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Chapter 162: Victorias Despair!

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Victorias excitement instantly vanished!

She initially thought that today would be the start of everything good, but she didnt expect to be dismissed on her first day in the new company.

Stella looked at Victoria with a guilty expression and asked, “Victoria, did you offend the Huxleys”

Stella had been busy with her cosmetics company, so she was previously unclear about Victorias predicament in Ace Corporation.

Victoria instantly understood what was going on.

It turned out to be Caydens doing.

“Im sorry, Victoria.

I cant help it.

Theres no way this small company of ours can defeat the Huxleys.”

Stella apologized to Victoria guiltily.

Victoria smiled and said, “Its okay, Stella, I dont blame you.

If I were you, Id probably do the same thing.”

“Ill get going then.

Lets have afternoon tea together some other time.”

Victoria maintained her good manners and got up to leave.

After leaving the building and returning to her car, Victoria did not have time to sulk in sorrow and immediately picked up her cell phone to make a call.

Having carved a career alone in the business world for seven years, coupled with the fact that she had risen to the position of president of a listed company, she naturally had a lot of contacts.

In fact, Stella Cosmetics was not at all the best company she could work in.

She merely chose to work there because she was close to Stella.

Several online literature companies, music platform companies, film companies, and video content companies invited Victoria to join them.


Jones, you said previously that if I were to come to New York City, you would give me the role of deputy president.

Does it still stand now”

“Yes, yes, Im already in New York City.

When are you free Ill come and have a chat with you, alright”

Victoria first called a listed online video company named Genie.

However, in the past two years, the company has been incurring financial losses.

Last year, it lost close to two billion dollars.

With only two or three video websites left on the market, and the increasing membership prices of the other companies, Victoria knew that making profits was just a matter of time.

The future prospects of this company were excellent.

Arriving at the Innovation Center building where the company was located, the companys CEO, Linus Jones, personally received Victoria at the reception room of the office.

“Ah, since the last time we parted, Ive been looking forward to meeting you again, Miss Clarke.”

“Seriously, I even dreamed of you last night!”

“Who knew that youd coincidentally contact me bright early this morning and ask to work at my company.

Haha, dont you think its fate”

Victoria and Linus had previously had dinner in Orlando, which was also where they knew each other.

Due to Victorias unique aura and her flair for coaxing those tycoons, Linus took a fancy to Victoria after they met each other once.

Victoria smiled and said, “Who said its not I already had a hunch during the meal we had the other time that Id definitely work for you someday, Mr.


“Haha, sure! Sure! Alright!”

Linus grinned happily.

With such a beautiful deputy president like Victoria, he would definitely enjoy work every day.

“Victoria, you used to work in Ace Corporation, which has nothing to do with Internet technology after all.

I have to test your knowledge in video websites!”

Linus naturally wouldnt choose a random person to hold an essential position in the company.

He wouldnt be able to convince the majority of the other employees either.

Victoria was naturally more than just a pretty face.

She had a thorough understanding of many industries, especially Internet companies.

Over the past seven years, she had learned a lot when having frequent meals with the big bosses of these industries.

After a long chat, Linus exclaimed in awe, “There is no one as beautiful and capable as you in the whole of this city.

Welcome on board!”

“Ill convene a board meeting immediately to announce this matter!”

“Thank you, Mr.


However, to his surprise, a middle-aged man knocked on the door at this very moment.

He whispered something into Linuss ear after entering.

After hearing his words, Linuss joy vanished immediately.

Linus asked the middle-aged man to go out and then lit up a cigarette.

He asked, “Victoria, when did you offend the Huxleys”

Victoria had already guessed that what the middle-aged man had just conveyed was the message sent by the Huxleys.

Victoria was somewhat surprised.

It had only been slightly over half an hour since she arrived at Genie Co.

How did Cayden Huxley manage to find out and stop her so soon

“Cayden Huxley is following me!”

Victoria thought of this possibility.

Regardless of which company Victoria goes to, Cayden would definitely think of a way to stop her.

Genie was a listed company, and yet, they couldnt even have autonomy and had to be subservient to the Huxleys.

Victoria looked at Linus and said, “Mr.

Jones, could it be that youre also afraid of the Huxleys Ive never offended them, but theyre out to kill me.”

While smoking, Linus sighed and said, “Ah, Im sorry, Miss Clarke, I cant go against Mr.

Huxleys wishes.”

“How about this Tell me what happened to you guys, and Ill see if I can help you two mediate.”

“Thats not necessary.”

Victoria knew it would be useless because Cayden had never had a feud with her.

He was doing it because she was Jordans girlfriend.

At the end of the day, the only solution was to break up with Jordan.

However, Victoria wouldnt do that!

“Excuse me, Mr.


Victoria once again left dejectedly.

After that, Victoria called several companies again and again and also went for interviews.

However, without exception, the bosses would receive a call less than half an hour after she arrived.

The smiles on their faces would instantly become cold too.

She had to admit that the Huxleys were really powerful in New York City.

The bosses of the ten-odd companies that Victoria went to were all afraid of the Huxleys!

At five oclock in the afternoon, Victoria parked her car on the side of the road.

She was drenched in sweat, and her makeup was a bit smudged.

Since she had been walking in high heels, her feet hurt, and her heels were bleeding.

It was her heart that hurt the most.

After being rejected time and time again, she felt that there was no way she could survive in New York City!

Seated in the drivers seat, Victoria lit up a cigarette and laid her head on the steering wheel.


A Mercedes-Benz suddenly drove up and stopped in front of Victoria.

A man knocked on Victorias car window.

Victoria lowered the window and saw that it was none other than Cayden!

Cayden had a sinister smile as he looked at Victoria, who was lost in thought.

He said, “Whats wrong, Miss Clarke Are you crying Tsk tsk, youve always been a conceited beauty.

Why do you look so sad now Looking at you makes my heart ache a little.”

Victoria glowered at Cayden furiously and wished she could eat him up!

Cayden leaned against the car window, stuck his head into Victorias car, and laughed.

“How is it Beauty, do you know how powerful I am now”

“Its pointless no matter how many companies you approach.

As long as I make a phone call to them, theyll sack you immediately even if they hire you!”

As Cayden spoke, he moved his face closer and closer to Victorias face in a bid to kiss her!

In his opinion, Victoria had already been tortured to desperation by him today and definitely knew the impeccable strength of the Huxleys.

He was confident that Victoria would not dare to refuse!


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