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Chapter 149: Goodbye, Orlando!

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Cayden had to go to a hospital in New York for another checkup to confirm if he was really infertile.

Thus, Cayden headed straight to New York after he was discharged from the hospital in Orlando.

Hailey tagged along with Cayden to New York.

Cayden hid it from Hailey and secretly went to the hospital for the checkup, only to be told that he was indeed infertile now, just as he had been diagnosed in Orlando.

In a fit of anger, he fired all the doctors and nurses who were on duty at the hospital in Orlando on the day of his accident and spent a load of money to find the female nurse who had given him the injection that day.

On the other hand, he had been behaving like an ordinary man in front of Hailey.

They even got intimate with each other when they arrived in New York.

Due to the fact that Hailey was pregnant now, they didnt reach home run.

Cayden handed his cell phone to Hailey to show her something.

It said, “Look, Victoria Clarke has stepped down as the president of Ace Corporation.”

“Huh Why Hasnt this woman always wanted to be the president of the company Did you attack Ace Corporation again”

Hailey knew that Victoria was a very ambitious woman and would not easily step down as president.

Pretending to be innocent, Cayden said, “No, I didnt.

I think there was an exposé about her promiscuous private life on the Internet and her various hookups with lots of big bosses in Orlando who are already married.”

“The Ace Corporation was affected by that, and their stock price plunged greatly.

I think the board of directors and shareholders forced her to step down.”

Hailey was overjoyed, and she asked, “Is that so Victoria Clarke, I didnt expect that this would happen to you one day!”

Victoria had given Hailey a slap on her face and always suppressed her with her seniority.

She had even disregarded Hailey and got close to her ex-husband, Jordan.

Hence, Hailey absolutely hated Victoria and was also extremely jealous of her.

She hurriedly took out her cell phone and checked the news about Victoria, after which she humphed coldly.

“Victoria Clarke is a vixen, to begin with! My grandmother has long said that Victoria Clarke must have had the help of a wealthy backer to reach the position of president in just a few years after moving to Orlando!”

“This shameless woman lingers around those big bosses all day and has gotten them head-over-heels smitten with her.

Shes so cheap!”

Cayden laughed and exclaimed, “Honey, dont bother about these poor people.

Get up and wash up.

Ill take you to the mall to get some gifts.

Were going to meet my grandfather and parents tonight to get their approval for you to marry me!”

Hailey also immediately perked up and said, “Okay, okay, its all your fault for not letting me sleep all night last night.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have slept until noon.”

Cayden chuckled, extremely pleased to have won the heart of such a gorgeous beauty.


Two oclock in the afternoon.

Jordan and Victoria had just had lunch at this time, which was a sumptuous spread prepared by Victoria.

Victoria looked at the topless Jordan and felt a little shy.

He had a wonderful figure, and his abs, in particular, would make countless men-crazy women salivate.

The way she felt about Jordan was an experience she had never had before.

Previously, Victoria had been in a relationship with a man who was about her fathers age.

On the other hand, Jordan was even younger than Victoria, and his energy, vigor, and vitality were things that old men did not possess.

“What do you think of my cooking” Victoria asked.

Jordan took a bite of the tasty and tender crawfish before nodding in delight.


“I havent been to Houston.

Id like to go there to try some cajun crawfish after tasting the one you just cooked.”

Victoria smiled happily and said, “Sure, there are many beautiful babes there.

Oh, and my sisters cooking is even better than mine.”

“When we get to Houston, Ill get her to cook for you.”

Jordan said, “Oh yes, you have a younger sister.

She should be all grown up now, right Has she started working yet”

Victoria nodded and said, “Yes, shes working as a flight attendant.

Her figure is much better than mine.

Do you want to see some photos of her”

Jordan looked at Victorias smile and suddenly detected a hint of conspiracy.

He quickly smiled and refuted with a wave of his hand, “Nah, Im only interested in you.”

“Hmph, youre smart!” Victoria laughed.

Suddenly, Victoria became serious and said, “Jordan, I want to leave Orlando and go to New York.”

“I have a friend who owns a cosmetic product company, and she has asked me to join her before.”

“Now that she knows Im stepping down as the president of Ace Corporation, she has already sent me countless texts to ask me to go over and give her a hand.”

“As you know, New York is a cosmopolitan city thats more business-oriented than Orlando, though Orlando is also a first-tier city.”

“Ive always wanted to work there.”

Jordan took a sip of soup and then wiped his mouth.

He knew that Victoria was an ambitious woman.

Orlando was not her home, and she didnt plan to stay in Orlando forever either.

Now that she had just resigned, it was an excellent opportunity to work in a more developed city.

Jordan said, “Orlando is also an unhappy place for me.

I dont want to stay here either.

Ill accompany you to New York!”

“Really” Victoria was elated, but she was also slightly hesitant.

“But, the Huxleys hold great power in New York.

Im afraid they will get someone to deal with you…”

Jordan chuckled and said, “Its okay.

New York is the most developed city in the country and also relatively safe.

They wont dare to act rashly.”

“Besides, with my strength, three or five people cant hurt me.”

Jordan thought,Cayden Huxley, youd better not mess with me in New York.

Otherwise, the consequences will be more than just being infertile!

Today, Cayden had slandered Victoria and made the whole country think that she liked to hook up with wealthy tycoons.

Jordan hadnt gone to settle accounts with him yet!

A week later.

Jordan and Victoria packed their suitcases and left for New York.

God knows when they would return to Orlando again after leaving this time.

“Goodbye, Orlando!”

Before leaving, Victoria took a picture and posted it on Instagram.

She had spent seven years hustling in this place, and now, he was going to a vaster and greener pasture!

Victoria asked Jordan, “Youve also been in Orlando for three years.

Are you feeling emotional too”

Jordan shook his head and said, “No.”

Jordan had gotten used to parting and moving from place to place regularly since a young age.

He did not have any particular emotions or attachments to places and would only have feelings for people.

Memories are like the highway in the rearview mirror.

The more you try to seize it, the further away it will be from you.

The image of Jordans ex-wife Hailey kept surfacing in his mind.

The strange thing was that although Hailey had betrayed Jordan twice, he wasnt thinking about how she had mistreated him.

Instead, he was thinking about the sweet and heartwarming memories.

Jordan was thankful that he had resolutely chosen to get a divorce.

Otherwise, he might decide to forgive her again as time passed.

“Goodbye, Orlando!”



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