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Chapter 144: Coming Clean About The Past

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Jordan vaguely felt that after Victorias family went through a drastic change, something unknown must have happened.

The story here must be highly tragic and full of twists.

When Jordan was ready to get in the mood to slowly listen to her recount of the events in the past decade or so…

To his surprise, Victoria said, “When I was 20 years old, I became someones mistress for three years.”

Her words were undoubtedly a massive blow to Jordan!

He couldnt even react in time.

He thought that even if Victoria had a story, she would rattle on for a long time before ending it with that revelation.

That was something that most women would find difficult to talk about.

Yet, Victoria just mentioned it without any hesitation.

Jordan was stunned for a while as he was at a complete loss for words.

Tears welled up in the corners of Victorias eyes, and she continued to smoke.

“That year, my grandmother was sick, and we didnt have enough money for her surgery.

My younger sister was bullied by her classmates at school while I had a hooligan suitor.

He would drive to the school I went to and pester me to be his girlfriend every day.”

“I once thought about taking my own life because I felt really useless.”

“Then a man stepped forward and helped me solve all my problems.”

Jordan picked up a cigar and listened to her story quietly.

“That man was my fathers friend, whose daughter was the same age as me.

When my father was still alive, he used to come to our place for drinks all the time.”

“I had always treated him as an elder, and I thought he also helped me because he took pity on me.”

“But one day, he took my hand when we were in his car and asked me if I was willing to be his mistress.

Only then did I realize that he fancied me.”

“I hesitated for a long time, but I eventually agreed.”

“He was very wealthy and was one of the richest men in Houston at that time.

I wanted to let my remaining kin live the life they used to live, and I wanted to be a successful entrepreneur like my parents.”

“Later on, I dropped out of school and followed him around every day, to places all over the country and the world.

I met all sorts of businessmen and began learning how to do business.”

When Jordan heard this, he finally understood how Victoria could captivate and win the hearts of all the rich men in Orlando.

She had been dealing with these wealthy tycoons and magnates since the age of twenty.

She naturally knew how to keep them wrapped around her finger.

Victoria continued her story.

“I was his mistress for three years, and I left him when I turned 23 years old to go to Orlando alone.

I started from the bottom as a secretary, and now, Ive become the president of a listed company.”

“In the last seven years, I havent seen that man again, nor have I ever fallen in love with any man again, do you believe me”

Jordan sighed and put the cigar back into the cigar box as he suddenly lost the urge to smoke a cigar.

He picked up Victorias box of lady cigarettes from the coffee table and took one out.

He said, “I do!”

Victoria did not need to lie to Jordan or pretend to be innocent in front of him.

She wasnt the same as Hailey.

If she was, she didnt need to tell Jordan that she had been someone elses mistress in the first place.

In addition, since a long time ago, there had been rumors going around in Orlandos business community that Victoria was the most difficult woman to woo in the city, and no one had ever really won her heart.

“Thank you,” Victoria said gratefully.

“You see, Im not a perfect woman anymore, am I Im probably now a filthy, lowly woman in your eyes.”

“You must despise me now.

Its my turn to feel unworthy of you.”

Victoria lowered her head dejectedly as she spoke.

Jordan seemed to be conflicted.

Victoria was so good to him.

He definitely wouldnt despise her or look down on her just because of this matter.

Jordan got up from the couch, walked towards Victoria, and said, “Victoria, I dont despise you.

You were compelled by the circumstances you were in.”

“I know you are an ambitious woman, but after your parents passed, you didnt have someone to rely on.”

“In this society, its challenging for a woman to build a huge career.”

Many would go against their morals and do whatever it takes for money.

In order to achieve great careers, many men turn their backs on their friends and business partners.

Some even do illegal things at all costs.

How does a penniless woman who doesnt have a powerful background earn a billion dollars

Its really too difficult.

Jordan took out a piece of tissue paper and wiped away a teardrop on her face.

Jordan did not want to rake up her unhappy past again and asked, “Victoria, you joined society at the age of twenty, and youve met various members of the upper-class circle.

Over the past decade, you should have seen many outstanding and competent young men.”

“Im younger than you, and Ive barely achieved much in life.

At best, I have a wealthy family, but thats in the past now.”

“Why do you like me”

Jordan was curious.

‘What exactly does Victoria like about men

If Jordan was still the president of Ace Corporation, he would be able to understand.

After all, Victoria was his subordinate at that time, and it was common for subordinates to have some admiration and appreciation for their bosses.

Some women like men who can control them.

However, Jordan now had nothing to his name.

Could it be because of his handsome good looks

That would be even more ridiculous.

For a 30-year-old woman, a mans looks and appearance are probably almost negligible.

Victoria was definitely a woman who had specific requirements for her partners appearance, but it definitely wasnt her priority.

Victoria looked at Jordan, and the gloominess in her eyes seemed to have disappeared instantly.

Instead, her gaze was now warm and affectionate.

“In fact, I felt that you were very different the first time I saw you.”

“Do you still remember Back at the birthday banquet of Haileys grandmother, all the businessmen in Orlando swore to cut off all means of a livelihood for me.”

“At that time, I felt that you, a young chap, were so pitiful, and I was reminded of how sad and alone I felt ten years ago.”

Jordan smiled said, “So, at that time, all the other guests boycotted me, and you were the only one who gave me a chance.”

Victoria smiled and nodded.

“I heard that Herman Camden had sent professional fighters to find you, but they were all defeated by you.”

“At that time, I knew that you couldnt be the good-for-nothing that everyone says you are.

At least, youre successful at fighting.”

Jordan asked guiltily, “You call that success Its just fighting.”

Victoria shook her head and said, “After I turned twenty, I specially went to learn Taekwondo.

Regardless of what you do, I know that a great deal of effort, sweat, and persistence, which ordinary people cannot bear, are necessary for success.

“I know that since you can beat professional fighters, you must have put in hard work into training.”

“Since you can persevere in doing something well.

youre definitely not a good-for-nothing but an outstanding man.”

Jordan looked at Victoria in a different light.

Indeed, Jordan was a martial arts practitioner.

After that, he went to train with professional athletes and went to the battlefield to practice.

God knows how much sweat and even blood he shed before he had the strength he now possessed.

“Do you fancy me because of this” Jordan asked.

Victoria smiled and shook her head.


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