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Chapter 157: Buy Jade Villa!

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It was necessary to have a place to stay for a couple to cohabit.

For some women, it was a necessary requirement for their significant other to own a house.

On the other hand, some women wouldnt force their significant other to buy a home of their own.

As long as they were in love, they would be willing to rent an apartment together with their significant others.

Jordan actually inclined towards the latter.

However, Victoria was now Jordans girlfriend, and he felt that he should buy a house that they could live in after they got married.

However, the housing prices in New York City were too high as it was a first-tier city where the average apartment cost close to a million dollars.

Jordan would not afford a house in New York City this lifetime if he relied solely on his job as a courier deliverer.

Hence, Jordan didnt have the cheek to give his opinion regarding the purchase of a house.

“Decide as you please.”

Hand in hand, the two returned to the car and put on their safety belts.

“Oh, by the way, why did Mr.

Arnault call the bag from LV, which is a brand owned by his company, an Apple Is there some kind of story behind that”

Although Mr.

Arnault was old, it was impossible that he couldnt recognize his own brand, so he obviously said it was Apple on purpose.

Jordan started the car and laughed.

“Well, when I was a child, he often came to borrow money from my grandfather, and at that time, it seemed that he had just bought the brand Louis Vuitton.

He was holding an LV shirt and told me that it was from LV.

He also asked me to read out the full name of Louis Vuitton.”

“I was very mischievous, and every time he asked me what the logo was, I would say Apple and not LV.”

Victoria smiled and said, “I didnt expect you to be that naughty as a child.

He should have been really angry with you, huh”

“No,” Jordan said while driving.

“At that time, Apple wasnt as famous as it is today.

My grandfather admired Steve Jobs and would often invite him over to our place for a chat.”

“Every time he came, he would bring my brothers and me some gifts, and I really liked him, so I said the brand was Apple.”

Victoria was dumbfounded.

‘Jordan has even met Steve Jobs, the Founder of Apple

Jordan smiled and said, “The year the iPhone 4 was launched, Arnault invested a lot of money in Apple and later received a huge return.”

He told me that if I hadnt always pronounced LV as Apple when I was a kid, which led him to pay close attention to Apples development, he wouldnt have made so much money from investing in Apple.”


Victoria laughed, not expecting that there would be such an interesting story between Jordan and the two business magnates!

In an instant, Victorias mood was lifted, but when she remembered Jordan had been kicked out of his family, her heart sank again.

“If only Jordan hadnt been expelled…”

Of course, Victoria didnt say it out loud because she was afraid of hurting Jordan!

However, most people would want to be acquainted with noble figures like the owner of LV and Steve Jobs!

They spent the rest of the day viewing houses in the most upscale neighborhoods where the average price was no less than a couple of million of dollars.

However, Victoria did not seem to be satisfied with any of them.

“Jordan, you used to live in a villa in Orlando.

Lets pick a villa.”

A villa would be more comfortable to live in, but they would have to hire a maid.

“Sure, as you like,” Jordan said.

Victoria used her phone to check out the villas in New York City, and there was one that caught her eye as soon as she took a glance at it.

“Jordan, lets go see this Jade Villa, okay I like its name.

I remember when we first met, you even gave Diana a jadeite bracelet.”

Victoria said with a smile, not jealous at all.

Jordan did not expect her to remember this matter.

After he was divorced, the Camdens did not return anything to Jordan at all.

However, Jordan wouldnt accept anything from them.

The two soon drove to Jade Villa, where they were received by a real estate agent.

The young man in a suit respectfully took the pair to a villa that was for sale.

“Hi, Im Jack, this villa was built in 2000, with 5 rooms, 3 halls, and 4 bathrooms.

It has a floor area of more than 300 square meters.”

“The original owner is in a hurry to sell this place because he ordered a house in Thomson One.”

“Look, this place has been finely furnished.

The original owner is a designer, so he has high standards for quality and taste.”

Jordan and Victoria looked around.

Although the decor was not as good as Jordans villa in Orlando, it was very unique.

“Jordan, do you like it” Victoria asked.

Jordan noticed that Victoria seemed to like the place, so he nodded and said, “Yes, this is a very nice place.”

Victoria smiled and said, “Okay then, lets buy this place! Give me your ID card.”

“Huh What do you need my ID card for” Jordan was baffled.

Victoria said, “This is going to be our new house.

I want it to be under both of our names.”

Jordan was so touched that he was at a loss for words.

Victoria was buying a house with her own money, yet she was going to include Jordans name as an owner.

Materialistic and mercenary women would call Victoria stupid!

Women like them think that they should never include another mans name as an owner if he didnt pay for it!

“No, the house is bought by you.

You cant include my name.” Jordan refuted.

Victoria took the initiative to reach towards Jordans pocket.

“Well, youre my boyfriend now.

Itd be appropriate to add your name as an owner of the house.”

Victoria took Jordans ID card and then said to Jack, “Were buying this villa, and were going to pay in full!”

‘What a wealthy woman!

It took less than twenty minutes from the time she entered the villa to view it for her to make up her mind.

The real estate agent, Jack, had never seen such a decisive person before.

After paying, Jordan said to Victoria, “Its only our first day in New York City.

Is it too early to spend so much money on a villa”

Jordan felt that since they had just arrived in New York City, they could stay in a hotel for a few days or rent a place for the time being.

He knew that it wasnt easy for Victoria to make money, and she was entirely financially independent of her family.

Victoria said, “Honey, we didnt come to New York City to suffer.

We used to be presidents of a formerly listed company.

We cant possibly live in a basement, right”

“Dont worry, Jordan, you may not have much money, but I do.

We will definitely live a good life in New York City too!”

Jordan was incredibly touched, and he vowed to buy Victoria a more enormous villa in the future to make it up to her.

“Jordan, shall we go out and buy a bed I dont like sleeping on a used bed.”

Jordan nodded and said, “Alright.

Has Stella transferred you the $100,000 that Jesse gifted you Well use that money to get a bed.”

Victoria guffawed.

“Haha, youre so mean.

He spent that money to woo me, but youre spending it on decorating our new home.

Hes going to regret it when he finds out..



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