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Chapter 181: Betting On A Six-Month Breakup!

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Russell was an intelligent, wise, and mature man.

He knew that Victoria was no longer the docile girl who obeyed all his orders that he had made his mistress seven years ago.

Victoria went from a little girl to the most beautiful president in Orlando, who had countless bosses wrapped around her finger in the past seven years.

Russell was trying to force Victoria to marry him.

Given Victorias character today, she will never do so.

Besides, Russell was already in his fifties.

He knew very well that he could no longer satisfy Victoria in certain aspects because he was far inferior to many young men in their twenties.

Instead of having her cheat and make him a cuckold after marriage, he would let her date men of her age.

Victoria discovered that Russell had really become more respectful towards her.

If it were seven years ago, he would have long resorted to brutal means to cripple Victorias lover and make him leave her.

Victoria said, “Ill say the same words in half a year.

I dont think Jordan, and I cant last at least six months.”

Russell said with a contemptuous smile, “You overestimate yourself, Victoria.

You might feel proud to be providing for a man now, but in no time, youll start to belittle him and undermine him.

Your feelings for him will fade out too.”

“If you dont believe me, we can make a bet.

I bet you will break up in less than half a year, and youll be the one to initiate it.”

Victoria was also very stubborn because it was the first time in her life that she ever wanted to indeed be in a serious relationship.

“Okay, Ill bet with you that I wont break up with Jordan in these six months!”

A confident smile appeared on Russells face, and it was as if he had won the bet.

“If theres nothing else, I want to go back now.

My boyfriend is getting off work soon.

I have to go back to cook for her.”

Victoria lifted her left wrist and looked at the time.

Although she hadnt seen him for seven years, Victoria now had a boyfriend, after all, so she didnt want to spend so much time with a man whom she had once been a mistress of.

Russell felt a sense of jealousy when he heard that Victoria was going to cook for Jordan.

In the three years that Victoria had been his mistress, she had never once cooked for him.

At that time, Victoria had yet to learn to cook for herself, and it was a skill that she had picked up only after she came to Orlando.

“What does he do for a living” Russell asked.

Clearly, Russell didnt get a detailed investigation of Victorias boyfriend.

At Russells level, he treated all his love rivals with disdain, so he didnt take Jordan seriously at all.

“He… Hes a courier deliverer,” Victoria said with some embarrassment.

Russell said after laughing contemptuously, “It seems that three months will be enough to show.”

“Victoria, I really didnt expect that you would date a courier delivery man.”

Victoria did not want Russell to look down on Jordan like this, so she explained to him.

“My boyfriend is not as incompetent as you think, he comes from a wealthy family, and he used to be the president of Ace Corporation! He was my former boss!”

The title of the president of the Ace Corporation might be enough to shock someone like Stella.

However, in the eyes of Russell, the president of a multi-billion-dollar company, he was just a small fry.

He had seen countless wealthy scions before.

Russell said with disdain, “Whats the point of looking at his previous glory If he is competent, he should be using your money to make a comeback!”

“But what is he doing now Hes a courier deliverer! A profession with no technical content and no learning opportunities!”

“Do you think he can still become a whale of the courier industry by delivering couriers”

Victoria bit her lips and clenched her fists, not knowing how to retort.

To be honest, she was also clueless as to why Jordan wanted to work as a courier deliverer, a job that she did not want her boyfriend to have.

However, Jordan insisted on being so, and she did not want to interfere.

Russell also did not want to say too much to humiliate Jordan because that would make him seem petty.

“Speaking of the courier industry, I have a dinner appointment with Arthur Decker of Breezy Express.

Come with me.”

Russell said.

Victoria was a little surprised to hear Arthurs name, and she asked, “Do you know Arthur Huxley”

Victoria was Russells mistress for three years, and she would follow him to his business meetings all the time.

However, in those three years, she had never seen Russell meeting the Huxleys or having any dealings with them.

Russell said, “We met five years ago and hit it off well.

Weve cooperated once with each other and made a lot of money out of it.

We drank together and became bosom brothers.”


Victoria never thought that Russell would have such a good relationship with Arthur now.

Russell said, “I asked him to dinner this time to deal with the matter regarding your boyfriend.

Come with me tonight and Ill introduce you to each other.

Just toast to him, and this matter will be over.

Cayden Huxley wont dare to target you again.”

Victoria did not doubt Russells strength.

She had been with Russell for three years and knew well that she was definitely not the type to lie.

Many egoistic bosses like to brag about themselves, about their connections, about their strength.

She said that she would take care of all matters on her own, but in the end, it wasnt the case at all.

Russell was different.

Since he said that the matter only had to be solved with a glass of wine, it definitely had something to do with wine.

However, Victoria was hesitating whether to attend the meal with Russell or not.

Russell said, “If you dont think about yourself, you should also spare a thought for your boyfriend.

The Huxleys are so powerful in New York City.

Arent you afraid that your boyfriend will get into a mishap during his job one day”

Russells words made Victoria worried.

Jordan may have a martial arts background, and two or three people wont get near him.

However, better an open enemy than a false friend.

If the Huxleys were really planning to kill Jordan, Jordan would be in trouble.

“Okay, Ill go.

What time and where ” Victoria asked.

“7pm at the No.

51 villa in Ninth Hall.

I brought you here before to meet some bosses that deal with futures,” Russell reminded.

Victoria also recalled it as she said, “Oh, you mean that well-hidden private restaurant Got it.

I have to head home first.

Ill be there on time later.”

“Okay.” Russell did not force her either.

Victoria got out of Russells car and then drove her Porsche back to Jade Villa.

She entered the kitchen immediately, cooked some food, and then took a look at the time.

She quickly untied her apron and sent a voice message to Jordan.

“Honey, I have to attend an impromptu dinner appointment, so I wont be having dinner at home..

Ive already cooked you some food, come home and eat it after work.

Love you!”


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