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Chapter 160: The Baby Doesnt Belong To Jordan

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Although Rachel didnt name any names, anyone could tell that she was referring to Jordan.

Jordan wanted to walk away, but he stopped in his tracks when he heard that.

He felt that Rachel was just looking for trouble.

Hailey was less than two months pregnant now, and the baby would not be born until at least next year.

It just wasnt necessary to buy a crib now!

Hailey thought otherwise.

She, too, said coldly, “Im not expecting much from a freeloader like him.

Hmph, Cayden will be buying a crib for our baby, right, Hubby”

Cayden answered, “Of course.”

Hailey asked, “Are there cribs upstairs Lets go view some cribs and then come down to view some beds for us.”

Cayden nodded and then said to the beautiful sales assistant, “You dont have to follow us upstairs.”

Their conversation included too much personal information, and Cayden was afraid that the sales assistant would know too much, which would affect him.

The three of them slowly headed upstairs to pick a crib for Jordans baby.

Jordan stood still in place.

If they were to leave just like that, it would seem too irresponsible of him.

After all, he was the babys father, and he should be the one to pay for the crib.

Victoria could tell how Jordan was feeling, and she said, “Jordan, head upstairs too.

Well pay for the crib.

Ill transfer you $15,000 for the crib.”

Jordan held Victorias hand and said, “Thank you, Victoria.

I still have some money here.

The crib isnt going to cost that much.

You dont need to transfer it to me.

Ill come to you again when I need help.”

“Okay, Ill wait for you here.”

Hence, Jordan slowly made his way upstairs.

When the three people saw Jordan walking up, they all glanced at him in unison.

Jordan walked towards Hailey and said, “You choose the crib.

Ill pay for it.”

After hearing Jordans words, the three of them ignored him.

Rachel saw a white crib and happily walked over to it.

She said, “Hailey, look at this crib.

Its so cute.

The baby will definitely feel very comfortable while laying on it.”

Hailey liked it very much too.

The cribs were all tiny, and she liked them a lot.

Hailey touched her belly and asked, “Baby, do you like it”

To his surprise, Hailey suddenly exclaimed in astonishment, “Oh my God, the baby responded to me!”

“Really Really Let me hear it.”

Rachel also bent down and pressed her ear against Haileys belly to hear the fetuss movements.

“Its really moving! It seems to be saying that it likes it!”

Cayden also got excited and said, “Let me hear it too.”

He pressed his ear against Haileys belly and listened while calling out, “Baby, call Daddy!”

Jordan felt really terrible after hearing that.

‘Thats my baby, why should it call you Daddy!!

Jordan also thought they were deliberately putting on an act because the fetus was only two months old, after all.

How could there be any reaction

Jordan stood at the side and said to the three of them, “Drop the act.

There wont be any fetal movement at two months.

The fetus has to be at least three or four months old before there will be any movement.”

“Just because I dont have an academic degree doesnt mean I havent studied before!”

Jordan felt that the three of them were deliberately doing that to spite him and lure him to go over and listen.

To his surprise, Rachel said with a sinister smile, “How do you know that the fetus is not already three or four months old”

Hailey was surprised for a moment, but she soon smiled maliciously too!

Jordan was livid.

Their baby had clearly been conceived only in the last two months.

How could it have been four months!!

Jordan was immediately full of a murderous aura as he glared at Cayden.

Cayden also had an evil smile on his face, but he raised his arms innocently and said, “Dont look at me.

I didnt even know Hailey four months ago.”

“I dont care whose baby it is.

Its not mine anyway… Hehe, the one I love is Hailey.”

‘Damn it, youre infertile, so you obviously dont care whose child it is!

‘But I do!

Jordan was so furious that he walked straight to Rachel and grabbed her by her wrist.

He gave it a hard squeeze and questioned, “Rachel Quinn, youd better make yourself clear! Whats up with Haileys kid!! Does it belong to Tyler Collins Or did you give her some funny ideas!!”

Rachel was the culprit who had encouraged Hailey to hook up with Tyler and Cayden.

“Hey, it hurts, let go! This is between you and Hailey.

Go ask her about it yourself.

How would I know!”

Rachel was a weak woman who definitely wouldnt be able to withstand Jordans strength.

Hailey hurriedly and anxiously went forward to put her hand gently on Jordans wrist.

She said in a tender voice, “Jordan, let go of her.

Shes just joking, and the kid definitely belongs to you.

Have you forgotten I took a pregnancy test kit every morning when I was trying for a baby, and I only got a positive result a few days after I started!”

Jordan slowly loosened his grip on Rachels wrist and looked at Hailey.

“Youre not lying to me

Hailey had a tender expression on her face, just like she did when they first got remarried.

She pulled Jordans hand back and said affectionately, “Of course, why would I lie to you Rachel just blames you for the divorce.

Thats why she said that nonsense.”

“If you dont believe me, you can bend down and listen to my stomach.

Theres no movement.

We were just lying to you just now.”

Jordan continued to glance at Haileys flat belly, and deep down, he really wanted to try and hear it because it was his baby!

However, once he thought that he already had a girlfriend and Haileys new husband was also present, he didnt do so.

Jordan let go of Rachel and said, “Cut the crap.

Rachel Quinn, Cory has already given you the house and the car.

You should count your blessings.

I hope you wont harm honest and gullible people again!”

After saying that, Jordan pointed to the crib in front of him and said, “You like this one, huh Ill go pay for it.”

Jordan was furious.

He grabbed the babys crib and headed downstairs to pay up.

“Hes so obstinate and hot-tempered.

How annoying!” Hailey was so furious that she stomped her feet and exclaimed, “I heard that Cory didnt lose his temper at all when he caught Rachel and that hunk in bed.

He just sat outside to smoke.”

“Jordan just likes getting physical all the time.

He cant control his temper at all!”

Cayden stood at the side without saying anything.

If it werent for his plans to take revenge on Jordan with his evil plans, he wouldnt have married such an immoral woman like Hailey!

After paying the bill at the cashier downstairs, Jordan left the crib behind and went with Victoria.

After returning to the car, Jordan quickly got a grip on his emotions and happily returned to Jade Villa with Victoria.

Today is their first day in New York City where they had decided to settle down and carve a career.

They might also get married and have children here.

It wasnt worth it to let a vile woman who had cheated on him affect their mood!

In the evening, Stella and the managers of several important departments of their company came to the Jade Villa for a housewarming to congratulate Victoria on her new home.

On the other hand, Hailey was tossing and turning in bed, unable to fall asleep.


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