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Chapter 164: Ex-Wife Gets Remarried!

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Cayden was a scion of a top family in the country.

Basically, he would be able to get his hands on all the female celebrities in the entertainment industry except for those who had powerful backers and those who strongly abide by their principles.

Some celebrities would explicitly state their price, while some would sleep with him for free because they wanted to marry into a wealthy family.

Maggie was from an average family background and had suddenly risen to fame because of a reality show and became the idol of countless young people.

After becoming famous, she attracted the attention of wealthy scions like Cayden.

She hooked up with him after being introduced to him.

In fact, celebrities also like to date mega-rich scions or have one-night stands with them, not only because of the money.

Well, many of them rake in hefty earnings on their own too.

It was mainly because some of these celebrities, especially those with idol images, were often strictly forbidden from dating by their management agencies.

However, falling in love is inevitable for most people.

No one would want to spend 100% of their time during their twenties, which are the prime years of their lives, simply working.

However, if they ever fall in love, they would have to hide their relationship from the public, and dating an ordinary person comes with more significant risks.

What if the ordinary person was just using them for clout or exposing their romance for some other personal interests

Thus, dating a super-rich scion is the best option since pride was also important to them, and they usually wouldnt show off their relationships with celebrities.

At 7 am.

Jade Villa.

Jordan had already washed up and made breakfast.

He patted Victoria, who was still asleep, and said, “Darling, its 7 am.

Its time for you to go to work.”

Jordan still didnt know that Victoria was now out of job.

Victoria opened her eyes and said, “Im not feeling well.

Im not going today.”

Jordan touched Victorias forehead and found that she wasnt feverish, but he realized that Victoria seemed highly fatigued.

“Victoria, whats making you feel unwell Do you want me to take you to the hospital for a look”

Victoria shook her head and said, “Ill be fine after I sleep for a little while longer.

You dont need to bother about me.

You go ahead with your work.”

Since Jordan started cohabiting with Victoria, it was the first time that she had fallen ill.

Seeing that she was unwell, how could Jordan be at ease with leaving her alone at home

He made only about a thousand dollars as a courier deliverer, which simply put him in the poverty class in a first-tier metropolis like New York City.

There was almost nothing he could afford with such a meager wage.

Jordan was not actually penniless anyway, so missing work didnt matter to him.

Thus, Jordan did not go to work and stayed home with her.

At 10 am, Jordan was drinking tea in the living room and reading the latest issue of Forbes business magazine.

He suddenly heard the commotion outside the villa.

There was an endless stream of luxury cars cruising in, and there were flowers on each of them.

The front of the Mercedes-Benz G-wagon at the front of the convoy was decorated with a heart-shaped floral wreath.

Jordan knew that today was the day of Haileys and Caydens wedding, and Cayden had just picked Hailey up.


Jordan couldnt help but sigh.

It really didnt occur to Jordan that his ex-wife would get married again at a place so near him!

He initially thought that he would not see all of this!

Although he wanted to turn a blind eye, he could not help but continue to look out the window.

From where he was standing, it was possible to see the situation in front of Haileys villa.

The Mercedes Benz stopped, and Cayden first got out of the car from the back seat before carrying Hailey out.


The crowd cheered with excitement, and many were spraying party string.

Clad in a white wedding dress, Hailey smiled blissfully as she was held in Caydens arms.

“Hailey Camden…”

Seeing this scene, Jordan felt a little sour!

He did hate Hailey and her betrayal.

He no longer loved her either!

However, the two of them had been married for three years after all, and it hadnt been long since they had separated.

Jordan hadnt completely forgotten her, so he was still irked to see her get married to another man in such a short period!

‘Just a month ago, she was clearly still coddled in my arms and calling me her Hubby coquettishly.

Shed ask for a morning kiss every single day and insist on drinking lemon water made by me…

‘When I think of these events now, it feels as if they happened a century ago…

‘How intoxicating are those beautiful memories!

Hailey would not be wearing a wedding dress and laying in Caydens arms if Jordan did not pretend to be expelled from the Steele family.

Unfortunately, there are no ifs in this world.

Jordan had to do it!

Just as Jordan felt nostalgic about the past, he suddenly saw a familiar figure through the floor-to-ceiling window.

It was Stella!

“Stellas here! She must be here to visit Victoria.”

After Jordan saw Stella, he immediately put down his teacup and went out of the villa to greet her.

“Miss Weston.”

Jordan walked up and called out to Stella.

By this time, Cayden had already carried Hailey into the villa, and a group of his friends had followed him in too.

She was a little surprised to see Jordan.

“Oh, its you, Jordan.”

Jordan asked, “Miss Weston, are you here to visit Victoria because you knew that shes not feeling well You two really are best friends.”

To his surprise, Stella seemed a little awkward as she asked, “Victoria is feeling unwell Whats wrong with her”

Jordan was curious.

“Dont you know Didnt she inform you that shed take a day off”

“Take a day off” Stella guessed that Jordan still didnt know what was going on and said, “Jordan, Victoria hasnt told you yet, has she Shes no longer working at Stella Cosmetics.”

“What Why”

Jordan was bewildered.

Obviously too embarrassed to tell him the reason, Stella pointed to the front and said, “Well, lets talk about it some other time.

I still have something to do.”

She entered Caydens villa!

‘When did Stella get to know Cayden!!

Jordan was extremely curious.

‘If Stella knew Cayden a long time ago, she would have brought this up when she came the night before last.

‘Could it be that she just got to know him

Jordan didnt have time to bother with this.

What he wanted to know now was Victorias situation!

“Victoria, Victoria.”

Jordan ran to the room and woke up Victoria.

“Victoria, are you not working for Stella Cosmetics anymore”

Victoria had also woken up long ago, and after sitting up, asked, “How did you know”

Jordan said, “I just saw Stella outside the door.”

“Is she here to visit me”

Jordan shook his head and said, “Shes here to congratulate Cayden and Hailey.”


Victoria laughed in contempt.

‘Indeed, friendships formed from casual encounters are all based on interests.

Stella knew full well that Cayden was going to drive Victoria to a dead end, yet she still befriended Cayden.

However, Victoria didnt blame her because thats just how business is.

Jordan put his hands on Victorias tender shoulders and asked, “Victoria, tell me what really happened yesterday!”


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