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Chapter 175: Defeating The Huxleys!

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A smile also appeared on Jordans face.

Its easy to find “teammates” when dealing against those with vile characters.

If a man is a scumbag, he definitely wouldnt be a jerk to just one woman but to all.

Hence, Jordan opened the “notes” app on his cell phone and typed a statement for Maggie to accuse Cayden.

Of course, to make this matter affect Breezy Express, which was owned by Caydens family, he would also take the opportunity to implicate Caydens grandfather.

Maggie was a highly influential celebrity, so Jordan wanted to use her influence to cause a massive blow to the family company worth dozens of billions of dollars.

After writing it, Jordan showed it to Maggie and asked her to memorize it.

Maggie looked at it a few times and thought it was fine, but she asked, “Why do you have to take a video Cant you just post the text on Instagram or Twitter”

Jordan said, “Theres no way to prove that the text was typed by you.

Your management company is in control of your socials.

Once Cayden finds a way to get hold of the company, those texts you post will also be deleted.”

“Then the company will issue a statement saying that your account was stolen and that text wasnt posted by you.”

“But a video is different.

You will be filmed making the statement in person.

Even if the statement on Twitter gets deleted, there will be netizens spreading it too.”

Maggie nodded, seemingly deep in thought.

Jordan added, “When were filming the video later, you have to look as sad as possible and cry while talking to act like youve been cheated out of your feelings by a scumbag.

Can you do that”

Maggie shook her head right away and said, “No, why dont you hit me”


Jordan was dumbfounded.

‘Does this woman like being hit

Maggie smiled sinisterly.

It was the first time Jordan had heard of such a request.

Jordan obviously didnt dare to really hit her.

If he knocked her out, he would be losing even more.

However, since Maggie dared to make such a request, Jordan decided not to be polite with her either as he stretched out his hand and pinched Maggies leg.

“Ouch, it hurts!”

Maggie pushed Jordan away violently, and tears instantly flowed out of her eyes.

“Keep this up.

Lets start recording the video now!”

Jordan immediately took out his phone to take the video.

Maggie complained about Jordan in her heart for a while and looked at the camera.

She sobbed and said, “Hello everyone, I am Maggie, I know many of my fans want to show me their concern, and you all want to know what the truth is, so I will tell you now.”

“The truth is the same as what was exposed.

Last night, I was indeed in the car with Cayden Huxley…”

“I know many fans are disappointed in me, but I want to tell you that I was cheated.

I did not come in between anyone!”

“Cayden Huxley started wooing me more than half a year ago, and he chased me for a long time before I agreed to go out with him.

I thought he genuinely liked me, so I started dating him.”

“But I didnt expect him to get married to another woman behind my back, and until last night, I thought I was the only one for him!”

“I know that the Huxleys are very powerful, and Caydens grandfather is the chairman of Breezy Express and is one of the richest people in the country.”

“I also know that this video may be deleted soon, and I may be permanently canceled.”

“But I have to let everyone know the truth, especially the fans who support me, that I have not done anything against morality!”

The video was filmed with Maggies phone, and after they were done, Jordan watched it once.

Satisfied, he posted it directly on Instagram.

Then, the two waited for the netizens to react.

Maggie was indeed worthy of being a top celebrity.

The first minute after the video was posted, the comments and shares exceeded 2,000!

Two minutes later, the comments and shares exceeded 50,000!

They opened the comments to see that they were all left by the fans and random people.

“Maggie, we will always support you! The one who should be ousted should be the scum, Cayden Huxley! You are not wrong!”

“Damn, who the hell is Cayden Huxley, so what if hes rich Can you cheat others out of their feelings just because you have money”

“Ahhhh, Maggie got cheated, and shes crying so miserably, I want to kill that beast!”

At the same time, the guests at Cayden and Haileys wedding had been eating for a long time and gradually forgotten the previous hiccups.

Cayden and Hailey also toasted to the guests at every table.

At this moment, a hotel waiter who was in his early twenties suddenly brandished a knife at Cayden!

“Screw you, Cayden Huxley, you scum! Im going to take revenge for Maggie!”

The waiter was a huge fan of Maggie and had even turned on notifications for Maggies Instagram posts.

Thus, he saw the video that Maggie posted as soon as she posted it.

After watching it, he flew into a rage and grabbed a knife in a bid to slash Cayden.

At this moment, Cayden still didnt know what had happened.


In a moment of panic, he smashed the white wine bottle in his hand on the waiters face, but his hand had been cut, and blood immediately flowed out of his wound.

“Hubby!” Hailey shrieked.

The other guests also stood up in shock.

These people were all big shots with net worths of hundreds of billion dollars.

Each life was precious.

Therefore, they never go to chaotic places and have hardly ever seen such scenes.

Shane, who had been in the army and was proficient in martial arts, quickly rushed up and subdued the waiter when he was about to slash a second time.

“Speak up, who sent you here!! Is it Jordan Steele!”

Shane grabbed both of the waiters arms and questioned overbearingly.

The waiter didnt even know who Jordan was, and he merely hollered, “Cayden Huxley, you cheated my goddess out of her feelings.

You shall die a horrible death!”

At this moment, one of the guests shouted, “Bad news, bad news, Cayden is on the list of trending topics again.”

“Cayden isnt the only one.


Arthur Huxley, you are also on the list, and so is Breezy Express!”

“What” Arthur, Shane, and Cayden were all surprised.

They quickly opened their phones and then saw the video of Maggie crying.

“Support Maggie! Boycott the Huxleys!”

“In the future, lets all stop using Breezy Express courier services.

Since his grandson is such a scumbag, Arthur isnt a decent person either!”

“Boycott Breezy Express! Dont think that you can cancel Maggie just because you are worth billions!”

The comments on the internet were overwhelming.

After Maggie exposed Arthur too, everyone turned to attack Arthur and his family.

“Grandpa, our companys share price is plummeting!”

Shane unlocked his cell phone to look at the share price of their familys company, only to discover that there was a sudden and immediate decline in their companys share price.

Arthur gritted his teeth and looked at Cayden resentfully.

“You couldnt even keep a celebrity in hand, dont even think about taking over the company in the future!”


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