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Chapter 135: Caydens Plan!

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“Whats wrong, Shane”

Cayden looked at Shane with a look of bafflement.

They shared a close relationship and knew each other very well.

Cayden discovered that Shane seemed to be in low spirits and even seemed to have just cried.

Shane sighed and said, “Cayden, Id better tell you the truth.

Your condition may have improved now, but there are after-effects.”

“The doctor said that your fertility might be affected!”

Caydens expression suddenly changed, and he turned pale!

For a man, having his fingers and arms broken wouldnt be a major issue!

A mans dignity is the most important!

Although Caydens body was now complete and intact, he had already become infertile!

In other words, he could no longer have children of his own!

Cayden grabbed Shane agitatedly and asked, “What did you say I can never conceive for the rest of my life”

Shane comforted, “Dont get too worked up.

Its only a probability.

Besides, the level of healthcare here isnt that advanced.

It might be a misdiagnosis.

Ill take you back to New York and have this checked out.

You might be perfectly fine.”

Cayden was dejected.

The health care standards here were indeed inferior to that of New York.

However, it was considered one of the best in the country, so it wasnt likely a misdiagnosis!


Shane waved his left arm and pushed the water cups and food on the table next to the hospital bed, all onto the floor, before punching the glass furiously with both hands.

“Jordan Steele! Im going to kill you!”

Caydens right hand was still injured, and Shane hurriedly walked over to hug Cayden to stop him from moving.

“Cayden, calm down!”

Shane was distressed to see the way his brother was.

Many descendants of prestigious families were often engaged in intense fights for assets.

If Cayden was infertile, it would undoubtedly be an excellent thing for Shane.

However, Shane and Cayden had always been very close and had never fought over the familys assets.

Cayden sat on the floor for a full thirty minutes.

During that time, he called all his ex-girlfriends and asked them one by one if they were pregnant with his child.

However, they all said no.

Gradually, Cayden burst into tears.

As a man in his twenties, he had a poor tolerance level.

The sorrowful expression on Caydens face suddenly became menacing.

“I cant let Hailey have an abortion! Thats Jordan Steeles child.

I must make her give birth to it!”

Since Cayden couldnt conceive and Hailey, whom he wanted to marry, happened to be pregnant and was one month along with her pregnancy.

They could just get married now and not tell others the truth.

Once Hailey gives birth, his friends would definitely think that the baby is his child.

Caydens social circle in New York was composed of prestigious figures who didnt know people like Jordan and Victoria at all.

They wouldnt bother finding out about him either.

Cayden cried and said to Shane, “Shane, if I really become infertile, dont tell anyone about this, not even Mom, Dad, or Grandpa!”

“If others find out about this, Ill be too ashamed to stay in New York!”

Shane knew how vital pride and dignity were to a man.

Shane said, “Rest assured, I wont tell anyone about this.

Ill make sure the doctors and nurses in this hospital who know about this matter keep their lips sealed too.

I wont let them spread a word about this.”

Cayden nodded and revealed his thoughts out loud.

“Shane, I want to marry Hailey.”

Shane was a little surprised.

“Werent you planning to just toy with her before kicking her away”

Although Cayden had promised Hailey that he would marry her, he was just trying to coax her.

Just as Jordan said, its not that easy to marry a wealthy man from a prestigious family, especially since Hailey was divorced.

Cayden initially planned to make Hailey get an abortion, sleep with her for a few months, and kick her away.

He wanted her to have a taste of what it was like to be toyed with by a man.

However, Caydens plans had changed.

He needed Hailey and the baby in her womb.

The baby she was carrying could give him the pride and dignity he needed as a man.

Cayden said, “I absolutely cant let a third person know that Ive become infertile.

Ive been so conceited for so many years.

My pride is more important than my life!”

“Im going to lie to everyone and make them think that Haileys child is mine.

Ill make Hailey give birth and then raise it!”

Shane knew Caydens temper too well and was aware of why he would do that.

Shane nodded and said, “Yes, its going to be yours and Haileys child.

If you want to let him or her inherit the Huxleys assets, I wont have any objections, though its going to be an advantage to that punk Jordan Steele.”

Cayden said, “Youre wrong, Shane.

I dont mean to raise Hailey and Jordans child as my own!”

“Jordans child is not worthy of inheriting a single cent of our assets!”

“Heres what I intend to do.

If Hailey gives birth to a boy, Ill send him away to do hard labor.”

“If she gives birth to a girl… Hehe, Hailey is pretty, and Jordan Steele is quite good-looking too.

Their daughter will definitely be gorgeous.”

Caydens eyes were full of perverted greed when he mentioned this!

Shane could tell that Cayden intended to vent his hatred for Jordan on Jordans child!

“Ill raise his daughter until she reaches the age of eighteen and give her an unforgettable experience before sending her away to become a prostitute! Ill make her sleep with thousands of people!”

“Only then can I vent the resentment within me!”

An hour later, Hailey arrived at Caydens VIP ward.

When Cayden saw Hailey, he hurriedly went over and said to her, “Honey, youre finally here.

Why didnt you pick up my calls just now”

When Hailey arrived, she put her purse down and said, “Oh, I was at a checkup, and I couldnt take my phone in with me.”

Cayden hurriedly said, “Checkup Is it a pre-abortion checkup Have you gotten an abortion”

If Hailey had already aborted the baby, then all of Caydens plans would have been ruined!

At this moment, Cayden was even more anxious than Jordan!

Hailey shook her head and said, “I had an appointment with the doctor to have an abortion today, but for some reason, I had to undergo another checkup.

I was told that my body is not suitable for an abortion now, so I have to wait for some time.”

Cayden let out a long sigh of relief.

In fact, Jordan had asked someone to arrange for it.

There was no way Hailey could get an abortion now, regardless of which hospital she goes to in Orlando.

Jordans grandfather had expressed clearly his intention to keep the baby, and no one could take him or her away.

Cayden took Haileys hand and said emotionally with great affection, “Darling, dont abort the baby.

Im willing to be his or her father!”


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