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Chapter 137: Exposing Rachel!

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He had already taken his revenge against Tyler and Cayden.

Next, there was another person Jordan had to take revenge on—Rachel!

Rachel didnt do anything to harm Jordan directly, and even till now, Rachel still hadnt blocked his number yet.

He reckoned that Rachel would still greet him smilingly even if they ran into each other on the streets.

For the last three years, she didnt mock Jordan for being a live-in son-in-law like others did either.

However, Jordan still wanted to take revenge on her!

“If it wasnt for Rachel Quinn, maybe Hailey wouldnt have become who she is today!”

Jordan still remembered the pure, lovely, coy, and simple girl Hailey used to be three years ago.

After marrying Jordan, she would pretend not to see the other college boys at school when they came up to her to greet her on campus.

She would also deliberately keep a distance from the opposite sex.

At that time, Hailey was such a perfect woman!

However, Haileys values and views changed drastically after watching Rachel cheat on her husband for the first time after she got married.

It made her realize that she could still continue dating other men after getting married.

Rachels influence on Hailey was definitely significant!

In particular, Rachel had been acting as Haileys advisor in her relationship with Jordan.

She instigated Hailey to lie to Jordan repeatedly and even encouraged Hailey to have side-guys.

It could be said that if Hailey hadnt learned that Rachel had slept with other me, Hailey would have never dared to sleep with Tyler!

If Rachel hadnt suggested that Hailey should have a side-guy, Hailey wouldnt have gotten into a relationship with Cayden!

The culprit behind everything was that bitch, Rachel!

In fact, everyone is to more or less to blame for their own predicaments.

Even adults shouldnt make others take responsibility.

However, Jordan wanted to expose Rachels true colors!

Jordan had had a meal with Rachels husband, Cory, a few times.

Cory was a friendly and honest man.

He was a hard worker who spent most of his time earning more money.

He was utterly clueless about Rachels infidelity.

That was unfair to Cory.

Women unfaithful to their husbands ought to get the punishment they deserve and not get away with it like Rachel had!

Hailey had already received her due punishment.

She was no longer entitled to a portion of the Steeles billions of dollars worth in assets, and the Hailey Residences project would soon become ruins too!

Now, its her best friend, Rachel Quinns turn!

Taking revenge on Rachel was actually very simple.

All Jordan needed to do was to let her husband know what kind of woman she was.

Thus, Jordan unlocked his cell phone and logged into Instagram.

This time, he wanted to get a good-looking friend of his to seduce Rachel.

He knew that Rachel had slept with many young hunks, so he thought she might have gotten sick of them and would definitely be thrilled to date another type of guy.

After logging in, Jordan viewed his friends Instagram stories.

It suddenly discovered that the background of a photo posted by one of his friends was in New York.

“Mike Bray is in New York”

Jordan had met Mike Bray when he was training alongside him and the NBA stars.

Mike was tall and muscular.

He was a gym rat, too, and his abs would make girls drool.

Most importantly, he resembled the famous American actor Leonardo Dicaprio, who played the male lead inTitanic.

Mike looked very much like Leonardo Dicaprio in his younger days, especially when he smiled.

Hence, he can easily court girls regardless of where he goes.

He was also a playboy from a wealthy family, who father had invested in a famous TV variety show.

A certain world-famous figure had also joined the show for an episode, all for his fathers sake.

Hence, Jordan immediately sent him a direct message and asked him for his mobile number.

He then gave him a call.

“Hey, Mike, youre in New York Can you come to Orlando and do me a favor”

“Oh my God, Jordan, youre in Orlando! God bless you for coming back alive from the war!”

“I was just planning to go to Orlando next.

I heard that there are more beautiful women in Orlando than in New York!”

“Wait for me, Ill be there soon! Ill book a flight to Orlando right now!”

Four hours later.

Jordan made a cup of black tea in a disposable paper cup in the room of the express hotel and entertained his friend of numerous years.

The rich scion, Mike, would always stay in The Peninsula hotel every time he visited New York.

However, he didnt mind the shabbiness of Jordans express hotel room, which cost less than 50 bucks a night.

He knew the financial status of Jordans family.

He had the opportunity to train alongside superstars like Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwayne Wade, which children of ordinary families would never have.

Mike said, “Its really convenient to get here by plane!”

Jordan stared at Mikes handsome face, which resembled Leonardo DiCaprios, and said, “Mike, I asked you to come here this time for two reasons: to catch up with you and to request a favor from you.”

Mike picked up the disposable paper cup and took a sip of the cheap black tea.

He said, “Just say it, man, Kobe is dead.

Im willing to do anything now.”

Jordan sighed emotionally.

Being avid fans of basketball, they were naturally fans of the superstar basketball player Kobe Bryant.

Unfortunately, neither of them had had the opportunity to train with Kobe.

In the summer of 04, they managed to go to the basketball gym where Kobe trained and met Kobe in the flesh, thanks to their familys connections.

However, Kobe did not care how impressive Jordans and Mikes families were.

Kobe looked at the two young brats, who were both less than 1.7 meters tall at the time, and said, “Ill give you five minutes.

You can use any method you want.

If you can stop me from scoring a goal within five minutes, Ill let you train with me.”

Mike was naturally weak, but Jordan grew up practicing martial arts and thus was physically fit and strong.

However, in those five minutes, the two of them lost badly to Kobe and were chased out of the gym in the end.

Mike burst into tears as soon as he left the gym and even said that he was going to call his father and ask him to send someone to beat up Kobe.

Jordan knew at that time that the Lakers team, which Kobe belonged to, had unprecedentedly made it to the Final Four, but they failed to clinch the champion title.

Kobes longtime teammate, ONeal, who was also the most dominant player, was traded to the Miami Heat while Kobe faced the bombardment of the media.

That was the period of time when he was the most hot-tempered.

However, Jordan and Mike happened to meet him at that time.

Jordan said, “I really miss playing with you at that time.

Buddy, the favor Im asking of you this time is going to be as exciting and intense as a basketball game!”

Mike asked in surprise, “Really What is it”

Jordan answered, “Seducing someone elses wife.”


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