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Chapter 172: Mysterious Woman In The Café!

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Jordan always had a great deal of emotions regarding Hailey Residences!

It was because it was the idea he had come up with for Hailey when he married her as a live-in husband.

It was a place that held his fantasy of a beautiful romance!

So, even after his first invalid divorce from Hailey, he was still willing to invest in the Camdens company so that they could continue to construct Hailey Residences.

However, after hearing Hailey insulting this place which he treated as a sacred place, Jordan couldnt stand it any longer.

He wanted to raze Hailey Residences down into ruins and bury all the love he had for Hailey!

At this moment, Jordan had already decided to buy that plot of land and turn it into a cemetery!


Jordan looked down at his phone because he no longer wanted to see these photos a second time.

From now on, he also didnt want to see any more videos or photos of Hailey!

So, Jordan blocked Drews number!

‘Stop sending me this nonsense!

‘You either send me Elles photos or Haileys videos!

‘I dont want to have anything to do with them!

After spending a few minutes getting a grip on his emotions, Jordan pretended to flush the toilet and then walked out with a smile.

Victoria had already poured the champagne into a glass he handed to Jordan when she saw him coming.


Victoria said as she held up the glass of champagne.


Jordan replied.

Victoria took a sip and said in surprise, “Jordan, youre really something.

You even know Dutch! While you were in the bathroom, I looked up how to say cheers in Dutch because I wanted to test you.”

Jordan also took a sip and said with a chuckle, “I thought you were speaking German.”

“Huh German” Victoria was puzzled.

Jordan explained, “The word for cheers in German is pronounced the same in Dutch, but theres an additionalO in the spelling.”

“Oh.” Victoria came to a sudden realization and looked at Jordan with admiration.

“Im really proud to have such a knowledgeable boyfriend.”

“Jordan, Ive been to very few countries, and I dont know many foreign languages.

Besides, Ive also dropped out of college before I graduated.

Will you mind the fact that Im uncultured”

Victoria, who had always been proud in front of others, actually showed her inferiority complex to Jordan.

Jordan pinched the flesh on Victorias face and said, “Im now a freeloader whos living in the house you bought and driving the car you bought.

How dare I despise you”

“Haha.” Victoria laughed, “Then I have to make more money to provide for you.”

“Im going to go out for an interview in a while.

Cayden Huxley got married today, and hes now in so much trouble.

He should be tied up by his own affairs and probably doesnt have the time to bother about me.”

Jordan nodded and asked, “Which company are you applying to”

Victoria said, “Perry Express.

Perry Express was the largest competitor of Breezy Express, which is owned by the Huxleys.

I want to go to work there and then go against the Huxleys in business!”

Coincidentally, Jordans previous interview was also with this courier company.

However, Jordan merely applied for the position of courier deliverer.

He didnt go to the office building of Perry Express at all.

Victoria has applied for an important position.

“I wish you success.” Jordan raised his glass again.

“Thank you, Darling!”

Victoria happily took another sip of champagne.

At this moment, Victoria unlocked her cell phone, only to discover that the news about Maggie and Cayden was no longer a trending topic on Twitter!

“Its no longer a trending topic!”

Victoria suddenly exclaimed.

Jordan also unlocked his cell phone to take a look, only to see that they were indeed no longer a trending topic!

It was replaced with “Maggies management agency has issued a statement to clarify rumors.”

After tapping it to take a look, he discovered that Maggies management agency had previously clarified that the previous tweets and allegations were false.

They also said that Maggie was single and didnt know any scion of the Huxley family.

When something happens to a celebrity like Maggie, their manager or management agency would usually make a statement to clarify things.

“Ah, I didnt expect the Huxleys to be so powerful.

The trending topic was removed less than ten minutes after it made it to Twitter.”

Victoria was a little disappointed because she really wanted to see Cayden reap what he sowed.

However, the reality is that many rumors can be eradicated with money.

Jordan tapped to open the tweet and realized that all the replies to it were positive.

“Maggie, we believe you.

Rumor-mongering is shameful!”

“Please pay more attention to the artists work instead, thank you!”

The replies were all posted by people who had been paid to do so.

However, Jordan discovered that most other netizens still did not believe the content of the clarification.

“Do you think we are fools Thats obviously Maggie!”

“She has the guts to do something like that, but she doesnt have the guts to admit it.

The Huxleys are so wealthy, they actually got this removed from the list of trending topics.”

“Forget it, forget it, we ordinary folks should stop trying to get any dirt on a rich scion and a big celebrity.”

After looking at the online comments for a while, Jordan said, “Victoria, you go ahead with the interview as usual today.

Although its no longer a trending topic, the photos have spread, and many netizens have saved them.”

“Besides, no one believes the clarification.

I guess this matter wont be resolved so easily.”

Victoria nodded and said, “Then Ill go attend the interview now.

The longer I wait, the more time the Huxleys will have to settle this matter.”

“Yes.” Jordan watched Victoria leave.

After Victoria left, Jordans gaze was like a blazing torch, and it seemed as if a fire had risen in his heart!

The words that Hailey had said to him in the courtyard had ignited this fire!

At that time, he decided that he would use business tactics to get back at Cayden!

“I wont let Cayden Huxley get away with this so easily!”

“The more you guys try to deny it, the more Ill prove that its true!”

Jordan picked up his cell phone and called Frank.

“Do you have any orders for me, Mr.


“Butler Frank, does my grandfather have any more properties or stores or anything like that in New York City”

“He has plenty.


Jordan, where do you need a home”

“Does he own a villa in Great Mountain villas”

“Yes, your brother, Mr.

Jamie has instructed me to leave his residence in Great Mountain Villas for you.”

“Oh My brother left me a residence Where are the keys”

“Café Nostalgia, 2553 Claymore Avenue.”

“Okay, I got it.”

After hanging up, Jordan hailed a cab to the cafe.

It wasnt in the downtown area of the city and was relatively remote and sparsely populated.

However, the street was quite artsy.

The street was surrounded by trees on both sides, blocking most of the sunlight.

The breeze was relatively comfortable too.

After getting out of the car, Jordan pushed the door and entered.

He was greeted with a woman who was just as pretty as Hailey…


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