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Chapter 155: Do You Know The Boss of LV

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Stella was afraid that Victoria would get angry and think she was making things difficult for him, so she patted her hand and said, “Its really going to be so simple.”

Stella then pointed to the bag that Jesse placed on the dining table.

She said, “Ill let you join the company if you can tell me the brand of Jesses bag.”

Speechless, Jesse said, “Oh my god, Stella, thats such an easy question! Thats totally a giveaway.

Anyone can get it right!”

“You have to name the brands of my top, trousers, and shoes too!”

Stella said, “I cant be so hard on my best friends boyfriend, or else Victoria will be displeased with me.”

Since they were best friends, Victoria should only have to inform Stella about it if she wanted to recommend Jordan to take up a position in the company.

If there were too many tests, it would affect their friendship.

However, Stella Cosmetics was a cosmetic product company, and the employees were predominantly female.

There were also requirements for male employees.

If he cant even identify a Louis Vuitton bag, it really wouldnt make much sense for him to be employed.

Jordan took a look at Jesses bag and could tell at a glance that it was a Louis Vuitton bag.

LV bags were simply too recognizable for people who were a little brand-conscious.

However, people who are clueless about the brand may not be able to tell.

Although many people had heard of Louis Vuitton, the letters in the logo were not as neatly arranged as those of Adidas.

The letters of the LV logo were linked together with the V in front of the L.

Jordan did not want to answer that question, which was too humiliating for the child of a wealthy family who used luxury goods like they were normal necessities.

Its like an elementary school trying to hire LeBron James as the basketball teacher and asking him, “Hey, do you know how to make a three-step layup Demonstrate it once, and well hire you if you can get the ball in.”

James wouldnt go for it.

Jordan was going to ignore them when he suddenly remembered something fun and replied, “Apple.”

“Apple Hahahaha…”

Hearing Jordans answer, Jesse and Stella both burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, I cant stop laughing.

You bumpkin, Apple is a cell phone brand, you actually said its a bag Hahaha!”

Jesse laughed at Jordan mercilessly.

Of course, Victoria knew that Jordan had deliberately given the wrong answer.

However, Jordan asked seriously, “Is it not Apple”

Jesse laughed and retorted, “Of course not! Bumpkin, listen up, its Louis Vuitton! L-V, do you see that The V is in front of the L is at the back.

Theyre overlapping!”

Jordan still did not believe him.

“No, this is an Apple.”

Jesse was speechless.

“You still dont believe me, do you Fine, Ill show you the information to prove you wrong!”

Jesse took out his cell phone and searched for information about Louis Vuitton on the internet.

“See that Bumpkin, its shown very clearly on Wikipedia.

This logo is LV! Louis Vuitton!”

Jordan took a look and continued to doubt it.

“The information on Wikipedia is not necessarily true.

Anyone can modify it.”

Jordan was right.

Jesse and Stella also very much agreed because most of the information shown on Wikipedia was false.

In particular, the information of some celebrities was obviously wrong.

Jesse said, “Since you dont believe the information on the Internet, what do you believe”

Jordan answered, “I believe the boss.

Who is the boss of LV Call him.

If he says this is LV, Ill believe it.”

Jesse felt that Jordan was making excuses because he refused to admit defeat and couldnt help but curse.

“Youre f***ing pretending, arent you If you cant identify it, then just say so.

You dont even dare to admit that youre an ignorant bumpkin Call yourself a man.”

“You even want to call the boss of LV.

Do you know who that is He is one of the richest men in the world! You think hes just some Tom, Dick or Harry that you can call”

Stella also showed her displeasure by saying, “Victoria, its not that I dont want to help you, but your boyfriend is just terrible.”

“Its fine that he has little knowledge about brands, but he cant even have the decency to admit that he doesnt know.

He isnt driven at all either.

I think youd better break up with him quickly!”

Victoria was now Jordans girlfriend, and theyve been practically inseparable these days.

Jordan had become even more fond of her.

Yet, Stella was encouraging Victoria to break up with him!

Jordan looked at Stella with an unfriendly gaze.

He then took out his phone and said, “You guys dont have the number of the boss of LV, do you Okay, I do.

Ill call him now and let him tell me what brand this bag of yours belongs to!”

Jesse said with a look of disgust, “You country bumpkin, youre too boastful.

Call the boss of LV Itd be good enough if you even know what his name is!”

On the other hand, Stella said derisively with a contemptuous expression, “Ah, youre really something.

Youre wearing a $10 H&M shirt, and you shamelessly said that you want to call the boss of LV.”

“This is how you deceived Victoria into getting together with you, huh Well, go ahead and make the call.

We also want to meet the king of luxury brands.”

Jesse also interjected, “Yes, yes, make a video call so we can see that its really him.

Well, we never had the opportunity to meet the boss of LV.”


Jordan took out his cell phone and Facetimed someone.

While Jordan was doing so, Victoria rested her hand on Jordans arm.

Jordan hadnt gone out in the sun much in the past three years, so he wasnt too tanned.

However, Victorias skin was at least three shades fairer than his.

She was really fair!

Victoria asked with an excited gaze, “Jordan, havent you…”

Victoria wanted to say, “Havent you already been kicked out by the family”

‘How can he still call the boss of LV Could it be that…

Jordan whispered to Victoria, “The boss of LV probably doesnt know about my expulsion from the Steele family yet.”

“Oh.” Victoria then understood that Jordan was also going to try his luck.

No one picked up.

Jordan said, “Hes probably sleeping.

Ill call him another day.”

Victoria also spoke for him, “Yes, its past evening now.

Hes probably resting.”

Stella couldnt stand it anymore.

“Victoria, how can you believe such obvious bull** Dont let him fool you again!”

“He is a liar! Dont let him continue cheating you out of your feelings!”

Jesse also lashed out at Jordan furiously, “Jordan Steele, drop the act! You cant possibly know the boss of LV.

I bet very few people know him personally!”

“Victoria, he approached you just to cheat you out of your money and body.

You must not fall for his trick!”

When Jesse thought about how a gorgeous beauty like Victoria had slept with a bumpkin like Jordan, he was so furious that he gritted his teeth.

At this moment, Jordans cell phone rang..

It was a call from the boss of LV.


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