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Chapter 158: Meeting Hailey Again

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They chatted and laughed while leaving their newly purchased villa.

They then drove to the Poltrona Frau showroom in New York City.

Poltrona Frau was a prestigious Italian furniture brand specializing in manufacturing furniture for the Italian Royal Family a century ago.

It can also be the exclusive furniture brand for the European royal families in the last hundred years.

The decor of Victorias newly purchased villa happened to be in European style.

Besides, she was very ambitious and wanted to carve a career of her own in New York City.

She aspired to become the queen of the business world, so this was the perfect brand for her, which was chosen personally by Jordan.

The price range of beds manufactured by this brand was from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, and they were all extremely comfortable.

Before coming, Jordan had called the showroom to make a viewing appointment in advance.

A pretty sales assistant came out to receive them when they arrived.


and Mrs.

Steele, please take a look at this bed.

It was designed personally by Mr.

Roberto Lazzeroni and is made with exquisitely selected Frau leather.

You may decide on the color as you please, and the rectangular headboard of the bed can also be customized.

There is a variety of sizes to choose from.

Were running a promotion now.

Its going for $15,000.”

Jordan took a look and thought the design of the bed was rather lovely.

Although it was a little extravagant to be spending so much money on a bed, it was going to be paid for using Jesses money, so they didnt have to feel the pinch.

Jordan sat on it and tried to feel it a little.

“Its quite comfortable.

Do you want to lie down and give it a try”

Victoria folded her arms and stood at the side with a blissful smile.

“Its alright, as long as you like it.”

Victoria was a thirty-year-old woman, not a teenager.

If she was still a teenager, she would definitely jump right onto the bed when shopping for one.

However, she was elegant enough to not do such a childish thing.

Since Victoria was not willing to try the bed, Jordan would do this childish act instead.

Jordan sat on the bed and felt the softness of the mattress before saying, “This mattress is quite comfortable.”

However, at this moment, a voice suddenly came from behind.

“Shameless! Adulterous pair!”

Anger immediately appeared on Victorias face, and Jordan turned his head to take a look.

The two of them were shocked.

It turned out to be Hailey and Cayden!

Jordan didnt expect to meet Hailey again in New York City!

Hailey was wearing a white skirt which was embellished with many silver pearls.

She still looked as ethereal as ever.

Her bracelet and earrings had undoubtedly accentuated her aura as a wealthy and beautiful woman.

Jordan noticed that Hailey was wearing a ring on her finger, which was not the same ring that Jordan had given her.

That meant that Hailey had agreed to Caydens marriage proposal!

“Shes still as beautiful as ever.”

Jordan was in awe.

He was amazed that her baby bump still wasnt showing yet, and she looked just like any other young girl.

If this was Jordans first time meeting Hailey and if he didnt know all the things Hailey had done in the past, he would probably still fall for her.

Jordan got off the bed and asked, “Why are you in New York City”

Jordan thought that Hailey would be staying in Orlando to nurse her pregnancy until it was time to deliver.

After all, her mother would be taking care of her in Orlando.

Cayden was just as surprised to run into Jordan and Victoria.

Jordan was the greatest suspect of the incident that caused his sudden infertility.

Cayden had also considered that Jordan was the culprit.

However, no matter what, there wouldnt be any changes in his wicked plan.

“Hah, Jordan, I didnt expect you to have come to New York City, kid.”

Cayden smiled.

This was his turf, so of course, he wasnt afraid of Jordan!

Jordan said with a contemptuous smile, “Why wouldnt I dare to come”

Cayden humphed coldly.

He wasnt the type who liked issuing harsh threats.

“How much does that bed cost” he asked the beautiful store assistant as Jordan walked towards the bed he had set his sights on.

The store assistant said, “$15,000.”

Cayden smiled and said, “Wow, Jordan, youve already gone bankrupt, and youre still so extravagant as to spend $15,000 on a bed.”

Victoria said, “Jordan may not have money, but I do.

We can be as extravagant as we like.

It has nothing to do with you.”

Cayden looked at Victoria in disdain, “Loser, youve stepped down as president of Ace Corporation too, havent you Both of you are now jobless!”

Afterward, Cayden said to the sales assistant, “How many beds are there in total”

The sales assistant said, “Theres only one bed.

If youd like to have it too, youll have to make an order, which will take a week to arrive.”

Cayden snapped furiously, “Who has the damned time to wait a week!! Im choosing this bed for my matrimonial home! Ill buy this bed for $75,000!”

“Uh…” The sales assistant was put in a spot.

Jordan smiled and said, “Since someone is willing to pay five times the original price, just let him have it.

Anyway, were not dead bent on getting this one.”

Jordan and Victoria had just started to shop, and they were still going to continue shopping for a while longer.

At this moment, Hailey came over, pulled Cayden aside, and said, “Hubby, lets not get this bed.

Jordan has already sat on it, so its dirty now!”

Cayden laughed and said, “Yes, yes, its dirty now!”

Cayden had just called him and Victoria an adulterous pair, and now, they said that Jordan had dirtied the bed.

He couldnt tolerate it any longer!

Jordan questioned Hailey, “What do you mean by that How am I dirty”

Hailey flew into a rage too.

“How dare you have the cheek to ask that question!! You had an extramarital affair and hooked up with my cousin.

Less than a week later, you dumped her and hooked up with Victoria!”

“Hmph, I bet you and Victoria Clarke had long started seeing each other in the office two months ago.

That explains why you came home late from work every day! Have you been hooking up in the office!!”


Jordan was enraged.

‘This bitch is clearly the one at fault, and shes the one who has an extramarital affair.

‘How dare she call me dirty and smear Victoria and me!!

Jordan said, “Victoria and I are innocent.

We got together with each other only after our divorce!”

“Cayden Huxley and you are the shameless ones who got together while you were still married to me!”

Cayden pointed his finger at Jordan.

“Youd better watch your words.

This is New York City!”

Victoria said, “So what if its New York City Its not like you call the shots here!”

The beautiful sales assistant was stunned, and she quickly stood in between them to mediate the conflict.

“Sirs and Madams, dont be impulsive.

Lets talk things over calmly.”

The four of them were all figures of the upper-class society and arguing in a furniture store would make them seem like petty old women haggling at the market.

Thus, they all fell silent too.

Victoria said, “Miss, were buying this bed.

I can pay for it now.”

Since Hailey did not want the bed, Victoria thought they should pay up quickly and leave this place.

She didnt want to continue arguing with them here.

The beautiful sales assistant said, “Alright, Maam, where do you live Ill send someone to deliver the bed to you.”

Victoria said, “We live in Jade Villas…”

Hearing this, Cayden and Hailey, who had already walked away, walked towards them again.

Cayden asked with a look of astonishment, “You guys live in Jade Villas Why are you living there!!”

Cayden and Hailey lived there too!


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