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Chapter 142: Rachels Fate!

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During dinner, Jordan didnt explicitly tell Cory about Rachels affair and had merely hinted at it indirectly.

During the meal, Jordan had also intentionally or unintentionally brought up that topic.

Basically, the trio had reached a consensus—regardless of gender, once a cheater, always a cheater.

The actions to take after catching a cheating spouse are either to decisively choose to get a divorce or to turn a blind eye to their infidelity and date other people too.

Cory was obviously not the type who would cheat on Rachel back and date other women.

Being on business trips all the time, he had plenty of chances to do so, but he had never been unfaithful.

He was very loyal to love and marriage, so to him, the only option was to get a divorce resolutely!

Cory said, “I can give you the house and the car but dont think of getting a single cent or shares of the company.”

To some men, houses and cars are material items, and career was the most important.

As long as he could keep making money, he could earn these things back.

Cory was kind enough to let Rachel have the house and car because they used to be married.

If Cory was the one who cheated, Rachel would definitely insist that he divorces her without taking a single cent of the assets.

After Cory finished, he got up to leave.

Rachel remained on her knees and grabbed Corys legs with both hands, refusing to leave.

She knew clearly that once she divorced Cory, she would never be able to live the luxurious life of a rich mans wife again.

Rachel came from an average family, unlike Hailey.

Besides, she also had older siblings and wasnt the favored child.

She wasnt very beautiful either, so it would be harder for her to find another man, especially after her divorce.

It would be impossible for her to marry a man like Cory again.

Cory had great potential to become a billionaire in the future, for he was already worth tens of millions at thirty.

After the divorce, it would be hard for Rachel to find a millionaire husband, and she might have to get a boy toy who would feed off her.

Rachel was bawling miserably.

When she saw a gift box of crystal glasses on the coffee table, she reckoned that Cory must have brought it home.

“Hubby, you brought this crystal glass gift box home for me, didnt you This proves that you still love me, right”

“I just made a mistake that many ordinary women would make.

Why do you have to be so heartless and not give me a second chance”

“Even Jordan gave Hailey a chance and forgave her, so why cant you forgive me”

Cory glowered at Rachel furiously.

“Youre not fit to mention Jordan!”

“Jordan did forgive Hailey and gave her a chance, but what happened in the end What happened Hailey cheated on him again with Cayden Huxley!”

Rachel was puzzled as to why Cory was aware of Caydens existence.

Still, when she recalled that she had slept with Cayden before, too, she had a guilty conscience and didnt dare to ask him about it.

Rachel said, “No, Hubby, they got a divorce because Jordan cheated on Hailey with her cousin.”

Cory humphed coldly.

“Miss Clarke, the president of Ace Corporation, said so herself.

How can it possibly be untrue”

“Did Victoria Clarke tell you that”

Rachel froze for a moment, wondering when her husband met Victoria.

Rachel no longer tried to defend Hailey as she could barely save herself now.

“Honey, Hailey did behave inappropriately, but I was just influenced by her.

I wont hang out with her anymore in the future, okay”

Cory shook his head and said, “You actually have the cheek to call Haileys behavior inappropriate Ive known your best friend, Hailey, for three years, and I remember clearly how simple and obedient she was three years ago!”

“You taught her to smoke, but she didnt pick up a smoking habit.

You asked her to get a tattoo together with you, but she refused.

You taught her to drink, too, didnt you”

“You should be getting on your knees to apologize to Jordan, not me!”

“You led a good girl like Hailey astray and influenced her to cheat on Jordan!”

After saying that, Cory picked up the crystal glass gift box again, which was the gift he intended to give to Rachel.

However, there was obviously no need to give it to her now!

He had bought it with his own money.

He would have angrily shattered all these wine glasses!

However, it was an incredibly expensive gift from Jordan, so he couldnt smash it.

He decided to return it to Jordan.

“Youre not worthy of using these crystal glasses! My lawyer will come to talk to you about the divorce tomorrow.

You can plead with him instead!”

After saying that, Cory walked away with the crystal glass gift box in his arms, refusing to turn around no matter how Rachel called out to him.

As soon as he came out of the elevator, Cory broke down in tears that flowed down his face.

He placed the gift box on the ground, took off his glasses, and wiped his tears continuously with a piece of tissue paper.

He then took out his cell phone and called Jordan.

At this moment, Jordan was still with Victoria, and they were in the neighborhood of Victorias home.

“Jordan… your purpose of asking me out for a meal today was actually to hint to me about my wifes affair, right”

Cory asked sobbingly.

Jordan could tell that Cory was devastated at the moment.

Recalling his relationship with Hailey, he empathized with Cory.

“Cory, you dont have to worry about not being able to find another woman.

Youve got a nice personality and a great career.

You deserve a better wife in the first place.

Ive been in your situation, and I dont want to see you being kept in the dark any longer.

Thats why I intervened in your family affairs.

I hope you dont blame me.”

Cory said, “No, I cant thank you enough.

I slog my guts out to make money every day, and yet, shes fooling around with another man at home! Thank you for letting me know the truth!”

“Jordan, I dont need the crystal glass gift box that you gave me just now anymore.

Where are you Let me return it to you.”

Jordan said, “Im now at Miss Clarkes place, and Ill never take back any gifts that Ive given away.

Cory, if you dont wish to give it to Rachel.

just smash it.”

Of course, Cory wanted to smash it, but when he thought of the two cocktail glasses that were worth a staggering amount of money, he couldnt bear to do it.

“Jordan, I know youre not doing so well yourself.

Ill leave the glasses at the office.

I shall not go over to disturb Miss Clarke at such a late hour.

When youre free, drop by my office to pick it up.”

After saying that, Cory hung up the phone.

“Was that Cory”

Victoria, wearing a black Gucci T-shirt, handed Jordan a glass of red wine in her apartment.

Jordan took the glass of red wine and nodded.

“He was weeping badly.”

The two of them were sitting on the couch in the living room.

There were wine glasses and cigar boxes on the coffee table, as well as a Sony Z9G TV that was worth $60,000, mounted on the wall opposite them.

The movie “The Great Gatsby” which starred Leonardo DiCaprio, was playing on the TV.

Jordan wasnt in the mood to enjoy the movie.

He said, “I suddenly feel that this is too cruel to Cory.”

Seated next to Jordan with a glass of wine in hand, Jordan said, “Jordan, I think you are doing the right thing.

Its better to deal with painful things quickly.

Besides, Cory and Rachel dont have any children.

After they get divorced, they can each find their own happiness without any burden.

They would also no longer have anything to do with each other.

At the mention of this, Victoria suddenly remembered Jordans situation.

“Jordan, pardon me for being nosy, but what do you plan to do about your unborn child that you share with Hailey”


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