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Chapter 167: Jordan Steele, Youre Inferior To My Husband!

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Hailey accidentally let her tongue slip!

Meanwhile, Jordan had already known the truth since a long time ago!

A second ago, Jordan was still planning not to continue arguing with Hailey for the child.

However, at this moment, Haileys words were just too infuriating!

Jordan pointed at Hailey, and he was enraged.

“Hailey Camden, you finally admit that youve slept with Tyler before, huh!!”

Hailey knew that nothing she said would matter anymore at this point.

However, Hailey was no longer Jordans wife, so she didnt care anymore.

Hailey exclaimed, “So… so what if I admit it!! By the way, I did sleep with Tyler at the Roxy Hotel the other day!”

“Why are you lying to me!!” Jordan exclaimed angrily, his face as red as a tomato.

Hailey humphed coldly.

“Would you have forgiven me if I didnt lie to you Youre so petty.

If I had told you the truth, youd definitely despise me.”


“Im petty Do you think you should be forgiven!” Jordan questioned.

Hailey said, “Yes, you are indeed petty! Compared to my current husband, Cayden, you are just a calculative man whos not magnanimous at all!”

“Now that Im pregnant with your child, Cayden treats me just as well and pampers me too.

He takes care of me like a daughter.”

“Hmph, if it were you, would you be willing to accept marrying me while Im pregnant with another mans child”

Jordan was extremely speechless.

‘When has this world become a contest of whos more humble and whos better at being a bootlicker to a woman!!

Even if Cayden really did it, does it mean that what he did was right

Is being friendly to all women the right thing to do

Well, it depends on the personality of the woman!

Besides, Cayden wasnt a fool either.

He was a playboy, while Hailey was a simple-minded woman who couldnt see his true colors at all!

Jordan said, “Okay, I admit it, I cant do it but let me remind you, Cayden Huxley is not a good man at all.

Youd better not fall too hard for him!”

Hailey answered in disdain, “Stop being sour about my husband! My husband is the best man in the world! Hes a thousand times and ten thousand times better than you! Hes so much nicer to me and more generous than you! You cant compare to him at all!”

Jordan said just now that Hailey was inferior to Victoria in every aspect, so Hailey replied by saying that he was inferior to Cayden as well.

Women are very vindictive!

After saying that, Hailey carried her skirt and returned to the villa.

After arguing with Hailey for a while, Jordans mood became extremely irritable!

He couldnt turn a deaf ear to Haileys words, and Hailey could still easily affect his mood!

“Hailey Camden, Cayden Huxley, you adulterous pair, you dont deserve a good outcome at all!”

Jordan clenched his fist and turned around to leave.

Just as he was about to leave, he inadvertently looked up and suddenly noticed that there was a drone facing him above his head.

Jordan thought that this drone might belong to Cayden, and he deliberately sent a drone out so that he could spy on him and Hailey!

“Screw you!”

Jordan was so enraged that he picked up a small stone in the yard and smashed it at the drone!


The stone spun so quickly that it smashed the drone onto the ground!

Afterward, Jordan took a step back to go back to his villa.

However, as soon as he returned, he received a text message.

It was from Pablo.

“Sorry, Master, the drone was too close to you.

Im sorry to have angered you.

Please simmer down, Master!”

Seeing the content of the text message, Jordan exclaimed in horror, “Does the drone belong to Pablo”

Jordan looked around and discovered that Pablo wasnt around.

“Isnt Pablo in Orlando Did he come to New York City”

Jordan called him.

“Im sorry, Master!”

Pablo apologized to Jordan immediately because he had clearly seen how furious Jordan was through the drones screen.

Jordan had lost control merely because he was angering his former wife, Hailey.

Jordan had always known how to control his emotions in front of others.

Jordan said coldly, “Are you in New York City What are you doing here Are you using the drone to spy on me”

Pablo hurriedly replied, “I dare not do that, Master.

The drone is used to spy on Cayden.”


Jordan was a little baffled because he didnt instruct Pablo to do that.

Pablo said, “Ever since I learned that you and Miss Clarke were moving to New York City, I guessed that that scoundrel Cayden would make trouble for you.”

“So I came over in advance to spy on him and see if I could find some evidence against him.”

Jordan felt that Pablo was deliberately currying favor with him and trying to do something for him.

Jordan asked, “What are the results of your surveillance in the past few days”

Pablo said, “This guy does not have any bad habits, nor has he committed any illegal acts.

I havent found anything for the time being.”

“However, hes been seeing another woman behind Haileys back.

Shes a celebrity called Maggie!”


Jordan froze in shock because he had met her at the office of Stella Cosmetics, for whom she was the brand ambassador.

On that day, Jordan and Maggie had merely met each other briefly.

She was young, pretty, and multi-talented.

However, Jordan had never heard her sing or act.

In terms of beauty, she was ordinary compared to Hailey and Victoria.

Hence, Jordan didnt have a good impression of Maggie.

“Yes, it is Maggie.

Cayden also met Maggie last night, and they even did the deed in the car!” Pablo said.

Jordan humphed coldly and thought to himself,Hailey Camden, oh, Hailey Camden, this is the so-called best man in the entire world!”

‘He pampers you like a daughter, hes generous, and hes rich!

‘But do you know that he was fooling around with other women the day before your wedding

Haileys new marriage actually didnt have anything to do with Jordan in the first place, and he wanted to stay out of it.

However, Cayden had messed with Victoria, and Hailey was confident that she had married a good husband.

Thus, Jordan had to put them to shame!

Jordan asked, “Did you get the photos”

Pablo chuckled and said, “Of course, Master, I have long prepared them for you!”

Pablo was going to give Jordan an unexpected gift.

Jordan felt that Pablo was highly loyal to him.

He said, “Dont call me Master from now on.

It sounds rather strange.

Just call me Mr.

Jordan like Butler Frank does.”

“If there are outsiders present, just call me by my name.”

“Yes, Mr.


Pablo was overjoyed because he knew that a change in the form of address meant that Jordan trusted him as much as Frank did!

Pablo asked, “Mr.

Jordan, do you want those photos to be exposed now Maggie is a big celebrity who has millions of followers on Instagram.

If they get exposed now, theyll definitely top the list of trending topics!”

Jordan asked, “The wedding between Hailey and Cayden hasnt officially begun yet, has it”

Pablo answered, “Yeah, itll begin only at 12 pm.

The guests are all at the hotel.”

Jordan said, “Lets expose the photos at twelve noon during their wedding ceremony!”


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