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Chapter 147: Jordan Is My Boyfriend!

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Victoria drove all the way happily to the parking lot of the office building.

She boarded the elevator to the companys floor and finally stopped grinning when she stepped out of the elevator.

Stepping out of the elevator, Victoria once again became the domineering and aloof female president who was perpetually austere-looking.

“Miss Clarke, youre here! Mr.

Stone and the others are waiting for you in the conference room.”

Ashley also arrived early in the morning and hurriedly walked forward to greet Victoria when he saw her.

Victoria continued to stride forward quickly and said, “Yes, I know, brew me a cup of coffee and bring it to me.”

“Yes, Miss Clarke.”

Victoria quickly reached the conference room, pushed open the door, and walked in.

The senior managerial executives of Ace Corporation had all arrived, and they all stood up when they saw Victoria.

“Miss Clarke!”

“Miss Clarke!”

Victorias aura was very imposing, so much so that she could make all these men bow down to her.

Victoria nodded at them one by one.

Seeing that all of them, including Vincent, were smoking, she said, “Snub your cigarettes.

Were going to have an official meeting.”

Afterward, Victoria sat down in the presidents seat.

Vincent pinched his cigarette and said anxiously, “Miss Clarke, have you read the tweets and articles about you on Twitter”

Victoria replied, “Yes, the person who released these photos deliberately cropped out other people to make it seem like I was alone with each of these men in those photos.

Some are digitally doctored too.

I can release the original photos to explain the matter clearly to the public.”

Vincent said, “Miss Clarke, its not that simple.”

Slightly angered, Victoria retorted, “Why Do you think those rumors are true Do you think Ive really slept with those bosses”

Vincent hurriedly said, “No, no, we are naturally clear about your character.

I have also heard about those bosses who gave you villas and tried to court you, but you didnt accept them at all.”

“But thats not the core of the problem.

Its the fact that this is obviously the doing of the Huxleys.”

“I received news that the Huxleys want to retaliate against you because you repeatedly interfered and helped Jordan Steele!”

At this time, the other senior executives also spoke up one after another.

“Yes, Miss Clarke, Mr.

Steele is the enemy of the Huxleys, so theyre definitely displeased that youre so close to him!”

“Thats right, even if this photo scandal can be explained clearly, we cant guarantee that the Huxleys will not harm you and the Ace Corporation in other ways!”

Victoria was dumbfounded.

She knew that Cayden was a very narrow-minded and vindictive person.

If he wanted to attack her, he would definitely have endless ways to do so.

“What do you guys intend to do then” Victoria asked the crowd with her arms folded around her chest.

She had a vague feeling that the board meeting was premeditated by many of the executives.

Vincent said, “Miss Clarke, we cant afford to provoke the Huxleys from New York, so I hope that you can keep a distance from Jordan Steele!”

“Thats not all.

To show the Huxleys that you and Jordan Steele no longer have anything to do with each other, I want you to issue a statement to slam Jordan!”

“Slam Jordan About what”

Victoria immediately got serious.

Vincent handed the document on the table to Victoria.

Victoria grabbed it and looked through it.

It turned out that it was a list of Jordans misdeeds!

It was all about how Jordan squandered money when he was helming Ace Corporation and how he exploited the loopholes of the law.

There was even falsified proof and claims about Jordans promiscuous private life!

“Jordan Steele and his secretary Ashley Rose were hooking up in the office Which bastard wrote all this stuff!!”

Victoria was so enraged that she tore up the document on the spot and tossed it to the side.

At this time, Ashley was done brewing the coffee and happened to be bringing it to Victoria.

After bringing the coffee over, she quickly squatted down and picked up the document Victoria had torn up.

She took a look at it, only to realize that her name had been mentioned in it.

She quickly got up and said, “Sirs, Miss Clarke, Mr.

Steele, and I are innocent.


Steele has never done those things to me.”

Vincent glared at Ashley and said, “Go out.

You have no say here.”

Victoria also shot Ashley a glance and told her to leave first.

After Ashley left, Victoria lashed out at Vincent, “Vincent Stone, how can you have the cheek to write such a shameless thing Mr.

Steele used to treat all of you well in the past, right Why do you have to slander him!!”

Before Vincent even said anything, the others spoke up for him.

“Miss Clarke, Mr.

Stone just has the best interests of we shareholders at heart.

The Huxleys will spare us only if we completely draw the line with Jordan Steele.”

“Yes, Miss Clarke, just do as you are told.

Anyway, Jordan Steele doesnt have an influential background now.

He wouldnt dare to do anything if you slander him.”

Victoria slapped the table angrily and got up.

“Listen up, there is no way I will slander Jordan, nor will I draw a line with him.”

“Because Jordan is my boyfriend!”

Her words made the senior management executives of the company astonished.

“What did you say Jordan Steele is your boyfriend”

“Victoria, stop it.

Ive known you since the first year you arrived in Orlando.

You havent had a boyfriend in the last seven years.”

“Why would you date a penniless man!”

Within the company, many were Victorias suitors.

In fact, many senior executives had succumbed to working in Ace Corporation to woo Victoria.

They felt they would have a higher chance of winning her heart if they were close to him.

Hence, once they heard that Victoria had a boyfriend, they got very worked up!

Victoria looked at the crowd and said, “Im not joking.

Weve already gotten intimate with each other!”

That was a massive blow to them!

Those executives who were secretly or openly in love with Victoria were all so enraged that they were about to vomit blood.

Looking at such a beauty, they couldnt imagine that a penniless man could sleep with such a perfect goddess-like woman like her!

A middle-aged man, who had been pursuing Victoria for three years, suddenly slapped the table and hollered at the top of his voice.

“Victoria Clarke! Youre just acting nonsensically! Knowing full well that Jordan is an enemy of the Huxleys, you didnt keep a distance from him.

You even… slept with him!”

“Do you even care about our interests as the shareholders!!”

“Thats right, thats right, your relationship doesnt concern you alone, but our interests too!”

“You either break up with him or step down as president!”

Everyone was targeting Victoria.

Victoria bit her lips.

She was very indignant because she had finally become the president of a listed company after a long time of working hard.

She would never hand over her position so easily!

“I was appointed as president by Mr.

Reyes, who is the biggest shareholder of Ace Corporation.

No one will try to kick me from my position as president without his permission! Who I sleep with is none of your business!”

Victoria was so furious that she knocked over the cup of coffee that she hadnt taken a sip from.

She then walked out of the conference room.

“Call Mr.


“Tell Mr.

Reyes to stop this crazy woman!”

“Damn it, after seven years of protecting her chastity, she let Jordan Steele have the privilege of getting intimate with her! I own a listed company myself.

I wouldnt have stayed in Ace Corporation for three years if not for the sake of courting her!”

“In my opinion, Victoria Clarke is just a cheap woman.

I bet she chose to make Jordan Steele her boy toy because hes good in bed!”

“A shameless woman like her cant be the president of Ace Corporation!”


The people in the conference room scolded Victoria endlessly.


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