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Chapter 183: Learning Of The Truth!

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Cayden could tell that Russell and Victorias relationship was not ordinary!

Cayden certainly didnt dare to disobey Arthurs instructions.

He picked up a glass of wine and took the initiative to toast Victoria, “Victoria, Im really sorry for what happened previously.

Why didnt you say earlier that you knew Uncle Russell If I had known that you and Uncle Russell are so close, I wouldnt have dared to offend you.”

“Ill drink this glass of wine.

I hope you can forgive me.”

Victoria never thought that Cayden, who had always been arrogant and domineering, would apologize to her and ask for her forgiveness.

Seeing that his hand was still bandaged, Victoria said, “No, no, you dont have to apologize to me by toasting to me.”

However, although Cayden was injured, he still chugged the wine in one go.

That was also considered giving Russell enough respect.

After drinking, Cayden couldnt help but ask, “Victoria, what exactly is your relationship with Uncle Russell How did you two get to know each other”

Victoria obviously couldnt bring herself to reveal their relationship, but she didnt know if she should lie about it.

Russell took the initiative to give her an out.

“I am good friends with Victorias father.

Victoria is miserable.

Her parents passed away at a young age.

As her elder, I cant possibly leave her in the lurch, can I”

Russell was still trying to pretend to be a loyal and righteous person.

He made himself look like a kind person who had helped his best friend look after his daughter after his death.

However, what really happened

Russell had slept with his close friends daughter!

Was that considered taking care of her too

After a short while, Cayden gave Shane a wink.

Shane suddenly got up and said, “Im going to the bathroom.”

“Me too.”

Cayden followed Shane out of the private room.

When they arrived in the bathroom, Cayden said to Shane, “What do you think I think Victoria and Russell definitely dont share a normal relationship between juniors and elders.

They must have an affair with each other!”

Shane also agreed with him.

“Theres no way Victoria could have become the president of Ace Corporation with her own abilities.

Ive long guessed that she must be backed by a rich person, but I didnt expect it to be Russell.”

“Since Russell and Victorias father are close friends, they must have known each other for a decade or two.

Maybe, Victoria became his mistress as early as ten years ago!”

“Haha.” Cayden laughed, “I think so too! In that case, Victoria has deliberately gone to her old flame for help just to get rid of us.”

“Haha, in that case, wont Jordan Steele have to get lost”

Shane said sneeringly, “Uncle Russell will never let himself be shortchanged.

Since he has helped Victoria Clarke today, hell definitely make her pay him back somehow.

I reckoned that she has already served him well.”

“Hahahaha, Victoria Clarke is really something! Does this mean that Jordan Steele is being made a cuckold again Hahaha.”

Cayden laughed happily at the thought that Victoria might have cheated on Jordan.

In Caydens opinion, beating up Jordan was not even as satisfying as having Victoria betray him.

“Come on, lets go in and try to get something out of them again.”

Cayden and Shane returned to the private room, where Cayden took the initiative to pick up the bottle of wine and poured some wine for Victoria, which made her feel surprised and flattered.

Cayden said, “Victoria, we didnt know each other previously.

Well, you probably dont know that Uncle Russell is like half a father to us.

Our families are very close, and from now on, were like a family.”

“Uh, thanks.” Victoria held her glass of white wine up as a gesture of courtesy.

However, two of the fingers on Caydens right hand had been crippled.

He had also deliberately pretended to have a slip of the hand and accidentally poured the wine on Victorias skirt.

“Ah, Im sorry, Victoria, my bad, my bad.”

Cayden hurriedly apologized.

Victoria knew that Caydens hand was injured, so she did not blame him.

Instead, she said, “Its alright, Ill just wipe it away.”

Victoria took out a piece of tissue paper and wiped her clothing before standing up to leave.

“You guys go ahead while I make a trip to the bathroom.”

After Victoria left, Cayden took the opportunity to ask Russell, “Uncle Russell, what exactly is your relationship with Victoria No matter how I look at it, you seem to be more than an elder to her.”

Shane also said, “I agree.

As soon as I entered and saw you guys, I thought she was your girlfriend.

You two look really compatible with each other, and you totally look like a couple.”


Your auras are really compatible!”

Cayden chimed in.

Arthur rebuked, “You two little brats, why are you poking your nose into the adults matters!!”

Russell smiled and waved his hand while asking, “Do Victoria and I really look like a couple Im old enough to be her father.”

Cayden said, “You really do look like a pair of lovers despite the large age gap.”

In fact, what Cayden said was also true.

Being a multi-billionaire, Russell himself had the aura of a successful man.

On the other hand, Victoria was a successful businesswoman who indeed looked much more compatible with Russell than with Jordan.

Well, it was common for a beautiful girl to date a balding old man who was rich.

However, it was rare to see a beautiful woman dating a younger and less successful man.

Russell grinned happily and said, “Theres no harm in telling you, actually.

Victoria Clarke will soon be my wife.”

Shane and Caydens jaws dropped, and even Arthur was frightened.

With Russells status today, his wife also had enough influence to affect the business sphere!

Cayden was astonished.

He had once imagined Russell having an affair with Victoria.

Still, he had never imagined that Russell wanted to marry her!

He thought Russell was just fooling around with Victoria!

Russell was extremely powerful and was on equal footing as Arthur.

Meanwhile, Cayden still detested Victoria and didnt want to see Victoria ending up well!

Cayden hurriedly said, “Uncle Russell, youre too… Uh, even if you adore Victoria, you dont necessarily have to marry her!”

Shane chimed in, “Yeah, Uncle Russell, young women these days are very scheming, and theyre all plotting to marry a rich man so that they can live a life of luxury.

You have to be careful.”

Russell laughed and said, “Dont worry, Ive been through more than you have.”

“Besides, I know Victoria inside out, and I trust her.

I was the one who taught her everything, and she became my mistress at the age of 20.”

Hearing this shocking piece of news, Cayden was instantly stunned.

“She became your mistress when she was 20 years old”

At this point, Russell no longer tried to hide as he nodded and said, “Yes, she was my mistress for three years, but unfortunately, there was no way I could give her a proper status back then.

I can do so now.”

Cayden had a malicious smile on his face, and he secretly thought,Jordan Steele, oh Jordan Steele, I thought your girlfriend was really noble and pure.

It turns out that shes just a cheap and shameless bitch who had been toyed with by an old man for three years!


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