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Chapter 174: Testifying Against Cayden!

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“Is it okay if I go take a shower first”

Maggie threw her purse onto the couch, and it landed right next to Jordans right hand.

Jordan was confused, and he asked, “Miss Maggie, are you mistaken about something”

Maggie humphed coldly and retorted, “Mistaken Youve gotten up to so much nonsense.

You secretly took a photo of me and even threatened me.

Youre giving me money too, isnt it all just so you can sleep with me”

Since she became famous in the past two years, she has met countless big bosses or wealthy scions who wanted to sleep with her.

Such things were commonplace in the entertainment industry.

Jordan was speechless for a while, and he said, “Thats not what I meant.

You may be the idol of many people, but Im not interested in you at all.”

“The reason I asked you to come and said I could pay you is that I want you to do something for me.”


Maggie was a little surprised.

‘This rich scion seems a little different from other men, huh

Seeing that Jordan did not look like a crook, she also let her guard down, sat down, and asked, “What is it”

Jordan said, “I have no grudge against you.

My target today is not you but Cayden.”

Hearing this, Maggie suddenly felt extremely aggrieved as she thought he was deliberately pulling her down.

It turned out that she had been implicated by Cayden!

Jordan said, “Now Cayden Huxley has already paid to have this matter removed from the list of trending topics, and he has also denied knowing you.

I want you to tweet and tell everyone that it was you and Cayden getting it on in the car that night!”

“Why would I do that!!” Maggie exclaimed loudly.

“Im trying so hard to deny it.

Why would I take the initiative to admit Thatll ruin my career as a celebrity!”

Jordan said, “The photos that had been exposed previously are all clear enough.

As long as theyre not a fool, anyone would be able to recognize that its you and guess what you did in the car.”

“Denying it only makes people think you are hypocritical.”

“You can admit it bravely and say that you have been treating Cayden as your boyfriend.

Say that you love him very much and that you have a normal romantic relationship with him, but you just dont want it to be made public.”

“If you do that, people will have nothing to say.

Youre in your twenties, and its normal to fall in love.

It isnt strange for a celebrity to hide their romance or even their marriage either.”

Maggie thought about it and felt that it was indeed so.

Nowadays, celebrities would immediately deny all scandals theyre involved in, only to end up losing popularity for treating fans like fools.

Instead, it would be better to boldly admit the matter.

Maggie said, “But, Cayden has a wife now, wouldnt admitting it make me a mistress”

Jordan said, “The key is that youll have to say that Cayden has been lying to you and has never mentioned anything about Hailey.

You have to say that you only found out today that he got married to another woman.”

Maggie once again fell into deep thought.

Most of the Twitter users who paid attention to this matter were women, and women are the most likely to sympathize with women.

Once it was revealed that Cayden was a total jerk and the cause of this matter, Maggie will definitely get the support of countless female netizens.

“Its indeed a good idea.” Maggie said, “But then, I will end up offending Cayden.

The Huxleys are so powerful, and I cant afford to offend them.”

Jordan lit up a cigarette, crossed his legs, and laughed.

“Do you think you can afford to offend me”

“You either offend him or offend me.

Take your pick.”

Maggie didnt know who Jordan was, but she could tell that Pablo, who picked her up just now, was definitely not a simple person!

The two men that Pablo brought with him seemed like influential figures too!

Pablo was behaving like a servant in front of Jordan.

‘Anyone who dares to go against the Huxleys is definitely a big shot.

Maggie thought to herself.

After this matter was exposed, Maggie kept blaming Cayden in his head.

‘Its all his fault for asking me out that night and insisting on getting intimate with me.

However, Cayden and her were not in a simple romantic relationship, but one maintained with money.

Maggie was so obedient and would meet Cayden every time he called her because Cayden gave her money to spend.

Maggie was put in a spot.

“I dont dare to offend you, but I dont dare to offend him either.

Besides, he has spent a lot of money on me in the past six months.

It would be too mean of me to harm him this time.”

Jordan smiled, knowing that Maggi was going to start negotiating with him.

“How much money did he spend on you” Jordan asked.

Maggie said, “Millions.

And he just promised that he will provide for me for the rest of my life if I lose my job.”

A few million dollars were not considered much for celebrities, especially for popular ones like Maggie.

It was probably as much as they could earn from one endorsement deal.

However, many people have no idea most of the money earned goes to the company, and the artists share is very little.

Before becoming famous, these artists would usually sign lengthy contracts with the company.

The share of the money they got was meager.

Some get less than 30%.

When Maggie had yet to rise to fame in the past years, she had almost zero income and even owed her agency money.

Maggie came from an average family, and she worked hard for the sake of earning money too.

Jordan said, “I told you before that I can give you money if you need it.”

“What do you think of this villa”

Only then did Maggie carefully look at this villa with beautiful and luxurious decor and in an affluent neighborhood.

Hence she knew how expensive the property prices here were,

Jordan said, “As long as you are willing to do as I say and accuse Cayden of lying to you and toying with your feelings, this villa will be yours.”

“Really” Maggie looked at Jordan in surprise.

She had always wanted to buy a home in New York City, but with her income, she would have to work hard for another two years to afford it.

However, many newcomers appear in the entertainment industry every year, so the current ones are eliminated very quickly.

She didnt even know if there would still be a place for her in the industry in two years.

Jordan nodded and said, “I just did a rough calculation of the value of this villa and the things inside.

They add up to almost 20 million.”

“Ive also seen your contract with your company.

You can only get 50% of the money you make in a year.

You even have to pay back the money the company spent to train you.”

“Even if you get lucky, itll take you years to earn so much money.”

“If I get involved in the entertainment industry in the future, I might even help you out and let you act in some big directors productions.

Consider it properly.”

Jordan had already said what he should say.

It was now up to Maggie.

She struggled for a long time, feeling extremely conflicted because she couldnt afford to offend either of them.

However, she was cynical about Cayden deep down.

Maggie came from an average family, but she had always been aloof and arrogant.

She was not just a woman who would easily become a mistress.

When she first got together with Cayden, she was also deceived by Caydens sweet talk, thinking Cayden truly liked her and wanted to marry her.

Who wouldnt want to be married into the Huxleys

However, it turned out that Cayden was just toying with her.

The thought of it caused Maggies eyes to be full of resentment as she looked at Jordan and gave him her answer.

“Okay, Ill listen to you!”


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