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Chapter 145: Being Together With Victoria!

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Victoria said, “I truly admire you for the first time when I saw you in the presidents office.”

“At that time, I was completely stunned because I promised the Camdens that I would cut off all means of a livelihood for you in the future.”

“The fact that you were able to suddenly become the president of Ace Corporation proved that your capabilities are probably far greater than anyone I know!”

“Yet, I ignorantly provoked you.

All my efforts to get to the top during the past seven years would have been for nothing if you wanted to take revenge against me.”

“However, you didnt take revenge and instead allowed me to continue being the deputy president of Ace Corporation.”

“Your ambition, magnanimity, and mannerisms are traits I have never seen in other men.”

“Since then, I have started to fancy you a little…”

Women are easily touched, especially when they meet a stronger and more powerful man than them.

Jordan teased, “I thought you liked me since the time I pulled your ears!”

Victoria was extremely imposing at Dianas birthday banquet the other day, and she insisted that Jordan repeat his words.

At that time, Jordan took it that she was deaf and pulled her ear to whisper into it.

Victoria drank a lot of wine, so her face was flushed, but she blushed further after hearing his words.

“I havent had a boyfriend in seven years.

When you came up, you grabbed my ear immediately, and there were so many people present at that time.

I was both shy and furious.

Thats why I agreed to help Mrs.

Camden Senior cut off all means of a livelihood for you in the future.”

“Ive been on tenterhooks for the past seven years in Orlando, and I would never casually offend anyone.”

Jordan smiled when he recalled the incident that day.

He merely pulled her ear because he thought she was pretty.

“And then” Jordan wanted to hear Victoria continue with her explanation.

Victoria confessed, “I liked you, more or less because of your familys mystery, and I wanted to be your girlfriend so that I could see firsthand how powerful your family really is.”

“But after listening to you play and sing that song at the concert, I was completely mesmerized by you.”

Jordan was a little surprised.

“You mean when I sangA Thousand Reasons to be Sad”

At that time, Jordan had sung that song for Hailey, and he looked just like a superstar when he was playing the piano on the stage.

Many girls were screaming in joy.

Even Hailey couldnt help but shake off Tyler, who had proposed to her and especially chased after Jordan to say some sweet nothings to him.

Jordan finally understood what the Camdens liked about him.

It wasnt just his looks, talent, and family background but also his devotion to Hailey.

His devotion had touched Victoria and made her feel that he was an emotional man who took his relationship seriously.

Moreover, Jordan even gave Victoria a $10,000 purse and made her the president of Ace Corporation, fulfilling the wish that she had for years.

What reason does Victoria have not to like Jordan

At this time, Jordan no longer doubted if Victorias feelings for him were genuine or not.

She was different from Elle.

She didnt deliberately approach Jordan because she suspected that Jordan was pretending to be expelled from his family.

She liked Jordan for who he was, and it had nothing to do with whether or not he was the scion of the Steele family.

Victoria lowered her head slightly and said, “I know, Im not as pretty as Hailey, nor am I as young as her.

You mind it that Im older than you and that Ive been someones mistress for three years.”

“Im sorry, I shouldnt have taken it upon myself to confess my love to you, and Im sorry if it disgusted you.”

“Lets drink and just take it that I didnt say anything just now, okay”

Victoria picked up the glass and was about to pour Jordan some more red wine.

However, Jordan grabbed Victorias wrist and pulled her towards himself.

Their faces were just an inch apart.

Jordan said, “Victoria, I want to let you know that I dont mind that youre older, nor am I bothered by your past.”

“Also, youre a thousand times and even ten thousand times better than Hailey.


Jordan wanted to say that Hailey was the one who disgusted him and that he was touched by Victoria, who made him feel at ease.

However, Victoria didnt give Jordan that chance as she simply planted a kiss on his lips.

The two had drunk a lot of alcohol.

After drinking white wine, they drank red wine, and now, they were both full of affection for each other.

The probability of a good-looking pair of singletons who had feelings for each other not ending up getting intimate in such circumstances was probably the same as that of winning the lottery.

At two-midnight, Jordan stood in front of Victorias bedroom window to watch the night scenery.

Victoria was wearing Jordans shirt and hugging him from behind.

Victoria pressed her delicate face against Jordans body and said gently, “Its been seven years.

Since I left that man, I havent fallen in love again.

I thought that I would never fall in love again like ordinary people do until I met you.

Thank you, Jordan.”

Jordan turned around and looked at Victorias side profile.

She was now his woman, and he had fallen in love with her.

Victoria was truly a rare gem.

The fact that she was older than Hailey wasnt a shortcoming at all.

Her maturity was what made her charming.

Victoria was the most compatible woman for Jordan!

Be it in terms of personality, aura, or values.

She was the best choice for him!

Jordan had already made up his mind to love Victoria well in the future, but he decided to hide his current identity from her for the time being!

Perhaps, that would be unfair to Victoria.

However, he didnt want to get hurt again as he did in his marriage to Hailey!

At six oclock in the morning, Victorias cell phone rang, which jolted them awake while they were sound asleep.

Jordan opened his eyes with great difficulty.

They had gone to sleep at almost 5 am, and it had been less than an hour since then, so they had barely caught any sleep.

Victoria slowly opened her eyes.

When she saw that her ringtone had already woken up Jordan, she quickly grabbed her phone to decline the call.

“Sorry, Jordan, I dont have the habit of keeping my phone in silent mode.

I must have disturbed you, havent I”

Victoria looked at Jordan apologetically.

Looking at Victoria, who was barefaced but still beautiful and youthful-looking, he smiled.

“I am your man now.

Why are you still so polite to me”

With a blissful smile, Victoria asked, “Can I call you Darling then”

Jordan shook his head and said, “Sure!”

Victoria gently punched Jordan.

No one would have expected that a beautiful and domineering president like Victoria would turn into a dainty and meek woman in front of Jordan.

Although she was shy, Victoria whispered, “Darling!”

Jordan grinned and asked, “Who called you”

Victoria answered, “Vincent Holmes.”

Vincent was the senior executive of Ace Corporation, and Jordan knew him too.

He was now the deputy president of Ace Corporation.

Jordan was slightly worried.

He knew that Vincent would never take the initiative to call anyone unless it was an urgent matter.

“Victoria, I guess something must have happened at the office since Vincent called you at such an early hour..

Quickly call him back.”


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