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Chapter 170: You Only Know Jordan Is Good Only When Youre In Pain!

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Maggie was a popular celebrity who had plenty of fans, most of whom were young men and women still in school.

Men all treat her as the girl of their dreams.

However, today, they actually knew that their idol had long had a boyfriend who was now a married man!

How could they stand it!!

The people on the Internet were all full of criticism towards Cayden.

After the netizens found out that Cayden was the grandson of Arthur, the top tycoon of the country, they scolded him even more harshly.

Can you do whatever you want just because you have money

‘Our idol has been marred by these malicious rich scions!

Some netizens even threatened to take revenge on Cayden in private!

At this moment, there was chaos at the wedding scene.

After Drew saw the content of the posts, he immediately showed it to Diana.

“Grandma, bad news, it has just been revealed on the Internet that Haileys husband seems to have a lover!”

“What” Diana was shocked.

When Benedict and Sylvie heard those words, they immediately grabbed the cell phone to take a look, only to realize the truth.

Drew chuckled and said, “Uncle, Aunt, dont be too sad.

Actually, all rich scions are like that.

Its normal for them to not be loyal to one woman.”

“You guys, advise Hailey to just bear with it, and itll be over.”

Drew gloated.

Benedict and his family had been showing off their new son-in-law, Cayden, and now that the truth had come to light, it was revealed that he was just a scumbag.

Benedict was furious.

If a hot-tempered father saw news that his son-in-law was having a romantic rendezvous with his lover on the day of his wedding, he would definitely grab his daughters hand and take her away from the wedding venue.

He would call off the marriage!

However, Benedict didnt have that vigor.

Others began discussing incessantly after seeing the news.

“I was moved to tears from listening to their love story just now.

Cayden Huxley is really good at acting.”

“This woman may not be as simple as she seems.

I felt really amused when I heard them exchanging vows just now!”

Both Cayden and Hailey were still dumbfounded on stage because they didnt have their cell phones with them, so they didnt know what had happened.

Cayden walked off the stage and walked towards the bunch of groomsmen.

One of them showed Cayden the pictures on Instagram and said, “Oh crap, the paparazzi caught you last night!”

Cayden suddenly got a little flustered.

Maggie was a big celebrity, so this incident must have drawn a lot of attention!

Hailey also learned what had happened from Rachel.

When she saw the picture of Cayden holding another womans hand and behaving intimately with her, Hailey felt extremely humiliated!

Her husband had had a rendezvous with another woman the day before their wedding!

Hailey was so enraged that she wanted to slap Cayden, and she even felt a strong urge to rip off this exorbitantly priced wedding gown.

She really wanted to tell Cayden that she didnt want to marry him!

However, she could not do anything except stay on stage and quietly tolerate everything!

She still had to rely on the Huxleys to give the Camdens a huge boost in status to satisfy her personal material needs.

Besides, she couldnt afford to offend the Huxleys.

At this moment, she once again thought of Jordan.

“Just now, I even told Jordan that the man Im marrying is ten thousand times better than him, and I bragged about how good Cayden was to me and how happy I was.”

“Now… Jordan must be laughing at me.”

Tears slowly welled up in Haileys large eyes.

At this moment, Arthur, Dave, and Shane had all kept their guards up!

Caydens personal affair was very likely to affect the companys share price.

Arthur called Cayden over and instructed, “Quickly go and pacify your wife and the Camdens.

You mustnt admit to it no matter what, you understand”

Shane also chimed in, “Cayden, the photos were taken at night, and theyre quite blurry.

Theres no concrete evidence to prove that theres something between you and Maggie.”

Cayden nodded and immediately ran towards Hailey to grab her hand.

However, Hailey immediately shook his hand away.

She felt a strong urge to throw a fit.

She had always been the daughter of a wealthy family whom everyone pampered.

How could she possibly stomach this

If Jordan was still present today, maybe she would have pounced onto him in a fit of anger.

“Cayden, you hid it so well,” Hailey said furiously.

Cayden once again grabbed Haileys hand and said, “Honey, I didnt, dont believe the rumors on the Internet.

My friend was the one who asked Maggie out yesterday.

We just said a few things to each other.”

“Im being plotted against, Honey.

You must trust me.

There is a lot of media personnel present and lots of famous figures too.

You have to stand on my side for the sake of the Huxleys reputation, too, okay”

Haileys support was essential to him and to the Huxleys.

It was common for many famous men who would hold their wives hands and apologize during press conferences after gaining the forgiveness of their wives.

Afterward, Cayden walked to the Camdens table again and faced Diana, Benedict, and Sylvie.

“Diana, Benedict, Sylvie, you mustnt believe the news on the Internet.

Its all fake.

I havent done anything to let Hailey down.

I really dont dare to do such a thing.”

“The Huxleys rivals are the ones behind this.

As you know, we have always been the top logistics company in the country, and we have caused many companies to be out of business.”

“They know that Im getting married today, so they deliberately slandered me on the Internet.

This is a competition between business rivals.

You guys run a business too.

You should understand.”

Seeing how sincere Cayden was, Sylvie hurriedly said, “Cayden, we dont believe the rumors on the Internet.

We know you love Hailey very much.

We wont go wrong.”

“Thank you!” Cayden exclaimed happily.

Diana didnt say anything because she was displeased that the Huxleys had caused them to be humiliated.

“Ah, why does Haileys wedding get ruined all the time whenever the groom isnt Jordan Could it be that Jordan is the ace grandson-in-law of mine Will Hailey only be happy with Jordan”

Diana was already thinking of calling Jordan back in case Hailey and Cayden really couldnt get married.

The Camdens were already a first-class family anyway, and Hailey was pregnant with Jordans child.

More importantly, Jordan had lived with the Camdens for three years, and Diana had already gotten used to seeing him.

After appeasing the Camdens, Arthur got onto the stage, picked up the microphone, and made a speech.

“Dearest guests, I know you have all seen the piece of news about my grandson, Cayden.”

“Id like to tell all of you that the news is fake.

Celebrities like pulling publicity stunts and chasing clout.

I hope you wont have a bad impression of my grandson and my family because of the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, Cayden had already walked out of the ballroom to go outside the lawn, where he gave Maggie a call.


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