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Chapter 178: Buying Perry Express!

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Such things are commonplace in the business circle and the entertainment industry.

Many millionaires would usually work all day and night, and most of the time, they would be apart from their spouses.

Hence, many of them look for a replacement partner while at work.

In the business world, many bosses would basically get into affairs with their subordinates.

In the entertainment industry, many co-stars that play an on-screen couple would even sleep with each other.

Victoria knew that Arnolds position in the company would be easy for them to keep their affair clandestine.

Jordan had also been very trusting of Victoria and would never check up on her.

Even if Jordan wanted to check up on Victoria, she was experienced enough to keep it from him.

Arnold was also scheming and careful enough.

The two of them would definitely not leave any evidence behind, and Jordan wouldnt be able to find out anything either.

However, Victoria wouldnt do that!

If it was Hailey, she might have agreed, but Victoria was not that kind of woman!


Decker, I hope you will respect your wife and me! I wont get into a clandestine relationship with you because I dont like you at all!”

“And Im not going to let my boyfriend down just for a job! Bye!”

Victoria pushed Arnold away and got ready to leave.

However, Arnold was still unwilling to give up, so he stepped forward again to stop her.

“Victoria! Think carefully! I dare say that in the whole of New York City, Im the only one who dares to hire you at the expense of offending the Huxleys!”

“If you miss this opportunity, there is absolutely no company in New York City that would dare to hire you!”

Victoria knew that Arnold was not lying.

If Arnold did not have a little background of his own and wasnt as smitten with Victoria, he probably wouldnt have offered to hire her at the expense of offending the Huxleys.

Victoria said, “Then Ill leave New York City and go to a random city to live a mundane life with my boyfriend.”

“Hahaha…” Arnold guffawed hysterically and said, “Are you still the Victoria I know How dare you come to New York City for less than three days and then let yourself be compelled to leave!!”

“I thought you would become the most beautiful president in New York City like you did in Orlando so that all the rich bosses here would bow down to you.

I thought youd become the queen of business in New York City!”

“But youre giving up just like this”

Victoria clenched her fists.

How could she be willing to leave just like this!! She obviously wanted to become the business empress of New York City!

She was not the kind of woman who liked to live a mundane life.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have chosen to become the kept mistress of that old man!

Seeing that Victoria had somewhat wavered, Arnold once again spoke up tenderly.

“I know that your boyfriend is not very rich now, and I also know that you adore him greatly.

I wont vie with you for him.

Youll still belong to him at home.

I just hope that well be able to have a better time when were on a business trip.

Arnold was very close to Victoria.

Looking at Victorias stunning face, Arnold could no longer help himself and kissed Victoria directly.

Arnold was old and experienced, and he had dated many women.

Thus, he knew that many women may be stubborn and vehemently insist on sticking to their principles.

However, there were still ways to tackle these women through actions.

If Victoria didnt resist him, it would mean that she had agreed.

However, Victoria didnt give Arnold a chance as she simply slapped him in the face!


Arnolds glasses had been knocked off, and he stood still in place, absolutely dumbfounded.

Victoria said to Arnold, “Im sorry.”

She then quickly walked out of Arnolds office.

After Victoria left, Arnold silently picked up his glasses and secretly said, “What kind of man is he Victoria is so in love with him that shes actually willing to give up her career for him”

“Victoria is really going to suffer from a good-for-nothing like him!”

An hour later, Victoria had already returned home.

Still, Jordan had returned later because he had to handle the transfer of the house.

Today, he had given the Cayden and the Huxleys a tough time, which was also considered revenge for Victoria, who had been bullied by Cayden.

Thus, Jordan was thrilled.

When he saw Victoria, he asked, “Honey, how was the interview today Did Perry Express hire you”

After Victoria saw Jordan, she leaped into Jordans arms and began bawling like a little girl.

In the past seven years, Victoria had never sought comfort in anyone, and she would secretly suffer in silence.

However, after getting together with Jordan, she was willing to nestle in his arms to give herself a sense of comfort.

As Victorias boyfriend, Jordan was really uncomfortable to see his girlfriend being so miserable.

“Victoria, whats wrong Did Perry Express choose not to hire you”

Victoria said sobbingly, “Yes, no company in New York City will want to hire me.”

Jordan patted Victorias back and hugged her tightly.

He had never seen Victoria being so aggrieved before.

“Victoria, dont be sad.

Trust me, everything will get better soon, and Perry Express will definitely hire you.

They will make you the deputy president or even the president.

Youll definitely be able to shine like you used to in Orlando, trust me.”

Jordan comforted Victoria, who soon fell asleep in his arms.

After Victoria fell asleep, Jordan slowly carried her to the bed, put her down, closed the bedroom door, and then walked out.

“I cant let Victoria go out there alone and be rebuffed again and again.

Shes my girlfriend, and its time I do something for her!”

Hence, Jordan called his grandfather on the phone!

“Grandpa, I want to buy Perry Express!”

Jordan developed that idea not because Victoria was rejected by Perry Express today and wept in misery.

He actually had this intention long ago because he wanted to buy Perry Express to deal with Breezy Express, which belonged to the Huxleys!

He wanted to defeat Breezy Express with Perry Express and turn the latter into the top logistics company in the country!

‘Didnt Hailey say that I would be considered a real man only if I took revenge through business means

‘Okay then, Ill do just that!

Jordans grandfather was a little surprised, and he asked, “Do you want to continue with your business training Perry Express is more difficult to manage than Ace Corporation.

Suppose you can turn it into a better company than Breezy Express after you become the president.

In that case, Ill consider your training a success.”

Jordan said, “Grandpa, Im sorry, I dont want to be the president myself this time.

Im doing this because I want my girlfriend, Victoria, to become the president of Perry Express.”

For the time being, Jordan wanted to continue to hide his identity and keep a low profile as the president of the second-largest logistics company in the country.

If Jordan really becomes the company president again, Hailey and Elle would probably be flocking to him the next day.

One would ask to remarry him, and the other would propose to him.


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