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Chapter 139: Victorias Confession!

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Jordan could tell that Cory, as a businessman, had little in common with a jobless man like him.

However, he wanted to get to know Victoria through Jordan.

Jordan said, “No problem.

When are you coming back to Orlando Ill invite you and Miss Clarke for a meal together.”

Cory said, “Give me a moment while I check my schedule.

The earliest I can return is the day after tomorrow.”

Jordan said, “Cory, can you not tell your wife about your return to Orlando for now”

Baffled, Cory asked, “Why Ill have to report to her in advance every time I come home from a business trip.

Otherwise, shell be upset.”

“My wife loves me very much, and shell come to the airport to pick me up whenever Im back.

She said that she enjoys the feeling of welcoming her husband home.”

Jordan sneered.

‘Oh Cory, you fool, youve been kept in the dark for so many years, and youre still clueless!”

‘Why did your wife ask you to tell her in advance

‘Thats because she has a lover in Orlando! Shes afraid that you would make a surprise appearance and catch them red-handed!

At this moment, Jordan was reminded of himself in the past.

Back then, he was just as foolish as Cory.

He had obviously been betrayed, but he still believed that his wife loved him.

He worked hard to earn money to support his family while his wife fooled around with men!

Jordan said, “Heres the thing, I have a set of Baccarat Crystal glasses that was launched in France a few days ago, and its currently not available in the country yet.”

“I know Rachel has always liked Baccarat Crystal, and she enjoys hosting cocktail parties too.

Shell definitely like this gift box set of Baccarat crystal glasses.”

“You can take it home and give her a surprise.

Shell surely be thrilled.”

In fact, Cory had also long thought of giving his wife a surprise.

Cory thought about it and said, “Jordan, how thoughtful of you to bring me a gift, is there something you need my help with”

“Actually, weve known each other for three years.

You dont have to be so formal with me.

I wont look down on you just because you are not the president of a company now.

Im not such a snob.”

Jordan smiled and said, “Lets talk about the details when we meet the day after tomorrow.”

Two days later, Cory flew to Orlando without informing Rachel in advance.

He headed straight to a restaurant after coming out from the airport.

On the other hand, Jordan and Victoria were already waiting in the private room.

“Thank you for being willing to come out for a meal with me and Cory, Victoria.”

Jordan deliberately invited Victoria here because his current status wasnt enough for Cory to be willing to meet him for a meal.

Victoria was wearing a very ordinary white T-shirt today, probably from H&M, and a pair of shorts and flats.

She was dressed like a teenager today and thus didnt seem as aggressive or domineering as usual.

She had deliberately dressed like this because she didnt want to steal the limelight.

Otherwise, if she were to dress the way she normally would, she would stand out and make Jordan seem like nothing more than just an accessory since she was older than him and was now the president of a company.

Now, she looked like his girlfriend.

Victoria drank a mouthful of tea and said with a smile, “Ill dine with anyone.

I have to thank you for the treat.”

Jordan was increasingly certain that Victoria was a great woman.

After going through tough times with her, he saw her genuine personality.

Even though he was no longer the president, Victoria was still willing to turn up as soon as he called her.

Women like her were indeed rare.

Jordan personally poured some tea for Victoria and asked, “I heard that Cayden has started targeting Ace Corporation again.

Is that true”

Victoria nodded and said, “Yeah, I dont know whats wrong with that punk.

He clearly stopped, but now, hes back at it again.

God knows how many millions he has spent this time.

The Huxleys are really senseless.

Even if theyre rich, they shouldnt waste their money like that.

Is there a point at all”

Jordan knew that Cayden was acting in such a crazy manner because of him.

Jordan had caused Cayden to become infertile, but he couldnt do anything to Jordan for the time being, so he vented his anger on Victoria instead.

Jordan said apologetically, “This is all my fault.

If not for me, he wouldnt have targeted the company.”

Victoria pressed her slender finger against the back of Jordans hand and said, “Dont ever say that, Jordan, if you hadnt begged Mr.

Reyes, I wouldnt be the president of Ace Corporation now.”

“In fact, I have already made plans for the worst-case scenario.

If Ace Corporation goes bankrupt because of the Huxleys, Ill jump ship and go to New York.”

“Several listed companies in New York have already approached me!”

Victoria was very ambitious when it came to work.

The tiny Orlando clearly couldnt satisfy her.

As an international metropolis, there were dozens of times more internationally renowned companies than Orlando.

Seeing how guilty Jordan was, Victoria wasnt willing to continue talking about this topic and thus changed the subject.

“Jordan, has Corys wife really cheated on him Do you plan to just tell him about it directly”

There were no secrets between Jordan and Victoria.

Before coming here, he had already told Victoria about it.

Jordan said, “I dont want him to continue being kept in the dark.

Ive been through the same situation that hes in before, and its way too unfair for men who work hard to support their families.”

Victoria couldnt help but take out a ladys cigarette and hold it between her slender but strong fingers.

“No wonder Hailey and Rachel are so close.

It turns out they are both the same kind of person.”

“I might be a woman, but I despise such women too.”

“If it were me, I would either not get married or stay loyal to my husband forever.

If I find that I dont love my husband anymore, Ill just mention divorce to him.”

Hearing Victorias words, Jordan looked at Victoria with surprise.

“If Hailey could be half as loyal as you are, I wouldnt have gotten to this point today.”

Victoria put down her cigarette and said softly, “Sometimes, you shouldnt be so obsessed with pretty things or people.

Once in a while, you should consider the people around you.”

“Jordan, I have been by your side since your first divorce.”

“I tried every way to get close to you, and I even tried to take advantage of the time you were divorced.”

“But youve been shutting me out and refusing to let me into your heart.”

“Do you remember when you invited me to the concert I was on cloud nine that day, and before going out this morning, Ive already tried on countless outfits and did my makeup for hours.”

“I thought you had finally felt my love for you, but when I entered the place and saw Hailey, I knew that you must have invited me because you wanted to see her.”

“Do you know how I felt when I watched you play the piano and sing a sad song while shedding tears for her in front of tens of thousands of people”

Jordan was dumbfounded.

He totally didnt expect Victoria to talk to him about this at such a time.

“Jordan, do you know that I fancy you”

Victoria looked into Jordans eyes affectionately and said softly and straightforwardly.


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