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Chapter 168: Cayden And I Fell In Love At First Sight!

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It seemed that Jordan and Hailey were destined to be both lovers and enemies in this life!

Hailey betrayed Jordan twice, and Jordan was probably going to disrupt her wedding twice as well.

At first, Jordan didnt intend to do this because he felt that disrupting his ex-wifes wedding was a very childish act.

More importantly, deliberately disrupting your former spouses wedding will make them think that you are still in love with them and cant get over them!

Although he couldnt let go of a three-year relationship easily, Jordan did not care about Hailey anymore because he was now dating Victoria, who was much better than Hailey.

However, Cayden wanted to cut off Victorias means of livelihood in New York City and leave her perpetually jobless.

When Hailey first admitted to her affair with Tyler back then, she had actually not only refused to apologize to Jordan but even justified her actions!

She cant blame Jordan for taking revenge then!

He didnt deliberately spread false news and slander others like Cayden did, and Cayden could only blame himself for behaving maliciously!

Jordan stepped back inside the villa and discovered that Stella was also there.

At the same time, Victoria had already washed up and changed into a fresh set of clothes.

Victoria saw Jordan returning and came over with some concern, “Jordan, you didnt get into a fight, did you”

Jordan shook his head.

“Good that you didnt.

I was terrified.”

Victoria was worried that Jordan might get someone killed.

If that were to happen, they would never be able to get married and have children.

Stella did not acknowledge Jordans presence and merely said, “Since everything is fine now, Ill take my leave and come see you another day.”

Jordan and Victoria watched Stella leave, but no one went out to see her off.

The reason being they both knew that Stella would be going to the villa next door.

It would only make everyone awkward if they were to send her off.

Jordan said bluntly, “I dont like that woman.

I can understand why she doesnt want to hire you.

Well, no one wants to be implicated by someone.”

“But shes obviously trying to suck up to Cayden Huxley by coming here to attend his wedding and join the segment of receiving the bride.”

Victoria lowered her head slightly and said, “Forget it.

Many friendships are built based on situations where there is no conflict of interest.

If I had known this, I wouldnt have joined her company no matter what.”

Jordan suddenly remembered a problem at this point.

He just learned that Caydens clandestine lover was Maggie, also the brand ambassador of Stellas cosmetics company!

“If Stella also knows about this matter, she must be sucking up to Cayden because of this matter!”

Jordan began to understand a bit of the reason for Stellas actions!

However, he could not tell Victoria in advance for the time being.

Hell just let her stay at home with him and watch the good show unfold!

At 12pm in Ballroom 1 of The Galleria.

“Wow, this place is so beautiful, the decor style is… Baroque right Look at this crystal chandelier.

There must be tens of thousands of crystals, right Its a pity that Elle isnt here to see this.”

Haileys mother, Sylvie, was full of praise for the wedding ballroom.

On the other hand, her father, Benedict, was also sitting in his seat with great dignity.

Herman poured a glass of wine for his brother and said, “Benedict, Hailey is really something.

She actually managed to marry into the prestigious Huxley family in New York.

You must tell her to help us out in the future.”

Diana, who was dressed in bright colors, also laughed happily at the side.

She said, “Herman is right.

If we get the Huxleys help again, the Camdens will go from a top-tier family to the greatest whale in Orlando in no time!”

Drew sat at the side and listened quietly with disdain.

This time, Hailey didnt invite Elle because she was displeased with her.

The guests of the wedding included famous bigwigs of the business world, as well as numerous celebrities.

They had even invited the famous host, Jimmy Kimmel, to be their wedding emcee.

The wedding had begun, and Jimmy was standing on the stage.

“Today is a big day for Mr.

Cayden Huxley and Ms.

Hailey Camden, as they will be entering the next phase of life together.

I believe everyone is as curious as I am to know, how did this gorgeous couple meet each other”

Cayden picked up the microphone and said, “I met my wife at a place named after her, a place called Hailey Residences.”

“I fell in love with her the first time I saw her.

She was like a fairy, and I was mesmerized because Id never seen such a pretty woman before.”

“So, I went to apply for a job as a designer and went to work and got off work with her every day.

I designed the rooms and buildings of the residence, and I treated that place as our love nest!”

Drew was stunned to hear that, so he immediately picked up the phone and recorded a video of the scene.

He thought,Great, I wonder if Jordan will wreck your love nest on the spot if he hears this.

On the stage, Cayden continued to speak.

“While I was designing, I was imagining the scene of living in the house with Hailey, and later, I couldnt help but confess my love to her.

We got together with each other then.”

After hearing their love story, many guests gave them a round of applause.

A middle-aged man often featured in the financial news and spoke to Arthur seated in the front row.

“Your grandsons love story is really romantic.

The esteemed scion of the Huxley family actually went to be someone elses employee and ended up marrying his boss, haha.”

Arthur smiled and said gleefully, “This kid just likes messing around, but thats very much like me.”

Sylvies classmates, whom she had invited, also shook Sylvies hand and sang praises.

“Wow, Sylvie, look at your son-in-law.

Hes tall, rich, handsome, and so romantic.

He loves your daughter so much too.

Hes so much better than the previous one…”

At this point, Sylvies classmate deliberately lowered her volume.

“Hes a hundred times better than Jordan!”

Sylvies head hurt at the thought of Jordan and the fact that she had cooked him breakfast several times before!

Sylvie whispered, “Of course, Cayden is many times better than that punk, Jordan.

Hes really not reliable at all! Forget it that hes penniless.

He even cheated on Hailey!”

“He should come over and see how devoted and loving Cayden is to Hailey!”

Sylvies classmate said, “I came across this popular quote on the Internet, and I totally agree.

The richer the man, the more devoted he is, but the poorer the man, the more he fantasizes about finding a mistress.”

“Yes, thats very true.

Where can I find it online I want to share it on Instagram!” Sylvie grabbed her phone.

At this moment, the emcee looked at Hailey and asked, “Miss Camden, Mr.

Cayden fell in love with you at first sight.

Was it the same for you”

Hailey was silent for a while because when they met, she was still married to Jordan.

However, Haileys answer was a firm yes!


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