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Chapter 148:c

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The senior executives of Ace Corporation were either profit-minded or carried a torch for Victoria.

None of them would allow Victoria to act so presumptuously, and they were bent on breaking her and Jordan up.

Hence, they decided to reflect this matter to Frank.

Soon, Jordan arrived at the express hotel to pack his things as he got ready to move in with Victoria tonight.

He received a call from Frank.

Jordan frowned.

He had mentioned before that even after divorcing Hailey, he wanted to live a normal life.

He told Frank not to disturb him if there was nothing important.

It seemed that Frank had something important to say to Jordan.

“What is it” Jordan answered the call.

Frank said, “Mr.

Jordan, the shareholders of Ace Corporation have just forced Victoria to make a choice between severing ties with you and stepping down as president.”

“They also said that Victoria is now your girlfriend.

Is that true”

Jordan nodded, “Well, it just happened last night, dont tell Grandpa for now.”

“Yes, Mr.


As a subordinate, Frank didnt dare to say much about Jordans private relationship.

“How should I handle this matter then Should I stand on Victorias side and tell those shareholders to shut up”

Jordan thought about it.

If Frank were to do that, Cayden would definitely attack the Ace Corporation again and make Ace Corporation go bankrupt.

In that case, many people in Ace Corporation would suffer heavy losses, and Victoria would be doomed sooner or later.

On the other hand, Jordan also wanted to know what choice Victoria would actually make.

“Just do what the shareholders said,” Jordan instructed.

In fact, there was no longer a need to save the Ace Corporation.

Having been attacked by Cayden for so long, Ace Corporations reputation had long been tarnished, and they had already lost their competitive edge.

Even if Victoria continued being president of Ace Corporation, she wouldnt be able to serve for long.


After hanging up the phone, Frank immediately called Victoria.



“Miss Clarke.”

“You can just call me Victoria.”

“Victoria, Vincent, and the others called me to tell me about the situation over at the company.

I heard that the Huxleys are attacking the Ace Corporation because of your relationship with Jordan, is that right”


“I heard that you are now Jordans girlfriend.

Do you also think that Jordans expulsion from the Steele family has been staged too As the butler of the Steeles for decades, I can tell you clearly that Jordan has indeed been disowned by the Steeles and is not allowed to set foot in England forever.

Suppose youre doing this because of Jordans status as the scion of a wealthy family.

In that case, youre just engaging in wishful thinking.”

Frank had said that to test Victoria too.

After all, Jordan had already been cheated on before.

Victoria frantically said, “Mr.

Reyes, I dont care if he is a scion of a wealthy family or not.

I like him for who he is, and regardless of whether hes rich or poor, it doesnt affect my decision to date him.”

Frank, who was in England, had a heartened smile on his face when he saw that.

He was also glad that Jordan had finally found a good partner.

Frank said, “Victoria, I admire you.

There are not many women like you in this world.”

“However, reality is harsh, and I dont want to lose my interest in Ace Corporation for nothing because of your relationship.”

“Ill give you two choices now.

You either break up with Jordan and never contact him again.

Then, express your stand to the Huxleys and continue to be the president of the Ace Corporation.”

“Or, step down and resign as president!”

Victoria, who was sitting in the presidents office, bit her lip with tears in her eyes.

Frank sighed.

“I know you started from the bottom as a secretary and struggled for seven years in Orlando to reach the position of president today.”

“You must think through this carefully.

Is it worth it to give up seven years of hard work for Jordan”

Seeing that Victoria didnt speak for a long time, Frank didnt urge her and simply said, “How about this Think through it carefully and give me your answer once you have made up your mind.”

“Thats not necessary.” Victoria suddenly said with a look of determination, “I choose to step down as the president of Ace Corporation!”

“Thank you for your trust in me all this while, Mr.


Im sorry to have disappointed you, and I hope that Ill have the chance to work for you again in the future.


In a mysterious mansion in England.

A smile appeared on Franks face.

After hanging up the phone, Frank smiled and said, “Victoria, youre fortunate.

Now that youve given up your position as the president of a company worth a few hundred million dollars, youll become the president of an international corporation thats worth a few billion dollars in the future!”


Jordan will not let you sacrifice for nothing!”


At 12:30PM, Victoria returned to the estate and yelled at the door.

“Jordan, are you home”

The door was not locked with a facial recognition lock.

Victoria was now carrying hefty things with both hands.

Within a few seconds, Jordan opened the door from the inside.

Victoria was wearing a white shirt, a formal mid-length skirt, and a pair of black stilettos, completely exuding the charm of a gorgeous president.

However, she carried two large supermarket shopping bags in her hand, which didnt match her goddess-like aura.

Victoria smiled as soon as she saw Jordan.

“I knew you were waiting for me at home.”

Victoria strode in and asked, “Jordan, I bought a lot of food, you can have a taste of my cooking.”

Victoria was about to go to the kitchen to cook.

However, Jordan grabbed her slender wrist and helped her carry the supermarket bags over, and placed them on the floor.

He then closed the door.

Jordan walked towards Victoria with a solemn expression on his face and caressed her face.

“I watched the news.

Why did you step down as the president of Ace Corporation Is it because of me”

Victoria hid her displeasure with a smile and said, “No, Ive long wanted to quit working at Ace Corporation because those old fogies have been badmouthing me.”

Jordan held Victorias hand and said, “I asked Vincent about it.

He said that you gave up the position of president of Ace Corporation for me.

Why are you so foolish I dont deserve such a huge sacrifice from you.”

Jordan was really moved after learning of Victorias choice.

He didnt expect that Victoria would be willing to give up the career she had been pursuing for years, for his sake.

If it were Hailey, she would probably choose Ace Corporation without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Victoria answered domineeringly, “Its not up to you to say if its worth it or not.

Its up to me!”

Jordan was so touched that he vowed that he would make Victoria the president of a more prominent company in the future!

However, at this moment, he could only compensate in other ways.

Jordan picked Victoria up and walked towards the bedroom.

Victoria kept punching Jordan playfully.

“Let go.

I need to cook!”

“What for Were not eating!”

Victorias stilettos dropped to the ground, one by one.

Meanwhile, in Jade Villa, New York.

Hailey had just woken up in Caydens arms.

“Honey, whats the occasion”

Hailey asked as she rubbed her eyes wearily.


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