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Chapter 176: Of Course I Will Forgive Him!

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It was the day of Caydens wedding and supposedly the happiest day of his life.

However, there was now an assassination at the wedding venue, and his hand started bleeding.

Fortunately, it wasnt the hand that Jordan had broken previously.

Not only was he battered with injuries, but he was also even despised by his most respected grandfather.

Feeling heartbroken, Cayden cried.

Seeing that he was bleeding profusely, Caydens closest friends and best men quickly rushed to escort him to the hospital.

Sylvie also came over and said to the bride, Hailey, “Hailey, youre going to the hospital with Cayden, right Why arent you tagging along with them”

Hailey had just watched Maggies video on Instagram on Rachels phone and thus was in a terrible mood.

She hollered in exasperation, “Im not going!”

She didnt care about Cayden at all!

Hailey was furious because she thought she was the only one Cayden loved.

However, she didnt expect Cayden to be in a clandestine relationship with a celebrity and even sleep with her the night before their wedding!

Sylvie quickly pulled Hailey to the side and persuaded softly, “My dear daughter, dont be silly, dont initiate a divorce again like you did with Tyler previously!”

“Silly girl, which man in this world can stay loyal to their wives Men used to have multiple wives in the past.

Cayden is such a good catch.

Its alright for him to have a few lovers, as long as he respects you and acknowledges you as his lawful wife.”


Hailey was speechless.

“Mom, what are you talking about Although the Camdens are inferior to the Hailey, we dont have to stoop that low, do we”

Sylvie said, “I know you are aggrieved, but our family is counting on you.

Just bear with it and forgive Cayden.

I believe he will change his ways.”

Hailey was just angry, and of course, she didnt dare to mention the divorce.

However, Hailey did not follow her to the hospital and instead returned to her home in Jade Villa.

Cayden was sent to the hospital to have his wounds bandaged, and he soon returned.

During his journey home, he kept trying to call Maggie on the phone but to no avail.

He sent her several texts too, but she didnt answer either.

Cayden had already declared that he would make sure Maggie got ousted from the entertainment industry.

However, he didnt know that the more he tried to use his familys power to boycott Maggie, the more the people protected her.

It was already an issue of competition of classes.

Even though the people were not Maggies fans, they would stand together and retaliate against the rich when they found out that Maggie was about to be boycotted by the rich and powerful.

The gap between the rich and poor in the country was already massive.

For people like Cayden, the money spent on a wedding was more than what most people earn in their lifetime.

They lived in the same world, and these people bear a natural hatred towards ultra-rich second-generation heirs like Cayden.

Hence, Cayden wouldnt be able to succeed easily in boycotting Maggie.

Besides, Maggie had already received the villa from Jordan, so she no longer cared if she could continue making a living as a celebrity.

Cayden returned home with his hand bandaged and a large bouquet of red roses in his arms.

When he entered the room, he found Hailey sitting on the bed with a sorrowful expression on her tear-stained face.

Cayden handed the roses to Hailey, who knocked them to the ground.

Cayden knelt in front of Hailey right on the spot and apologized, “Honey, I was wrong, please forgive me!”

Cayden would never hold himself cheap and stoop so low.

In his past relationships, only women would kneel down to him, and it had never been the other way around.

Given his identity as the scion of the Huxleys, he didnt need it either.

However, his marriage with Hailey was different because he still needed Hailey and the child in her womb to cover up his condition.

He also had a perverted plan to carry out in 15 years!

Thus, he had to coax Hailey to do it.

Hailey looked at Cayden furiously and barked, “Cayden, it turns out that you were just lying when you were so nice to me.

It turns out that you are seeing a celebrity behind my back.

To think that I trusted you so much!”

Hailey hit Caydens head with a pillow!

Cayden didnt dodge and said, “Im a scumbag and a beast.

You can beat me and berate me as you wish.

I just need you to forgive me.”

“Honey, I met her yesterday to end things with her and to tell her that Ill never see her again in this life.

She was furious and ashamed.

Thats why shes attacking me like this.”

“Hailey, I promise that I will never touch another woman again in the future!”

Cayden begged Hailey for a long time, and Hailey had no intention of getting a divorce anyway.

Moreover, with the pressure from the Camdens, she had no choice but to forgive Cayden.

However, despite having forgiven Cayden, she now loved him much less than she used to.

Besides, after being disappointed with Cayden, Hailey thought about Jordan…

In the meantime, while Cayden was facing the destruction of his relationship following the cancellation of his wedding, Victoria had secretly arrived at the offices of Perry Express, the second-largest courier company in the country.

She was going to apply for a position here.

At Victorias level of competency, she naturally didnt have to meet any representatives of the HR company as she was allowed to meet the president or deputy president right away.

The president of Perry Express wasnt in New York, so Victoria made an appointment with Arnold Decker, the deputy president of the company.

Before Victoria and Arnold met, Daniel, the other deputy president cum chairmans secretary of Perry Express, had secretly called Cayden in his office.


“Uncle Daniel.”

The two shared a close relationship because Daniel was a former employee of Breezy Express groomed by Caydens grandfather.

Yesterday, Cayden guessed that Victoria would apply for a job at Perry Express, the competitor of Breezy Express.

Hence, he had long informed Daniel, the deputy president of Perry Express, not to hire Victoria as long as she went for a job interview.

Daniel said, “Cayden, Victoria Clarke is really here.

I didnt plan to meet her at first, but Mr.

Decker insisted on meeting her.”

“Arnold Decker You didnt tell him that Victoria is the person Im dealing with What is this old fogy who didnt graduate from college trying to do

Cayden was a little angered.

Although Breezy Express and Perry Express were competitors, they still had to remain cordial on the surface if it concerned personal feuds.

It was mandatory to fight for what they should in business, but Victoria wasnt a talent in logistics, so there was no need for Perry Express to insist on it.

Daniel explained, “I did, I also gave him the Bentley that you gave, but he did not listen to me at all.

Arnold seems to really like Victoria Clarke very much.

I reckon hed try to keep her around!”

Cayden humphed coldly.

“I dont believe Arnold would dare to keep Victoria behind at the expense of offending my grandfather! Even your boss doesnt dare to do that! Tell him that the Huxleys wont let him off if he dares to hire Victoria Clarke!”

More than ten minutes later, Victoria appeared in Arnolds office, dressed in a professional suit.

The moment Victoria appeared, Arnold swallowed his saliva excitedly.

Anyone can tell that Arnold harbored designs on Victoria!


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