


In the first few games, the two worked very well together and were on a winning streak.


However, as the game went on, Caydens performance began to decline as his shooting accuracy decreased to a ridiculous extent.


Hailey also noticed the situation in the game and asked, “Darling, are you tired”


Hailey had just divorced Jordan earlier today, yet she was calling another manDarling at night.


Many pretty girls are exactly like Hailey.


Most of them would forever have countless side-guys.


To girls like them, there will never be any buffer time after a breakup unless they genuinely decide to never fall in love again.


Otherwise, they would quickly move on to another guy right after a divorce or breakup.


Men like Jordan, who stay faithful to their wives and abstain from getting too close to friends of the opposite sex, are genuinely pitiful.


After he married Hailey, everyone knew that he was penniless, and no woman was willing to try and date him.


The only person who took the initiative was Elle, who thought that he was still a member of the Steele family.


Cayden said during the game, “For some reason, I suddenly feel a headache coming on.”


Hailey was very concerned about Cayden too.

She said, “Go to bed after this round.

Its getting really late.”


“Alright then.”


Cayden had planned to stay up late today and have a drink to celebrate after Salvatore chops off Jordans fingers.


However, he felt more and more uncomfortable, so after playing the game, he switched off the lights and went to bed.


After sleeping for about an hour or two, Cayden suddenly got up and began puking while feeling giddy and feverish.


“Nurse! Nurse! Someone, come here!”


Cayden exclaimed feebly while pressing the call button on the bed to call the nurse.


Soon, two nurses entered, but the nurse who had helped put Cayden on the IV drip just now was no longer in sight.


Seeing that Caydens condition had suddenly deteriorated severely, the nurses immediately pushed him to the emergency room for treatment.


After two hours, Caydens condition finally subsided.


He could breathe better now, and the queasiness and feverish symptoms had also subsided.


At this moment, Shane had also arrived at the hospital.


Shane questioned the primary doctor, “Hows my younger brother Why did he get feverish and vomit all of a sudden His fingers were injured.

These symptoms shouldnt have happened!”


The doctor said, “Youre right.

These symptoms werent caused by his injuries but because of a virus.

Fortunately, hes at the hospital now, and they could save him in time.”


“Otherwise, if things got worse, he might be crippled.”


Shane panicked and asked, “Are you saying that there are after-effects of this virus Is my brother okay”


The doctor said, “Its alright.

Hell recover soon.

After he does, his mobility and normal bodily functions will be restored but…”


“But what!!” Shanes eyes widened in shock as he stared at the doctor.


The doctor sighed and said, “We discovered that this virus has a fatal effect on males, and it also causes infertility in men…”


Shane grabbed the doctors white coat and asked, “You mean my younger brother can never have a child of his own again”


The condition was severe, and the Huxleys were a prestigious family too.


The doctor frantically said, “No, this is only a theoretical analysis.

Well need to do further research to find out more.”


In Shanes mind, he knew the doctor had tried to downplay it as much as possible because he was scared of him.


Bright early the following day, Cayden slowly opened his eyes, only to see that Shane was seated beside him with a crestfallen expression.


“Ah, Im finally awake.

Shane, did you stay by my side all night Im fine now, Im fine, I feel like I can jump up and down!”


Cayden said to Shane.


Shane lifted his head and said, “Cayden, did you contact anyone in the past few days Someone is out to harm you!”


“Harm me No, except for you and the staff of the hospital, Hailey is the only one,” Cayden said.


Shane was exasperated.

He stood up and said, “It must be that bitch Hailey Camden who poisoned you!”


Cayden realized that Shane seemed to be intending to settle the scores with Hailey.


He grabbed Shane and said, “No, Shane, when she came here, she didnt hand me any water or food.

Besides, from the first second she entered, I took her hand and kissed her so she wouldnt have had the time to poison me at all.

Theres no reason for her to do so!”


Cayden did not believe that Hailey would harm him.


All of a sudden, Cayden recalled the beautiful nurse whom he had never met before.


“Oh right, a nurse that I didnt recognize came to give me an injection and put me on the drip when I was about to doze off last night.

After the shot, I started to have a headache!”


Shane said with a sharp gaze in his eyes, “Wait!”


After about twenty minutes, Shane summoned all the nurses on this floor and asked Cayden to identify them one by one.


Cayden shook his head throughout.


Cayden said, “None of them are her.

Although that nurse is wearing a mask, she has beautiful eyes, and shes definitely a beauty.”


Cayden would never forget a pretty girl when he saw one, so he was confident of that.


“Could it be that that nurse yesterday was just pretending to be a nurse” Shane guessed.


Cayden began to get a little scared when he thought about it.

“Did Jordan get someone to harm me!! Is he trying to take revenge just because I chopped off two of his fingers”


Shane snarled, “Cayden, that guy named Salvatore didnt chop off Jordans fingers last night.

They said that their people were arrested by the police just before they reached the hotel entrance.

Youd better not count on them.”


“Damn it! We let that punk escape!” Cayden was chagrined.


However, Cayden soon laughed and said, “Its fine.

I can kill his unborn child.

Ive asked Hailey Camden to come to the hospital for an abortion today.

Ill call her and ask if she has arrived yet.”


To Caydens surprise, Shane snatched his cell phone away as soon as he took it out.


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