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Chapter 151: Effeminate Men Like Victoria!

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Jordan glanced at his phone screen and discovered that actually more than 10,000 people were watching the live stream.

Moreover, there were lots of pop-up comments on the screen:

“Why hasnt Maggie showed up yet!”

“Im going to sit here and wait for the pretty Maggie to arrive!”

“I want Maggie! I want Maggie!”

Maggie was actually an extremely popular celebrity whom Stella had invited for the live-stream sales today.

She was supposed to join the live stream at this time, but she was held up by something and, thus, was still on her way here now.

Thus, Stella asked Victoria to come over to save the day while waiting for Maggies arrival.

Jordan had guessed Stellas motive, but he was still a little worried.

The reason being Victoria had recently become a trending topic on Twitter for a controversy.

Jordan was worried that some netizens would hurl verbal insults at Victoria during the live stream.

After all, the keyboard warriors these days mainly were low-lives.

However, Jordans worries were uncalled for.

Victoria may be well known in the business circle.

Still, the live stream viewers were all familiar only with the fashion industry or were heavily focused on being part of celebrity fan clubs.

Thus, no one recognized Victoria at all.

Stella pulled Victoria over so that she could be within the frame of the camera.

She then said, “Dear all, let me introduce to you the newly appointed deputy president of Stella Cosmetics, the gorgeous Victoria Clarke! Shes also my best friend!”

As soon as Victoria appeared in the live stream, the netizens got really worked up.

“Damn it, what a ravishing beauty! Shes the deputy president of the company I love her!”

“She must be a celebrity! Shes so elegant.”

“Can I have your TikTok username!!”

“Stella Cosmetics is impressive.

Both the girl bosses are gorgeous.

No one in New York can compare to them.


The comments were all compliments for Victoria.

Victoria looked at herself on the phone screen.

Still, she felt somewhat uncomfortable because the beautifying camera filter was excessively exaggerated, thus making her face seem too fake.

“Can you turn off the beauty filter”

Stella froze in shock for a moment and then proceeded to turn off the beautifying filters.

After turning it off, Stella looked significantly less beautiful while Victoria looked much prettier!

“Holy crap! I cant believe some women dont like using beautifying filters! Shes a true beauty!”

“Shes still so gorgeous without the filters Im a fan, Im a fan!”

“I love you, Miss Victoria!”

Watching from the side, Jordan smiled a little.

Victoria was indeed gorgeous.

Even in a place like New York City, where there were many beautiful women, she could still trump many of them.

As her boyfriend, Jordan also felt very proud.

Stella said to the camera, “Dear fans of Maggie, dont be anxious.

Shes on her way here.

Meanwhile, shall we have Victoria, our newly appointed deputy president, try on a few lipstick shades for us”

Victorias appearance seemed to have instantly won the hearts of all the viewers, so they said yes.

Afterward, Stella took out a lipstick manufactured by her company.

She then proceeded to wipe off the lipstick that Victoria was wearing at the moment before applying the one she had just taken out.

While applying it, she explained the visual effects that the lipstick could provide, its color code, and price.

After she was done applying the lipstick for Victoria, the viewers of the live stream showered Victoria with compliments.

“Oh my God, this shiny lipstick that has a glitter core looks so good on Victoria!”

“The quality is excellent.

Im getting one!”

“Are Victorias lips even real I want them! I want to kiss her!”

“I want to kiss Victoria too!”

Not only were they complimenting Victoria, but the viewers were also sending virtual gifts to her.

Holding his chin in his hand, Jordan frowned.

He secretly thought to himself,Why do the comments sound so familiar Are they fake viewers who are paid to comment

Jordan had a good understanding of the live-stream industry.

In order to attract more customers to purchase the products promoted in the live stream, a high number of viewers is a must.

Hence, it was inevitable that brands would hire bots or fake viewers to boost statistics.

Even ordinary influencers would do so and send themselves gifts.

Since Stella Cosmetics was such a renowned company, Jordan reckoned that they would definitely do the same.

Jordan left the room to see if those paid viewers were still in the office.

The moment he walked out, he found another room adjacent to this one, and the door to it was ajar.

Thus, he entered.

Jordan walked to the door and gently pushed open the door, only to discover that there was a well-dressed and effeminate-looking man inside.

There were dozens of cell phones in front of him!

The live stream that Stella and Victoria were hosting was being played on every single cell phone!

“Just as I expected.” Jordan thought to himself with a calm smile,This guy is probably paid to facilitate the fake views and comments.

Jordan walked in quietly, but the man inside was too focused on sending virtual gifts to notice Jordans presence.

Jordan stood beside him quietly to see exactly what he was doing.

At this moment, Victoria was already trying on a second lipstick.

The man then began to get busy.

He quickly picked up a cell phone and typed, “This dusty rose color is gorgeous! It makes me want to kiss her!”

He then picked up another phone and continued typing, “Thats right, thats right, its such a pretty color, and it looks exceptionally gorgeous on Victorias lips.

I want to kiss her!”

After typing, he picked up yet another cell phone.

“Miss Victoria, I want to kiss you.

Mwacks Mwacks Mwacks”

Just as he was about to pick up the fourth cell phone, Jordan came forward and stopped him.

Jordan couldnt stand it anymore!

He felt that the comments were too disgusting!

The man turned around and sized Jordan up.

“Who are you Youre not an employee of our company, are you Get out, get lost.

Who let you in”

The male employees of this company all wore makeup, so this man could tell that Jordan wasnt one of them because he was barefaced.

Jordan asked, “Are you the person whos leaving fake comments in the live stream”

The man chuckled and said, “You must be joking.

Look carefully, Im the senior sales director of Stella Cosmetics.

Do you understand”

The man took out an exquisite customized business card and showed it off to Jordan.

His photo was on the card, and his name was Jesse.

Jordan didnt care if he was an ordinary person paid to write comments or the sales director.

“I have no problem with you leaving fake comments to boost the live stream but dont say such disgusting things to Victoria.”

Jesse leaned back and guffawed.

“Hey, who are you How is it any of your business what I say to Miss Victoria”

Jordan retorted, “Im her boyfriend.”

Jesse laughed out loud sarcastically as if he had heard the greatest joke ever.

“Hahahaha, youre her boyfriend Youre Victoria Clarkes boyfriend”

“Dude, you must be living in a daydream.

Look at those shabby clothes youre dressed in.

I cant believe there isnt a single designer piece on you.”

“Do you think youre fit to be Miss Clarkes boyfriend”

“Youre not even qualified to be our janitor!”


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