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Chapter 140: Foolish Husband Whos Kept In The Dark!

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Jordan was stunned.

He thought that it was just an ordinary meal, but he didnt expect Victoria to confess her love to him at such a juncture.

Jordan wasnt a fool, so he definitely knew that Victoria carried a torch for him!

However, the relationships of adults are not the same as that of college students,

It was especially so after entering society and achieving a certain status.

Taking the initiative to confess her love to another man is really not easy for a 30-year-old woman.

Everyone knew Victoria had been in the business circle in Orlando for several years and had always treated men as playthings.

She had never fallen in love with any man.

How could she possibly lower her status and take the initiative to confess her love for a man

Jordan was touched, but when he looked at Victoria, wearing an ordinary T-shirt that accentuated her gorgeous figure, other thoughts surfaced in his head.

‘Could Victoria have also guessed that Im just staging my expulsion from the Steele family, just like what Elle thinks Is she after our money

If it were the Jordan of three years ago, no, in fact, if it were the Jordan of one year ago…

Jordan might have kissed such an outstanding woman like Victoria without hesitation, especially since she admired him so much.

However, after experiencing a mercenary woman like Hailey, Jordan was no longer that simple!

He felt that there were too many materialistic women these days, regardless of their family background.

Rich and beautiful women from affluent families didnt lack money, so they wouldnt mind dating a poor man, but when it comes to marriage, theyll mostly only marry men whose backgrounds were compatible with theirs.

Meanwhile, many women from poor families would dream of changing their fate by marrying a wealthy man.

Victoria was older than Hailey and had been exposed to society and the workforce for many more years than she had.

Thus, she was definitely better at scheming and using tricks to get what she wanted.

Even a woman like Hailey could deceive Jordan with Rachels help.

If Victoria wanted to deceive Jordan, it would take even less effort.

Jordan couldnt see through Victoria!

He didnt know if Victoria really fancied him or was just pretending.


Jordan held Victorias hand and was just about to say something.

At this moment, Cory hurried over in a flurry.

“Oh gosh, Im so sorry, Im so sorry to have kept you guys waiting, Miss Clarke and Jordan.”

A chubby man walked in.

Cory was about 1.75 meters tall and weighed more than 90 kilograms.

He was bespectacled, and he had a crew cut hairstyle.

He was the typical chubby friend that everyone has.

Cory arrived with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.

After sitting down, he discovered that there were only appetizers and starters on the table.

Cory asked with slight curiosity, “Why have you guys only ordered appetizers and starters Order some main dishes! The steak here is the signature of the restaurant.

They serve the best Angus cuts made from extremely fresh beef thats delivered to the restaurant within 3 hours after being slaughtered, straight from the slaughterhouse.”

“This place has been featured in many famous gourmet shows too.”

“The meals on me today.

None of you vie with me for the tab! Waiter!”

Cory called the waiter and ordered a lot of dishes.

Afterward, he opened the bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and took the initiative to pour some wine for Victoria and Jordan.

“Miss Clarke, Ive always wanted to meet you, and today I finally met with you thanks to Jordan.”

“Miss Clarke, you look so young.

When I came in, I thought you were Jordans younger sister!”

Although Cory was an honest and straightforward person, he was a businessman who traveled and socialized all the time, after all.

Thus, he was pretty chatty and talkative.

Glad to be complimented on her youthful appearance, Victoria said, “Mr.

Gale, you have such a glib tongue.

I was afraid that you guys would think I was pretending to be young by wearing this.”

After Cory poured wine for Victoria, he poured some for Jordan, but Jordan took the bottle instead.

He knew that Cory now somewhat despised him and reckoned that pouring wine for a penniless man must be displeasing for a big boss worth tens of millions of dollars.

“Ill do it myself.” Jordan took the wine.

Cory didnt insist either.

He said smilingly, “Miss Clarke, youre too modest.

If you go to a college now, Im sure a lot of boys will come over and ask you which class you are from.”

After pouring the wine, Jordan handed the bottle back to Cory.

He added, “Single women dont get old.

Cory, I heard that you were quite the ladies man before you got married, huh”

Cory laughed and said, “Yes, I was much slimmer in the past, and Im almost 100 kilograms now.


Victoria asked, “Does your wife care about your figure”

Cory shook his head and said, “My wife doesnt care about looks or figure when it comes to men.

She also told me that its a blessing to be able to eat and that I dont have to lose weight if I dont want to.”

Both Jordan and Victoria were speechless.

If Rachel didnt care about looks, there would be no woman in this world who cared about looks!

The waiter quickly served all the steaks.

At this moment, Jordan also handed the crystal glass gift box to Cory.

“There are two crystal cocktail glasses in this Baccarat gift box that can be collected as art pieces.

Each one is worth a five-figure sum.”

Cory was happy to receive it.

He said, “Jordan.

your connections are really enviable, I also wanted to get a similar set of crystal glasses for my wife a long time ago, but after looking around, all Ive seen are very ordinary goods.”

“Can I open it and take a look”

Cory seemed to have doubts about Jordans capability now and was afraid that Jordan was giving him inferior goods that cost less than a hundred dollars.

If that was the case, Rachel would definitely be disappointed.

“Of course, suit yourself.”

Jordan had already given it to him.

After Cory opened it, he carefully fiddled with the cocktail glass.

“What a beautiful work of art, this transparency, and touch… Ah, I can already imagine the visual effects when its filled with blue martinis.

My wife will love it!”

Seeing how elated Cory was, Jordan recalled how happy he would be when picking out a gift for Hailey in the past.


Gale, you must love your wife very much,” Victoria said.

Cory said, “Thats for sure.

Im working hard to make money now, all for the sake of my wife, Rachel.”

“Miss Clarke, you have no idea how I feel, but Jordan should be able to understand me.

Rachels friends are all very wealthy, and theyre mostly millionaires, like Hailey.”

“Im not very cut out for business, actually.

After working hard for several years, I only have tens of millions in assets.”

“I have to work hard to make money, and when I get to Miss Clarkes level, my wife will be able to hold her head high when shes with her friends.”

Victoria chuckled.

‘This silly man is working so hard to make money but he has no idea what his wife gets up to at home.

Victoria lifted her glass and said, “Mr.

Gale, let me toast you.

Youre a great man, but if I were your wife, I wouldnt let my husband work hard out there while I stay home as a full-time housewife.”

“A career should be built by both husband and wife.”

Jordan picked up his glass and couldnt help but glance at Victoria.

Jordan wondered if Victoria had said that on purpose.

Cory also lifted his glass and said, “I dont expect Rachel to help me either.

Running a milk powder business is too difficult.

I just hope she can give birth to a child.”

Seeing that Cory had sighed at the mention of that, Jordan drank a mouthful of wine and asked, “Is Rachel not willing to have kids”


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