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Chapter 146: Victoria Makes It To The Hot Search!

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Victoria nodded and hurriedly called the person back.

She also put it on loudspeaker mode.

She knew that Jordans last marriage ended because Hailey had betrayed him and lied to him.

Generally, men who had been hurt in such a manner tend to be more suspicious of their future significant other.

Victoria turned on the loudspeaker because she wanted to let Jordan know that she had nothing to hide.

She wanted to show him that she could make any phone call openly in front of him as she would never lie to him.

Jordan could see the purpose of Victorias actions and appreciated her honesty even more.

“Hey, Vincent, why did you call me at such an early hour”

Victoria said into the microphone of her phone.

“Ah, something terrible happened, Miss Clarke!”

Vincent, who was on the other hand of the line, seemed to be very anxious.

Victoria made eye contact with Jordan before asking, “Whats wrong”

Vincent said, “Controversial news about you is being reported all over the news now.

Its said that the president of the Ace Corporation, Victoria Clarke, is a famous local socialite in Orlando who is in an affair with multiple married, big bosses.

There are also lots of explicit pictures attached to the news, and your name is now a trending search on Twitter!”

“Ah, the share price of Ace Corporation is estimated to plunge once the market opens later!”

The private life of the president of a listed company definitely had a considerable impact on the companys share price.

Previously, there had been many similar events, and each exposé would cause the share price of the company to fall by at least five percent.

Jordan frowned.

He quickly pulled out his cell phone, logged into Twitter, and checked the list of trending searches only to discover that a topic was indeed trending titledGorgeous President Of Ace Corporation Has A Distasteful Private Life!

Jordan was extremely frustrated to see those words because Victoria was his woman!

However, she was maligned for having a distasteful private life, and it even became a trending topic on the Internet.

Thus, people all over the country would definitely mistakenly assume that it was true!

Having tapped on some trending tweets, he noticed that there were indeed many photos of Victoria chatting with some big bosses of Orlando, which were very ambiguous.

“Damn, these photos have been digitally doctored, I met with these bosses in public places, and there were other people around us at the time.”

Victoria took a glance at the photos and immediately realized that she had been maliciously attacked.

Vincent said, “Miss Clarke, hurry up and come to the company.

We need to hold a board meeting immediately to discuss this matter.”

Victoria said, “Okay, Ill head over now.”

After Victoria hung up the phone, Jordan held her hand and said, “Im sorry, Victoria, this matter is probably Cayden Huxleys doing.”

Victoria had always been the type to leave no stones unturned and will not offend anyone.

Jordan didnt need to guess to know that it must be Cayden who had resorted to such an unscrupulous and dirty trick to attack Ace Corporation.

Jordan felt very guilty because Cayden was harming Victoria to get back at him.

Victoria smiled and said, “Since Im yours now, you dont have to apologize to me.”

“Anyway, I, Victoria Clarke, am open and aboveboard.

My conscience is clear, and they have nothing on me, so Im not afraid of being slandered by them.”

Jordan nodded.

He knew that Victoria was completely capable of handling this matter well.

“You should hurry and get going.

Do you need me to drive you there” Jordan asked.

Victoria shook her head and said, “Its been a tiring night for you.

You should get some rest at home… However, I want to have breakfast with you before I go…”

“Breakfast Didnt Vincent say that the board meeting will be held immediately”

Jordan remembered that Victoria had always been committed to her work.

She could sometimes go an entire day without eating.

Thus, he was baffled as to why she would want to have breakfast now.

Slightly embarrassed, Victoria said, “You should know what I mean.”

Seeing Victorias shy expression, Jordan realized what she was hinting at.

He said, “Oh, I get it.

Lets have breakfast before you go.”

Before getting intimate with each other, some couples fall in love and date for a long time, going on countless dates and watching countless movies together.

On the other hand, some preferred to sleep with each other before deciding if they wanted to be in an exclusive relationship or not.

Once a couple decides to date each other exclusively, they would usually get breakfast together to signify the start of their relationship.

Thus, breakfast today was very important to Victoria and Jordan.

Having breakfast together with Jordan would put Victoria at ease.

If they didnt, Victoria might think that what they did last night was a one-night stand.

Jordan also genuinely treated Victoria as his girlfriend, so he was willing to have breakfast with him.

“Ill make you breakfast.

Ive been a househusband for the last three years,” Jordan said with a smile.

However, when he reached the kitchen, Victoria stopped him.

“Im not a spoiled brat with Princess syndrome-like Hailey.

I dont need you to pamper me like that or cook for me.

Let me make breakfast.”

Victoria made a beef burrito with pan-fried potatoes and tomatoes and poured two glasses of milk.

“Since Im pressed for time today, I whipped up something casual.

Just make do with it.

Ill prepare a sumptuous spread for you tomorrow.”

After making breakfast, Victoria washed up, put on some light makeup, and smiled at Jordan sweetly.

Jordan felt like he was on cloud nine at this moment.

He had such a gorgeous girlfriend who even personally made breakfast for him.

She was now the president of a listed company!

Hailey was worlds apart from her!

After taking a few bites of the food, she confirmed her exclusive relationship with Jordan and stood up happily to leave.

“Here are the keys.

Ill text you the PIN later.

Bring your things here.

Move in with me.”

Victoria handed the key to her place to Jordan.

Jordan felt that he was about to relive his life as a live-in husband again.

He had lived in Haileys house previously, and now, he was going to move in with Victoria again.


Jordan took the key and suddenly remembered, “Uh… dont forget to get the morning-after pills.”

Victoria had abstained from sleeping with men in the last few years, so she didnt have any such pills at home because she never had to use them.

When Victoria thought about what happened last night, she smiled blissfully and said, “Got it, bye.”

Victoria kissed Jordan and then left happily.

As soon as Victoria headed downstairs and got inside her Porsche, she was overwhelmed with joy.

“Its been seven years, and Ive finally gotten over my emotional trauma! Im finally dating someone now! I have a boyfriend!”

Victoria was delighted that she had become Jordans girlfriend.

Even though Jordan had been kicked out of his family, he was still handsome, talented, physically fit, knowledgeable, well-mannered, and had an excellent personality.

He was definitely worthy of Victoria.

Victoria started the car and turned on the radio.

She tuned in to the radio station that she often listened to.

The rhythm of the upbeat song that was on air now was just in line with Victorias mood at the moment.

Although she was now the talk of the town who was being labeled as a “slut” and a “brazen hussy” and subject to the cursing of countless netizens, she was still driving happily, completely not bothered by the controversy revolving around her at the moment.

She knew that the future ahead was dangerous, but she also knew that Jordan would be there for her!


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