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Chapter 154: How Do You Understand Italian!!

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“Did you believe it now, kid”

Jordan looked at Jesse smugly.

Jesse was livid.

“Ahhh, what an eyesore.”

At this moment, Stella said, “Well, its almost noon, Victoria, you guys just arrived in New York City today.

I have to treat you to dinner and host you well no matter what.

Lets go!”

Stella and Jesse traveled in the same car while Jordan and Victoria took their own car.

The four of them soon arrived at an Italian restaurant named 81⁄2.

It was one of the top waterfront restaurants in the city, allowing patrons to enjoy the beautiful scenery while having some delicious food.

The restaurant was actually named after an Italian movie.

After sitting down at a table by the window, Jesse actively looked for opportunities to make things difficult for Jordan.

“Jordan, what brand is your shirt from How come I cant see the logo Is it Uniqlo or H&M”

Stella chuckled at the side.

Stella, Victoria, and Jesse were all decked out in designer apparel from brands like Chanel and Gucci.

On the other hand, Jordans entire outfit was probably worth less than a single piece of their clothing.

Soon, a man entered, and based on his attire, he was probably not a waiter but the restaurants chef.

Holding the menu, he asked, “What would you like to have today”

“Haha, the head chef is here to take our order.

Someone is probably going to use the excuse of going to the bathroom to flee!”

Jesse guffawed as he thought that Jordan probably wouldnt be able to pronounce the name of the items on the menu, which were in Italian.

Stella also pretended to comfort Jordan, but she was actually just mocking him sarcastically.

“Its alright.

If you cant pronounce the name of the menu items, you can just point to the dish you want and say that you wantthis.

That will do.”


Jesse was laughing incessantly because he had seen someone who did exactly just that because they couldnt pronounce the name of the dishes on the menu at a restaurant.

In Jesses opinion, it was a really embarrassing act that was extremely lowly too.

Seeing that the two of them were looking down on Jordan, Victoria felt really indignant for him.

She knew that Jordan grew up abroad and was proficient in several languages, so she was aware that there was no way he wouldnt be able to pronounce the names of the dishes.

Victoria said, “Jordan…”

Surprisingly, when Victoria was about to explain for Jordan, Jordan said to Stella, “Sure, thank you for teaching me this method, Miss Weston.

Thatll make things easier.

I like it.”

Victoria smiled calmly and reckoned that Jordan probably wasnt planning to put Stella to shame.

After stepping out into society for years, Victoria had seen many egoistic men making sure to prove the other person wrong whenever they were belittled or looked down upon.

Not many men like Jordan could remain composed in all situations, especially at such a young age.

Indeed, children from prestigious families that choose to lay low are different from the majority of wealthy families.

They each ordered a main course for themselves.

After the three of them were done ordering, the chef came to Jordans side and asked him what he would like for the appetizer.

After looking at the names of the dishes and the pictures attached to them, Jordan pointed at one of the appetizers and did exactly what Stella had taught him.

He said, “This!”


Jesse and Stella burst into laughter.

Jordan ignored them.

When he ordered the main course and dessert, he still did not say the name of the dishes and merely pointed to them with his finger before saying, “This.”

Jesse mocked, “This is hilarious.

As Miss Clarkes boyfriend, you cant even pronounce the names of simple dishes.

How embarrassing.”

“Jordan, do you not even know the basics of table etiquette and how to hold your utensils properly Do you know how a good steak should be done”

At this point, Jordan had already ordered the food that he wanted, and the chef was ready to leave.

Another man in the distance suddenly called out, “Flavio!”

Perhaps, the head chef who had just taken their order was named Flavio.

“Vengo io! (Coming!)”

The head chef replied in Italian.

However, he accidentally hit Jordans shoulder with the menu that he was holding while he was in a hurry to go over.

This was a top restaurant in New York City, not a small restaurant on the street in a third-tier city where apologizing to someone after accidentally knocking into them wasnt necessary.

After the chef accidentally did so, he hastily bent forward to apologize, and in a moment of panic, he blurted in Italian, “Mi dispiace! (Im sorry!)”

Jordan replied fluently in Italian, “Non fa niente.(Its okay).”

At this moment, the chef, Stella, and Jesse were all appalled!

‘Jordan actually understands Italian

The chef was overjoyed and surprised as he asked in Italian, “Do you understand Italian”

Jordan, too, replied in Italian, “Ive spent some time in Milan and Venice, so I can speak a little.”

The chef complimented, “Youre really fluent in Italian.

Once again, my apologies.

I hope you enjoy your meal.”

After the chef left, Stella and Jesse both froze and looked at Jordan in shock.

These days, knowing to pronounce names of dishes of foreign cuisines was fairly simple and common.

Even middle school students can do it.

In the upper-class society, being proficient in multiple languages was rather respectable.

Victoria pursed her lips and smiled.

She liked it when her boyfriend exhibited his talents.

Stella asked in surprise, “Jordan, whats your highest education level Are you a graduate or doctorate What do you plan to do in New York City”

Jordan said, “I dont even have a college diploma.

Im planning to become a courier in New York.”

“A courier”

Stella was dumbstruck as she couldnt believe that her best friends boyfriend was a courier.

Jesse laughed along and gibed, “Haha, you dont even have a college diploma.

Thats as good as being illiterate.

Whats the point of being able to speak a little Italian Being a courier deliverer is more suitable for you.


Victoria knew that although Jordans family was wealthy, their education style was different from the majority.

Even though many wealthy families can provide for their children for their entire lives, they still require their children to earn a college degree or diploma, even though it may not be that important.

On the other hand, Jordan was never given a diploma or degree even though the Steeles had sent him to attend the best universities.

These days, without a diploma or degree, it would be incredibly difficult to get a job, especially in a place like New York City.

Being articulate alone is not enough.

Thus, Victoria asked Stella, “Stella, can you arrange for my boyfriend to take up a position in the company”

Stella began to feel like she had been put in a spot.

“Well, as you know, were running a cosmetic product company, and our staff must be very knowledgeable about the fashion industry.”

Jesse hurriedly chimed in, “Thats right, look at what Jordan is wearing.

I bet he cant even tell the difference between Chanel, Gucci, LV, and other designer fashion labels!”

Victoria ignored Jesse but continued to say to Stella, “Stella, surely youre not going to turn me down, are you”

Stella gave it some thought and said, “Jordan, how about this Ill ask you an extremely simple question, and if you answer correctly, I will agree to let you work at our company.”


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