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Chapter 143: Victorias Background!

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Since Victoria had a crush on Jordan, she was concerned that Jordan and Haileys baby would be aborted because it was related to whether or not they would still be involved in the future.

Jordan answered truthfully, “Ive talked to Hailey about this.

She will give birth to the baby, but she said that she wants to raise the child.

Ill fight with her for custody when the time comes.”

Usually, women would be granted custody of the child after a divorce, so Victoria didnt know why Jordan insisted on having the custody instead.

Perhaps, he really likes children, she thought.

Victoria said gently, “Actually, I really like children too.

Hailey may have an awful personality, but shes pretty, so your child must be very good-looking too.”

“It must be interesting to raise a beautiful child.”

Victoria gazed at Jordan with tender affection.

She was obviously trying to tell Jordan that she was willing to become his childs stepmother and raise his child with him!

Jordan did not expect Victoria to be so magnanimous, but he felt somewhat awkward.

“Uh… I want custody of the child, not because Im going to raise him or her but because my mother, whos in Australia, would like to raise the child.”

Actually, it was because the Steeles wanted to be in charge of disciplining the child and groom him or her into a qualified heir like Jordan.

However, Jordan could not tell Victoria the truth for the time being.

Victoria was instantly overjoyed to hear that Jordans mother wanted to have custody of the child.

Which woman would willingly volunteer to have a stepchild

Victoria said happily, “Oh, so its Mrs.

Steele wants to raise the child.

The environment in Australia is great.

Life is relatively more peaceful there.

Its a good idea to let your child live with her there.”

Now that the problem of Jordans child had been solved, Victoria could talk to Jordan about their relationship.

Victoria suddenly held Jordans hand and asked while she was tipsy, “Jordan, regarding what I said to you at the restaurant just now.

What… do you think”

Jordan suddenly felt his hand getting a little hot, and he was at a loss for what to do.

“What… What do you mean”

Victoria was a straightforward woman who didnt like to be wishy-washy.

Thus, she asked directly, “Can I be your girlfriend”

At this moment, it so happened that the kiss scene between the male and female leads of the movie, “The Great Gatsby,” was playing on the LED 8K UHD TV screen.

The ambiguous tension in the room rose to its peak.

Jordan looked at Victoria, wearing a black Gucci top that she had changed into after coming home.

She had done so because she was afraid that her clothes might reek of the smell of food from the restaurant and was worried that it might put Jordan off.

In fact, Jordan had drunk some wine and also reeked of food, so he couldnt smell it at all.

She had also changed into a pair of red shorts that exposed her long and slender legs.

She was wearing a pair of Hermes crystal slippers that cost several thousands of dollars.

The crystals on her feet were dazzling.

Her feet were fair and tender, and her toenails were painted with the nail varnish in a beautiful red shade.

There was aH on the section of the slipper resting atop the middle of her foot, which was the Hermes logo.

Victoria exuded a noble and goddess-like elegance, and even her feet were attractive.

Although Haileys beauty was flawless, one would easily get sick of her face.

Victoria was different.

Not only did she have a pretty face, but she also exuded a unique charm from her head to her toes!

‘What a ravishing beauty!

Jordan secretly thought.

A brilliant woman like her actually took the initiative to ask Jordan if she could be his girlfriend!

Jordan still had his guard up, so he asked, “Victoria, youre the most perfect woman Ive ever met.

Youre beautiful, wealthy, elegant, and you exude a noble aura.

You even have a great figure, and most importantly, youre morally upright, and you have a wonderful personality.”

“And now Im just a person without a proper job or a college degree.

Im not good enough for you.”

“Victoria, I know you are very good to me.

You helped me out of a difficult situation at the mall, and later on, you even used your connections to help me.

When someone tried to exact revenge on me, you informed me as soon as you found out.”

“Im very touched by all that youve done, and I remember them too.”

“If you were less beautiful and outstanding, I might be willing to accept you.”

“But youre too amazing and competent.

I clearly am aware that you have plenty of competent suitors who are millionaires or even billionaires.

How can I possibly be willing to let you suffer and live an ordinary life with me”

During the past few months of working together with Victoria, Jordan often met Victorias suitors when discussing business deals in the office.

Most of them were average-looking and much older than Victoria, but they were all loaded.

Many young, handsome and competent millionaire bachelors tried to pursue Victoria.

Victoria had too many men to choose from, and there was no reason she should choose him, a loser who had been kicked out of his family.

Still gazing at Jordan, Victoria asked, “Are you rejecting me because you think Im very perfect”

Jordan nodded.

Jordan indeed had an inferiority complex while facing Victoria now.

Even though he was still the Steele familys scion, everything he had was handed to him by his family.

Unlike him, Victoria had worked hard on her own to get everything she had now.

Jordan was still on a different level from Victoria.

Victoria smiled and asked, “Do you want to know my story Do you want to know about my family background”

Jordan nodded.

Although Victoria had been in the business circle of Orlando for years, no one knew about the situation of her family.

Jordan was also very curious about her.

He wanted to know if Victoria was born to a top-tier family like Hailey.

Victoria got up from the sofa, muted the TV, and stood beside it.

After lighting up a cigarette, she said slowly, “My family is not from Orlando but Houston.

My birth name was Vicky, not Victoria.”

Jordan came to a sudden realization.

It was no wonder that no one in the business circle of Orlando knew of Victorias origin.

Houston was a first-tier city in the country, too and in fact, it was even more developed than Orlando.

People there placed greater focus on business and the economy.

There were also lots of famous enterprises there, second only to New York.

Victoria continued, “I was also born into a wealthy family.

My familys status in Houston is equivalent to the Camdens status in Orlando.”

The Camdens were now a first-tier family in the city, so Victorias family was probably on par with the Camdens since they were of equal status.

Moreover, it was also likely that Victoria was just being modest.

The way Victoria walked, smoking her slim cigarette, and wearing slippers on her feet, Jordan could tell that she came from an affluent family even when she was just walking.

Jordan looked at Victoria and continued to wait for her to speak.

Victoria took a drag off her cigarette and said, “When I was in my junior year, my father had an accident abroad and passed away.”

“In my senior year of high school, my mother was diagnosed with an illness and left me too.”

Victorias tone was calm, and she didnt shed a single tear, nor did she reveal a single trace of sadness on her face.

However, Jordan could feel the misery within her.

The question is since Victorias parents had passed more than ten years ago, how did she get to where she was today


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