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Chapter 179: Victorias Ex Shows up!

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Besides, he wasnt interested in being the president of a company at all, just like how Mr.

Walton said that he wasnt interested in money.

Jordans grandfather had already learned about Victoria through Frank.

He also found out that Victoria was willing to resign as CEO of Ace Corporation for Jordans sake.

Jordans grandfather also admired her a lot.

At the same time, he was glad that his grandson had finally found a woman who was not just after material possessions.

Jordans grandfather said, “Good, but the market value of Perry Express is estimated to be a few billion dollars.

It wont be appropriate to let Victoria become the president immediately.”

“If we do that, you probably wont be able to continue keeping your identity confidential and maintain a low profile as an ordinary person.”

“Ill let your fourth sister take over as president of Perry Express for the time being, and she can act as the buffer for the gradual handover of the position to Victoria.”

Jordan felt that his grandfather had made thoughtful considerations, and he hadnt seen his sister for a long time, too, so he hoped that she would come to New York City.

“Yes, thank you, Grandpa.”

After hanging up, Jordan entered the room again.

Looking at Victoria, who was sound asleep, he caressed her long tresses.

He looked at her mature and alluring side profile.

He secretly thought,Victoria, youll soon be able to become the president of Perry Express and the most beautiful president in New York City.

‘Bear with it for a couple more days, Darling.

Now that youre mine, Ill let you get everything you want!

The beach, sunlight, sand, coconut trees, wedding dress, bouquet.

Jordan was wearing a suit and holding Haileys hand.

It was Haileys third time wearing a white wedding dress.

“Hubby, weve finally married again.

I knew you loved me the most, and youre still willing to marry me even though I married Tyler and Cayden previously.”

Sylvie, dressed to the nines, scurried over and handed Jordan a box of folic acid tablets.

With a smile on her face, she said, “My dear son-in-law, these are folic acid tablets that are meant for preventing neurological diseases in newborns.

Your firstborn is a girl, right Work hard and try for another child so that he can also inherit your familys billions of dollars worth of assets.


Elle was also wearing a red bustier dress and walking on the beach barefooted.

She walked over slowly with an aggrieved expression and said, “Hmph, Jordan, youre really biased towards Hailey.

Ive already gone to Korea for plastic surgery to become as beautiful as Hailey, and you still didnt choose me.

Instead, you still chose to marry Hailey in the end.”

Jordan looked at Elle, whose face had become much more exquisite than before and whose figure was still as superb as before.

He looked around and felt that the world in front of him was a total blur.

The sunlight was extremely glaring, but he could easily open his eyes.

He discovered that Hailey, Sylvie, Benedict, Diana, and the rest of the Camdens were all smiling.

Rachel was smiling too!

Her smile was malicious, and it seemed to suggest that there was a conspiracy.

Besides, the person who accompanied her to the wedding was Cory, her former husband!

They were locking arms, and they seemed to have gotten back together!

Jordan was so flustered that he suddenly shook off Haileys hand and hollered, “Why would I marry you again Where is Victoria Victorias my girlfriend!”

“Shes dead!” Hailey shouted to Jordan.

“The Huxleys killed her, so you two can never be together again!”

“No! No! No!”

There was a shuffling sound.

Jordan got up from the bed, sweating profusely.

He was in a pitch dark room, and he picked up his phone to see that it was 2 am.

The faint light of the screen shone on Hailey, who was sound asleep peacefully.

“Phew… it turns out to be just a dream.”

Jordan panted heavily as he thought that the images just now were all real.

He got out of bed, headed downstairs to the living room, and poured himself a glass of plain water, which he chugged in one go.

He then continued to pour a second glass.

“How could I have such a strange dream Im not going to marry Hailey again.

I dont even want to see her again!”

Holding the glass of water in one hand, Jordan picked up his cell phone in the other and opened Instagram, only to see Haileys post on his screen.

“Whats going on Didnt she already block me”

The day Jordan and Hailey got divorced, Hailey had already blocked him on Instagram.

Since then, Jordan could no longer see her Instagram posts or send her any messages.

However, today, Jordan suddenly saw Haileys posts.

That just meant that Hailey had unblocked her.

“Has Hailey added me on Instagram again”

Jordan hurriedly took a look at the content of Haileys post on Instagram.

Hailey had posted it just ten minutes ago, and Jordan reckoned that she was still awake.

She had posted a video of the room that Hailey and Jordan used to stay in in the villa in Orlando.

The poem was shown in the video.

“In fact, what I look forward to is just a single moment.”

“Ive never expected you to give me your entire life.”

The background music of the video was the audio clip that Jordan had created with NEXUS.

The caption that Hailey typed was, “Entering this room is the happiest moment of my life.”

Hailey actually posted something like that on her wedding night!

It seemed that she had begun to miss the past after learning that Cayden was not a good man either.

On the other hand, Jordan just wanted to say, “Serves you right!”

‘If you had known earlier, why would you do it in the first place!!

Jordan wouldnt pity Hailey because he had lived with her for three years, yet Hailey only missed the time she lived in the villa.

Was she not happy during the other times of their marriage!!

At the end of the day, Hailey missed the successful Jordan and not the good-for-nothing he was now!

Jordan didnt like or comment on that Instagram post.

He didnt block Hailey either because he didnt see a need for it.

If he didnt want to see Haileys posts, he could just hide them.

The only thing he wanted to do was to be nice to Victoria, and Hailey no longer had a place in his heart!

At the thought of the dream just now, Jordan smiled because he knew it would never happen in real life!

Jordan would instead marry Elle than the promiscuous Hailey!

Jordan didnt go to work the next two days either.

He simply accompanied Victoria to malls for shopping for clothes and household supplies.

They also caught some movies.

Jordans younger sister had a busy schedule as well because she owned a company herself.

Becoming the president of Perry Express and acquiring Arnolds shares would require time.

After a few days, Jordan began to work as a courier for Perry Express, and he earned about a thousand dollars a month.

He wanted to gain experience in the current domestic courier industry as a courier of the lowest level.

It was already the peak of summertime in New York City.

Victoria had lunch every day, and she would drive to a place called Spring Bookstore to read books.

It was just like what her favorite celebrity used to do in the past.

At five oclock in the evening, Victoria came out of the bookstore, and she was just about to return to the villa to cook and wait for Jordan.

The two of them then started having dinner.

Victoria had just taken out her car keys to her Porsche Panamera.

All of a sudden, a man in a suit stepped forward.

“Miss Clarke, Mr.

Miller, please.”

Victoria looked at the strange man in front of her in surprise.

Afterward, she looked at the black Mercedes S65 AMG sedan parked behind her car.

“Its a car from Houston!”

Victoria was shocked, and she walked forward.

The windows of the backseat slowly rolled down, and a mans voice came from inside.


Victoria was stunned the moment she saw that man.

This was the man who had been her sugar Daddy for three years!


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