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Chapter 166: Hailey Admits To It!

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Jordan was speechless!

‘I cant forget you I have to get on my knees to beg you

‘Youre the one at fault!

‘Hailey Camden is still so arrogant and self-righteous, even till this day!

Rachel had already received her due punishment for cheating on her husband.

The last time they met at the furniture store, Jordan could tell that she was no longer as glamorous as she used to be.

Yet, Hailey, who had cheated on him twice, was still the same as before!

She was still living a happy and comfortable life!

Without Jordan, she still had Cayden, who was just as wealthy and spoiled her even more.

A woman who has done something wrong doesnt deserve such a good outcome!

Jordan said to Hailey furiously, “Hailey Camden, stop being so narcissistic! Its not that youre pretty, and all men have to lower themselves and love you for life!”

“How is my girlfriend any inferior to you”

“Victoria is prettier than you, more elegant than you, more obedient, and better at taking care of other people than you are.



Jordan spoke very quickly, but before he could finish speaking, Hailey slapped him.

“Shut up! You bastard!”

Hailey was an extremely jealous woman and always thought she was the most perfect woman.

She couldnt accept hearing her ex-husband belittling her and praising another woman.

Haileys unbridled behavior made Jordan extremely displeased!

‘What right does Hailey Camden have to slap me!!

Jordan raised his hand and slapped Hailey on her face!


The light slap landed on the exquisite face of Hailey, who was wearing a wedding dress.


Hailey called out, and she instantly burst into tears.

With one hand on her face, she looked at Jordan, feeling aggrieved and heartbroken.

When Jordan saw the tears rolling out from the corners of Haileys eyes, he felt a little upset too.

He didnt dare to continue staring at Hailey, and his gaze turned a little dodgy.

“You… you dont have the right to hit me, dont do this to me again next time.

Im no longer your husband.”


Hailey covered her face and exclaimed, “Jordan, youre so heartless!”

Jordan didnt answer her.

Hailey wiped her tears dry and continued, “Jordan, I was the one who told Cayden to stop Victoria from getting a job.

You dont have to go to my husband.

If you want to take revenge, just come at me!”

“You” Jordan looked at Hailey again.

Hailey said furiously, “Yes, its me.

You dont dare to admit that you still love me, but I do!”

“I admit that I still like you very much, and it irks me to see you and Victoria Clarke together! To make matters worse, youre living in the villa next to mine! The thought of it made me unable to fall asleep at all!”

“I just want to make it impossible for Victoria to get a job and make her seem useless.

I want her to get lost from New York City and get out of my sight!”

Jordan did not expect that Hailey, who had already become Caydens wife, would still tell him that he liked her.

Hailey was extremely jealous of Victoria, and she had a strong sense of animosity.

Hailey said, “Jordan, Cayden did not do anything illegal, nor did he use despicable means to deal with Victoria.”

“You should know that with the Huxleys power in this city, itd be even more difficult for you to make a living in New York City!”

“We are resorting to business means.

If you want to seek justice for your girlfriend, please also do so through business, just like you did before with Cayden in the stock market!”

“Thats what men should do instead of barging into someone elses home like a thug and threatening to kill us! Youre acting like a good-for-nothing!”

Jordan looked at Hailey in exasperation and asked, “Did you call me a good-for-nothing”

Hailey humphed coldly and exclaimed, “Are you not If youre not, go confront the bosses of those companies and tell them to hire Victoria Clarke! If you have what it takes, open your own company and feed Victoria Clarke!”

“Now that youve lost the business battle, youre venting it on us in real life.

If youre not a good-for-nothing, what are you”

“Jordan, do you know why I am determined to divorce you Its not only because of Elle.

Elle has always been going against me, and she may have slept with you to get back at me.”

“The reason I divorced you is not that youre penniless too, but rather, its because I dont see any hope in you! Youre not driven at all!”


Jordan cursed at Hailey!

“Im not driven in life Im hopeless At that time, I was merely chased out of the family for just a few days, and you called it a death sentence!”

“Youre not the type of woman whos willing to share weal and woe with her husband! You even used those words on Twitter to insult me!”

“Hailey Camden, you dont have any sense of judgment at all! You treat those toxic inspirational quotes on the Internet as treasures! You treat those immoral advice that Rachel Quinn gave you as a holy edict!”

“Our marriage was ruined by your stupidity!”

Hailey was so flustered that she was about to cry.

She didnt dare to hit him at all and instead gave Jordan a little push.

“Youre so stupid!”

Jordan was infuriated.

“Hmph, you want me to deal with you using business tactics, huh Sure, sure! Dont worry, I wont contact Cayden Huxley again.”

Hailey didnt know that by going to confront Cayden and questioning him, Jordan was being merciful!

Once Cayden let Jordan teach him a lesson and beat him up, Jordan would be able to vent his anger and no longer target him.

The real vicious revenge was Jordans plan to wreck his business!

The reason being Jordan could make Cayden go bankrupt!

He could make Hailey end up with nothing!


Hailey turned her head and looked behind her, only to see that the door was tightly shut and that no guests were coming out.

However, she didnt want to continue arguing with Jordan since he had already agreed to stop harassing Cayden in such a manner.

Hailey and Jordan both stayed silent for more than ten seconds to ease their feelings.

In the end, Hailey said, “Good that youve thought about it carefully.

I dont want to argue with you anymore.

Im scared that the baby wont want to come to this world anymore after hearing her parents argue.”

Hailey lowered her head and gently caressed her stomach.

Haileys words made Jordans heart turned soft, and in fact, he even felt ashamed.

He actually said such awful things in the presence of his unborn child.

‘Yeah, if our baby hears this, will she also find that this world is dirty

If she had an option, she wouldnt have come to this world.

Hailey turned around and was about to return to the villa.

“Wait a minute.”

Jordan suddenly called Hailey and said, “Theres one more thing I want to explain to you.”

“Elle and I didnt do anything that day.”

He didnt know if he was deliberately explaining to Hailey or if he wanted to explain to the child in her womb.

He hoped that everyone in this world would be able to maintain some kindness.

He didnt want the world to be left with nothing but ugliness and evilness.

Hence, he was willing to tell the truth to Hailey and the child in his womb!

To his surprise, Hailey laughed contemptuously and asked, “You two slept together without doing anything Hmph, do you really think Id be so stupid as to believe that nonsense”

As soon as Hailey said that, she immediately covered her mouth in horror and fear.


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