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Chapter 182: Resolving The Huxleys Conflict!

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At half-past six, Jordan rode a public-sharing bicycle back to Jade Villas.

Russell despised Jordan for being a courier deliverer.

Still, he had no idea that the thoughts and ideas Jordan developed every day after delivering each parcel could shake the whole domestic courier industry!

After being a deliveryman for two days and speaking to all sorts of people, he discovered that Breezy Express had managed to become the leader of the domestic courier industry only because they were safe, fast, and had relatively better attitudes.

However, it was also based on charging higher prices than other courier companies.

In Jordans opinion, he could totally do precisely the same thing at cheaper rates after taking over Perry Express since the Steeles didnt lack money at all.

In addition, he discovered that the courier industry had a rather niche business model.

Jordan wanted to connect the courier business with takeout business and also tap into the advertising industry.

At the same time, the deliverymen could dispose of trash bags, move boxes and bulky items, provide roadside assistance, and carry out other tasks.

That would also substantially increase the income of courier deliverymen.

In addition, Jordan also intended to hire good-looking deliverers as a marketing gimmick.

Thinking about the things he had to do next, Jordan pushed open the villa door and walked towards the dining table.

Victoria made Jordan some pasta and mushroom soup.

Jordan picked up his fork and knife and took a few bites of the food Victoria made, which was absolutely delicious to him.

Not only was the food delicious, Jordan felt extremely touched as well because it was a meal cooked by his girlfriend.

‘Very few women are willing to cook for their boyfriends these days.

Take Hailey, for example.

She stays at home and does nothing all day.

Theyre neither willing to put in any effort nor perform household chores like doing the laundry or cooking.

‘Such women feel that they would rather stay single if they have to perform these tasks even after getting married.

‘But Victoria is willing to do all this for me even though I tell her not to.

Only then did Jordan understand that one would be willing to give in and do such painstaking things for their significant other, only when they truly loved them.

Hailey and Victoria were really worlds apart!

Jordan picked up his cell phone and sent Victoria a text.

“Honey, the food you cooked is delicious! Call me if you need me to pick you up after work!”

At 7pm in a private restaurant in No.

51 villa in Ninth Hall.

They didnt accept any reservations, and only acquaintances of the owner were allowed to dine there.

For the sake of privacy, the big bosses of some industries came here to discuss business.

Victoria and Russell came here seven years ago to have dinner with a group of bigwigs involved in the field of futures.

Now, some of those people were behind bars, while some were incredibly wealthy.

However, they kept a very low profile, and Victoria tried to contact them several times but to no avail.

Victoria and Russell arrived early and sat down to drink tea while waiting for some people.

Arthur arrived at the private room at seven oclock sharp.


Russell got up and greeted him with a smile.

“Haha, Russell!”

Arthur grinned widely and hugged Russell.

They seemed to be somewhat close.



Victoria, who had deliberately dolled herself up, also greeted Arthur respectfully.

“This is Victoria Clarke.

Shes from Houston too.

You may call her Vicky,” Russell introduced.

“Oh, hello, Vicky, youre stunning.”

Arthur, who had always been very imposing and never smiled at strangers, actually grinned and shook hands with Victoria and complimented her on her beauty.

Immediately afterward, he pointed at Russell and said while taking the initiative to walk to the seat, “Russell, Ive heard you mention Vicky many times before.

Surely shes not the woman you have been longing for, right”

Seeing that Arthur had taken a seat, Russell followed suit and said with a smile, “When did I ever mention her to you Dont accuse me.”

“Yes, yes.” As soon as Arthur entered, he said, “You mentioned Vickys name several times after you got drunk.”

Russell laughed and said, “Really I dont remember.”

Everyone laughed.

At this moment, Shane and Cayden also walked in.

“Uncle Russell.”

The two wealthy scions both looked very respectful when they saw Russell.

Russell continued to drink some wine and said with a smile, “Oh, Cayden and Shane, youre here too.”

Victoria had an awkward expression now that she was meeting Cayden again.

Cayden was the bastard who caused Victoria to be unable to get any job in New York City.

Moreover, the last time they met, Cayden even tried to kiss her secretly!

Fortunately, Victoria was already Jordans girlfriend, and she didnt want to cheat on him.

If Victoria was single, things might have been different!

Just when the atmosphere was getting a little awkward, Arthur surprisingly said, “Cayden, Shane, this is Vicky, Russells…”

Victoria was afraid that Arthur would say something inappropriate, so she stood up and said to Shane and Cayden, “You may just call me Victoria.”

Shane and Cayden were both aware of the situation in front of them.

They said to Victoria, “Hello, Victoria.”

“Uh, hello, guys.” This was the first time Victoria had received such respect from the Huxleys.

She didnt expect that Cayden would be willing to greet her.

It seemed that Russell was on good terms with the Huxleys, who even seemed to be afraid of him.

After sitting down, they ordered food while Shane personally poured wine for Russell and Victoria respectfully.

Victoria also chatted with them perfunctorily.

Seeing that the time was almost right, Victoria took the initiative to pick up a full glass of white wine and stood up.

She said to Arthur, “Mr.

Huxley, my boyfriend Jordan, and I have previously offended Cayden.

I hope you can be magnanimous and not take it personally.

Please allow us to maintain a livelihood in New York City.

Ill toast to you now.”

Victoria downed the white wine in one go.

Arthur heard the word “boyfriend” and looked at Russell in bewilderment.

Russell nodded in response.

Arthur also picked up his glass and took a sip before saying, “Vicky, dont worry, Ill agree to all of Russells requests.”

“Shane, Cayden, you guys are not allowed to make things hard for Vicky again in the future, you hear me”

Of course, Cayden was uncomfortable.

If he just let Jordan and Victoria go, it would be letting them off too easy.

Cayden was now infertile!

However, he didnt tell Arthur.

If Arthur were to find out that Jordan was the cause of his infertility, he believed that even if Russell pleaded for mercy, it would be useless.

Cayden looked at Russell and Victoria and secretly thought,Victorias relationship with Russell looks unusual.

She probably has an affair with him!


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