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Chapter 173: Extremely Beautiful

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Jordan slowly pushed open the glass door of the café, and the Japanese-style Furin wind chime hung on the door began to jingle, making the lady boss of the café raise her head to look at the door.

The sunlight shone in from outside and was cast on a large part of Jordans body.

He walked out of the light, filled with energy.

In the café, the woman was wearing a pink French-style maxi dress and holding a girl who was about three years old in her arms.

Both mother and daughter were lovely.

Jordan was stunned the moment he looked at the woman, so much that he propped himself against the door of the café for at least five seconds.

During those five seconds, he stared at the womans face for a long time and reckoned that she should be relatively young.

Although she was a mother of one, she probably wasnt any older than 25 years old.

Just like Hailey, her features were flawless, and she was an absolute beauty who would captivate anyone.

Compared to Hailey, this woman seemed more graceful and elegant.

She had a faint smile on her face that made her seem personable, like a classmate or colleague.

‘This is definitely Jamies girl.

Jordan secretly thought.

He knew that his brother had always dated beautiful women.

He had always had high standards for women.

After screening the daughters of numerous families, Jordans former wife, Hailey, was the most beautiful and suitable candidate that Jamie had picked for Jordan back then.

Since Jamie had left his keys at the café, he definitely had something to do with the lady boss here.

Jordan closed the door, walked in and discovered that there were no customers in the café at all.

The young woman and her daughter were the only ones present.

Thinking that it would be inappropriate to keep staring at her, Jordan turned to look at her daughter in her arms.

He discovered that the little girl had long been staring at him.

The little girl was rather adorable and chubby.

In a few years, she would definitely grow to become prettier.

‘Could it be that shes Jamies daughter

Jordan wondered.

The Steeles would take their male heirs away at the tender age of three.

However, they would allow the female heirs to stay with their mothers for a few more years.

The woman looked at Jordan with a smile and said, “Hello.”

The womans voice was gentle and soothing to the ears.

In fact, he even felt that he had heard it somewhere before.

“Hello.” Jordan also smiled and nodded at the woman.

The woman continued to ask, “Would you like something to drink, Sir”

Jordan said, “Im here to get the keys to Great Mountain Villas.”

“Oh.” The woman remained smiling and didnt seem too surprised at all.

Pointing to a room in the café, she said, “Its in the safe inside that room.”

Jordan nodded and walked straight in, not knowing what to say.

There was a small room inside, and when he walked in, he saw a small safe.

Jordan turned his head and discovered that the pretty woman and her daughter were still looking at him, so he asked, “Do you know what the password is”

The woman shook her head and said, “I only know there are four digits.”

Jordan thought about it and wondered,Could it be Jamies birthday

Jordan entered the digits0604, only to be told that it was wrong.

‘Since the key is meant for me, could it be my birthday

Jordan entered the digits of his birthday and managed to unlock it.

Inside the safe were not only the keys to the house, but also two car keys and some contracts.

Jordan took them all out, walked to the cafe lobby, and said to the woman, “Ill take these….”

“Alright.” The woman was still smiling without saying anything.

She didnt ask for Jordans name, nor did she say anything about Jamie.

It was as if she had nothing to do with Jamie at all.

Jordan wanted to leave just like that, but when he was almost at the door, he couldnt help but turn around and say, “Uh…”

“Yes” the lady asked Jordan as if she was giving him some customer service.

Jordan wanted to speak, but he stopped himself.

“Uh, its alright, the environment here is not bad.

Lets come here another day for coffee.

Were in a rush today.”

The woman said with a calm smile, “Okay, welcome.”

Jordan pushed the door to leave, but he couldnt help but turn around again, he saw the girl in his arms staring at him.

There was a pitiful gaze in her large, watery eyes.

Jordan grabbed the keys and contract.

While walking under the shade, he scolded, “That bastard Jamie.

That woman must be his lover, and that little girl must be his daughter.

He must have created this mess and abandoned them!”

Jordan did not receive any news about Jamie getting married, so he reckoned that she shouldnt have been accepted by the Steeles.

He tried to call Jamie, but the call didnt get through, so he texted him.

“Ive gone to Café Nostalgia.”

After that, Jordan didnt think much about the pretty woman and headed straight to Great Mountain Villas, the villa that Jamie had left to him.

At the same time, Jordan called Pablo and asked him to get Maggie to come over.

It clearly wasnt that easy to invite Maggie over since she was a huge celebrity.

Furthermore, she was now in the midst of a massive scandal and controversy, so she didnt dare to leave her home at all.

Although Pablo had many photos of Maggie and Caydens rendezvous, those that had been exposed on the Internet were just a few.

He reckoned that Maggie would come out obediently once he sent some to her.

An hour later.

Maggie arrived at Great Mountain Villas, where Jordan was wearing a baseball cap, mask, and sunglasses.


Jordan, Ive brought her here!”

Pablo personally appeared in front of Jordan.

Jordan nodded and said, “Stay outside the door and see if there are any paparazzi or drones following you.”

“Yes.” Pablo immediately went out.

Jordan and Maggie were the only ones left in the villa.

Only then did Maggie take off her baseball cap, mask, and sunglasses, as well as her thin jacket that shielded her from the sun.

Her celebrity aura was slowly revealed.

She wasnt in the mood to appreciate the expensive villa and thus said with an anxious expression, “Jordan, please let me off and stop exposing those photos.

How much money do you want We can negotiate.”

Jordan glanced at Maggie, whom he had once met in Stella Cosmetics.

However, Stella was running the live-stream at that time, and Maggie was late, so she headed straight to join the live-stream as soon as she arrived.

The two merely brushed shoulders, and Jordan reckoned that Maggie hadnt noticed him, so she didnt remember who Jordan was at all.

Jordan sat on the sofa and said, “Im not short of money.

I didnt invite you here this time to ask you for money.

On the contrary, I can give you money.”

“Give me money”

Maggie froze for a moment, and she immediately thought of an ominous possibility.

Maggie scanned Jordan from head to toe and sighed.

“Ah, why do you rich scions enjoy sleeping with celebrities like us Forget it.

Ill agree on the account that youre quite handsome.”

Jordan was speechless.


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