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Chapter 161: Victoria Gets Dismissed!

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Jade Villa.

Hailey tossed and turned in her newly purchased bed, unable to fall asleep no matter how she tried.

Thus, she got up with a look of frustration on her face.

Cayden hurriedly sat down beside her and said comfortingly, “My dear wife, whats wrong Are you suffering from insomnia”

Hailey was furious.

Although she was about to get married for the third time in her life and was now an expectant mother, she was still pure and youthful, like a teenage girl.

Hailey said, “Its so noisy next door! There are so many people at Victoria Clarkes house, and the thought of them drinking happily makes me angry.”

“Jordan slept with my cousin, and now hes hooking up with Victoria.

Hes already been with two different women in less than a month since our divorce! What gives him the right to do that”

Hailey had only been with Cayden after her divorce from Jordan, so she felt she was disadvantaged.

Cayden was stunned because they lived in a villa where there wouldnt be sound insulation issues prevalent in apartments.

At the very least, Cayden did not hear anything.

“Ill go next door to look for them!”

Cayden was just about to get up when he was pulled back by Hailey.

“Hey, Hubby, forget it.

Dont go.”

Hailey was afraid that Cayden and Jordan would fight again because Cayden would definitely be at the losing end.

Hailey asked, “Does Victoria Clarke have a lot of friends in New York She just bought a villa today, and so many people are here to celebrate for her.

Those cars parked outside her door are all luxury cars too.”

Cayden smiled faintly and said, “Maybe, but that little network of connections hers is insignificant compared to the Huxleys network in New York City.”

“Besides, Ive already sent someone to check the license plate numbers of the cars that are at her place.

Soon, Ill be able to find out who they are.”

“Honey, go to bed.

Rest assured, since Victoria Clarke and Jordan Steele dared to provoke us like that, I will make their lives hard in New York City!”

After half an hour, Cayden received a phone call.

“Cayden, Ive found out that that pink Porsche belongs to Stella Weston, owner of Stella Cosmetics, and the other two cards belong to employees of their company.”

Cayden said with a faint smile, “So its that small cosmetic products company that Maggie endorses.”

Cayden knew about Stella Cosmetics because the brand had risen to fame in the country in the last two years and for some special reasons.

However, given his expression, he clearly didnt take Stellas company seriously.

11:30 pm.

Stella and the others walked out of Victoria and Jordans villa, and the two of them went outside to see them off.

“Bye, Victoria, see you at the office tomorrow.”

“Bye-bye, Miss Clarke.”

Stella and the others waved goodbye to Victoria before driving away from Jade Villa.

However, when they drove out of the villa, a Mercedes Benz G-wagon forced Stellas Porsche to come to a halt.

“Who is that!! Do you know how to drive!!”

Since she had drunk alcohol, Stella was now sitting in the passenger seat.

She cursed at the driver of the Mercedes-Benz G-wagon.

The driver of the Mercedes-Benz G-wagon slowly rolled down the window, revealing his handsome young face.

“Stella Weston, right Pullover at the side.

Lets chat.”

Stella also found him to be a little familiar-looking.

Besides, there were many of them and a few cars.

Thus, she wasnt afraid that he might harm her.

Because of this, Stellas and her colleagues cars were all stopped at the side of the road with their hazard lights on.

Stella strutted over domineeringly in her high heels, “Who are you How do you know me”

Cayden, too, got out of the car, lit up a cigarette, and smiled.

“Im Cayden Huxley.

My family owns Breezy Express.”

“Breezy Express! The Huxleys!”

Stella was immediately taken aback!

There were hidden powerhouses everywhere in this city, and moreover, Cayden was driving a luxury car.

Thus, although Cayden forced her to stop, she didnt hurl any vulgarities for fear that she might accidentally offend a big shot.

Hearing Cayden reveal his familys name, Stella was really shocked out of his wits.

All business owners in New York were aware of the billionaire family, the Huxleys.

Even an ordinary person would know that Breezy Express was the best logistics company in the city at the moment!

Stella immediately smiled and said, “No wonder I found you so familiar-looking, Handsome.

So its you, Mr.


Do you want to get to know me Come on, lets exchange numbers.”

Cayden reached out and refuted.

“Miss Weston, Id like to ask you, what is your relationship with Victoria Clarke”

Stella said truthfully, “We are best friends, she just came to New York City, and now she is the deputy president of Stella Cosmetics.”


Huxley, youre not in love with Victoria, are you Its a pity.

She already has a boyfriend.”

Stella thought that Cayden had taken a fancy to Victoria, so he was looking for her lobbyist.

After all, Victoria had a great temperament and was the ideal type of these businessmen.

Cayden said, “I really dont like that woman Victoria Clarke, so I hope you wont hire her.”

Seemingly put in a tough spot, Stella said, “How can I do that Shes already become a shareholder, and I was the one who invited her to New York…”

Cayden humphed coldly and said, “If you dont sack her, I will use the power of my family against you.

Do you think that with the power of our family, this small cosmetics company of yours can still gain a foothold in New York City”

Stella bit her lips.

Of course, she knew the strength of the Huxleys!

If the Huxleys wanted to deal with her, she wouldnt be able to defeat them even if she had ten Stella Cosmetics!

Stella looked at Cayden and asked, “Are you really a member of the Huxleys”

She couldnt turn her back on her best friend if he was just a random person who popped up on the road.

Cayden smiled and said, “Maggie is the spokesperson of your lipstick brand, right Let me show you something.”

Cayden took out his phone and found a group photo in the hidden album.

He then showed it to Stella.

When Stella saw it, she was instantly shocked!

It was a picture of Cayden and Maggie kissing in a hotel!

Maggie was a popular idol, and the photo would cause Instagram to crash if it was exposed.

“Do you believe it now” Cayden asked with a sinister smile.

“Yes, yes!”

Stella no longer dared to doubt the identity of the man in front of her.

Since he could sleep with a celebrity and have photos of her that hadnt been exposed, he was definitely a wealthy scion.

Cayden had slept with many celebrities, and Maggie was just one of them.

On the next day, Victoria excitedly drove to work at Stellas company.

It was her first day at work in New York City, and she brought breakfast and small gifts for many of her colleagues.

After giving them out, Victoria came to Stellas office.

“Miss Weston, where is my office” Victoria asked with a smile.

To her surprise, Stella remained silent on the chair for a long time with a bitter expression on her face.

Stella suddenly gave the bank card that Victoria gave her yesterday back to her.

She said, “Victoria, I havent touched this money, so take it back.”

Victoria was baffled.

“Why Do you think its too little Ill invest 15 million dollars then.

Anyway, I have confidence in our company.”

Stella sighed and said with difficulty, “Sorry, Victoria, I cant let you work in my company anymore!”


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