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Chapter 141: Rachels Private Life Exposed!

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Cory and Rachel got married a year later than Jordan and Hailey, so they had been married for two years now.

Jordan and Hailey did not get intimate with each other for three years after they got married.

Thus, Hailey hadnt gotten pregnant until recently.

However, Cory and Rachel were an average married couple, and logically speaking, they should have had kids long ago if they wanted to.

At the mention of this topic, Cory seemed a little melancholic.

He took a big gulp of wine and downed the entire glass.

He said, “My parents have been urging us to have a baby since we got married, but Rachel said she is still young and hadnt passed the best childbearing age.”

“She said that she doesnt want to go out of shape and become a stay-home mom at such a young age.”

Jordan scoffed.

‘Rachel Quinn just wants to hook up with more young hunks while shes still young and attractive!

Some women recover quickly from childbirth, while some take a long time to recover.

Rachel was the type to put on weight easily but struggled to lose some pounds.

She didnt want to gain weight and go out of shape because she believed that young hunks would no longer fall for her if she got chubby and old, regardless of how rich she might be.

Cory suddenly said, “But Rachel accidentally got pregnant a year ago!”

“Accidentally got pregnant!!”

Jordan and Victoria were both startled at the same time because they felt that the matter seemed to be more complicated than that.

Cory nodded and continued, “Since we dont intend to have kids yet, we had taken precautions and used contraceptives.

Perhaps, Lady Luck was smiling at me, Rachel got pregnant in the end.”

“Rachel hid it from me at first, but when I noticed that she had been feeling nauseous all the time, I kept asking her about it, and she finally admitted it.”

“Of course, I was thrilled about Rachels pregnancy, but she had been rather upset because she doesnt want to keep the baby.”

“I deliberately put off all my work and stayed at home every day to serve her and coax her before she was finally willing to keep the baby.”

“Unfortunately, when we went to the hospital for a checkup, later on, we discovered that the fetus was deformed, and we had to have an abortion.”

Jordan and Victoria sighed emotionally in unison and comforted Cory.

However, Jordan felt that this matter was not as simple as Cory thought.

‘A year ago, I remember that I kept running into Rachel with a gym trainer at the theaters and shopping malls.

Im afraid that baby doesnt belong to Cory at all!

‘Cory travels all year round and only returns for a day or two at a time.

Sometimes, he even stays for less than a day.

Since they never had plans to have a child, theres no way it could have been so coincidental.

Jordan really wanted to tell Cory that it was a good thing the baby wasnt born or else he would be really unlucky!

When Jordan thought about Rachels behavior, he felt that she ought to be punished!

The three of them continued to eat the food with some wine.

An hour and a half later, Jordan sent Mike a text.

“Have you arrived yet”


This time, Jordan did not ask Mike to check into a hotel with Rachel again and instead asked him to go to Rachels house.

If they were to go to the hotel, Jordan wouldnt know how he should tell Cory to go to the hotel to catch the adulterous pair.

Secondly, Jordan was also afraid that Rachel would deny it vehemently even if they were caught in the hotel, just like Hailey did.

Jordan did not want Cory to repeat the mistake he had made.

He wanted Cory to see his wifes true colors clearly!

Hence, Jordan said to Cory, “Cory, lets call it a day.

Its time you go back too.”

Afraid that he might have failed to entertain him well, Cory said, “Dont.

Why dont we have some beers”

Jordan waved his hand and said, “Dont drink too much.

You still have to send the gift to Rachel.”

Cory smiled.

He had long been eagerly wanting to give the exquisite crystal glass gift box home to his wife!

“Okay then, lets find another time to have some drinks together!”

After downing their last glass of wine, Cory was about to get the tab, only to discover that Jordan had already done so.

He even chided Jordan for it.

Jordan had already sent Mike to do something that hurt Cory, so he would feel bad if he let Cory buy him a meal.

After exiting the restaurant, Cory took a cab home with a crystal glass gift box.

On the way, Cory did not call Rachel because he wanted to surprise her.

When he got home, he pressed the PIN to unlock the door.

When he saw that the lights were on in the living room, he was elated because he knew his wife was home.

Just as he was about to call out to Rachel, he suddenly heard her voice coming from the bedroom, but she seemed to be talking to someone.

‘Haha, Honey, are you practicing ways to greet your customers Wonderful, youre still such an avid learner even though youre no longer in school.

Cory thought that Rachel was just practicing how to greet and speak to her customers at her café.

However, in the next second, Cory heard a mans voice coming from the bedroom.

He was completely dumbfounded.

Half an hour later…

Mike came out of the bedroom and found Cory sitting on the couch in the living room, smoking a cigarette expressionlessly.

“Oh, damn it!”

Mike exclaimed.

“Whats wrong, baby”

Rachel walked out of the room in a dress made of thin fabric.

When she saw Cory, she jumped up in fright like a kitten!

“Im sorry.”

Mike apologized to Cory while he hurriedly fled.

On the other hand, Cory didnt hit him and instead continued smoking.

Rachel didnt panic because she was best at lying.

Even Hailey could lie and deceive Jordan.

She walked over with a smile and sat down on the couch while holding onto his arm affectionately.

“Hubby, why are you home You should have told me in advance.”

“That person just now is the speech and etiquette tutor I hired.

Well, you know Ive been trying to improve my speaking skills.”

However, Cory remained indifferent and continued to smoke with a straight face.

Rachel glanced at the ashtray on the coffee table to see that there were already five cigarette butts in there.

Rachel remembered very clearly that she had cleaned the ashtray previously.

There shouldnt be a single cigarette butt at all.

In other words, Cory had been back for a long time.

Knowing that she couldnt deceive Cory, Rachel knelt in front of Cory on the spot.

“Hubby, I was wrong! I was just muddled up.

Please forgive me.”

Rachel burst into tears, but Cory didnt move an inch.

After a long time, Cory finally asked, “How many times have you done this”

Rachel held up her right hand and swore, “I swear, this is the only time.”

“He must be the fifth man youve cheated on me with, huh”

Rachel was astonished and diffident as she wondered,Does Cory know about the lovers Ive had in the past He knows that this one is the fifth

In fact, Rachel had slept with more than five men in the past two years.

However, Jordan only knew of five.

“Hubby, I wont dare to do this again.

From today onwards, Ill accompany you to work every day.

Dont you want kids Ill have a baby with you, alright”

Rachel stopped trying to deny or defend herself any further because she guessed that Cory must have plenty of evidence against her.

Cory remembered the ambiguous words Jordan and Victoria had spoken just now over dinner in those one and a half hours.

He exclaimed with determination, “Lets get a divorce!”



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